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This about my Subaru Forester, 2006 which I took to Sears Auto Center at Oakland Mall in Troy, MI.
I took my Subaru Forester, 2006 (49, 400miles) to change the front brakes ( pads, rotors & complete kit ) on 5/08/2011. The very next day I heard ghup – ghup sound started coming from the front wheels during the stop and go traffic.
It could be distinctly heard when I applied the brakes and release and then apply again. I called Sears about this issue and was told me to get the car in. I took the car on 5/27/2011. I explained about the ghup –ghup sound coming during the stop & go traffic. Waited for 2 hrs. They investigated and found nothing ( clearly told me they hear no noise ).
Then I took the technician for the ride and made him hear the noise. He acknowledge the ghup –ghup sound and explained it is the friction noise. I clearly told him, I am too is a mechanical eng. And understand the friction noise and that my other car I have at home or the car which I rented do not make this noise. He argued that all the cars makes this sound. I told this is an unusual sound which you can hear and is irritating. After lot of discussion it was decided that the pads needs to be even out at least for 1000 miles and the sound will go.
After driving for more than 1500 mile the ghup – ghup sound is still coming. I took the car back to the store on 7/09/2011. Waited for 2 hours and same drama started, the technician, manager can’t hear any noise, everything is ok. I had to take the manager Scott . ( He did not give his business card but gave Francis Teter – Auto Center Manager). Scott told me ghup – ghup sound is normal and is heard in all the cars. I told him it is irritating noise which draws your attention and is not heard in other car. He will not listen and kept telling the same pitch.
He said to go to different Sears Auto center they would say same thing. I told him the other Sears auto is going to tell me the same pitch and want to take my car to Midas, as second opinion, - I have been working with them for last 10 years and full customer satisfaction I received and want Sears to bear the cost of $20., but he denied. There was another car next to mine which was driven by another Sears auto technician, when asked to perform the same action on the other that did not made any noise. When asked for the explanation, Scott told me it is your old car.
I would like the problem to be fixed or full refund. This was my first and last visit to Sears auto center and would tell my experience to all my friends.

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      Dec 30, 2014

    My wife's car does the same thing, bad vibrations when you press the brake or turn the steering wheel. It is a 2007 Cobalt. Took the car in for service to Sears at 12.10.Service mechanic said "it needed struts and shocks/alignment. That would fix it... and if you wanted the parts they would be in a 4:00pm. and had to be ordered now." I said if that is going to fix it, go ahead and order them. As we were waiting, , at 4:10pm Sears called and I did not hear the phone ring and saw I had a call from sears about 6:30pm; called it and the said the car was fixed and ready for pickup. After paying over $700.00 for quick shocks and struts/alignment, and waiting for hours, we paid and asked if the car had been driven prior and after work. The customer service lady said that they should always do that. It was after 7pm (closing time) and as we drove away; nothing had changed with the vibrations and the alignment was not corrected. The car was not fixed in any way. Called service manager Ken, the next day and he seemed to say it was a hit or miss on why the vibrations...that the "rear drums/plates have deep grooves, steering wheel has a lot of play, right front axel sear leakng may have something to do with it too but the struts and shocks were the first to check." sheesh... out over $700.00 and NOTHING fixed. VERY FRUSTRATED.

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