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Sears Appliance Outlet / poor customer service

1 500 W. WarnerSanta Ana, CA, United States Review updated:

While purchasing a washing machine, we were forced to purchase the pedistal. We were told that since they are assembled together in the store, they must be sold assembled. So we have to purchase it, take it home, remove the 4 corner screws and return it for our money back. So, we did it. Then, the sales rep from the Torrance Sears Outlet, gave me the model number, but it was the wrong model # for the matching dryer. After getting the truck ready, getting help to pick it up, and droving an hour from Torrance to the Ontario store, they had the wrong washer on hold and the one we wanted wasn't available. From the Ontario store and two hours later, we head off to the Santa Ana store, because we were told that the matching dryer was there. I get to Santa Ana by 8:45, I would have gotten their 5 minutes sooner, but the warehouse guy who answered the phone after 14 rings gave us the wrong directions. Once we enter, the lights are dim, and I needed a flash light to make sure I can i.d. my dryer. Then, the rep informed us that we would not be able to pick up our dryer since they closed in 9 minutes. I said, "I did not drive all the way out here and deal with all of the Sears drama, just to leave without my dryer. When the manager came, he was so rude saying, "Sorry mam, no exceptions. I'm not going to discuss with you. Do you want my corp. number. I can give you your money back if you have a problem with how we do business." Then, he lied and said that he made several announcements about picking up appliances. I couldn't believe how rudely he treated me and the attitude that the manager gave me in front of my husband, kids, and nephew. I finished my transaction at 8:59. We would have hauled the dryer away ourselves. That is why I problem help and a truck. I will never purchase anything from Sears again. After decades of quality service from house hold name like Sears, my children will probably not patronize Sears because of all of the problems and drama they watched unfold trying to buy a washer and dryer. The bottom line is that I have wasted my time, gas, and money, which is probably equivalent to the savings that I received if I would have just purchased the appliances at my nearest Sears store.
Here is a summary of a few of the unprofessional ways that the store manager in Santa Ana treated a 30 plus years of being a loyal dedicated customer was treated:
a) He refused to check the transaction time which prove that I should be able to take my dryer.
b) The sales rep had to call him on the P.A. system 3 times before he would finally come out, which at that time, was at least 7 minutes past closing when we were finished 1 minute prior to closing.
c) He said that he made announcements on the P.A. that the pick ups would not occur after closing, which not one of us (5 in total) heard.
d) He refused to provide additional information which would help me to understand better why I could not receive my item that I just purchased.
e) He was curt, matter-a-fact, and abrasively rude.
f) He was unfeeling and uncaring especially when I told him that we have spent hours driving from store to store, city to city, due to no fault of my own, but with Sears and my kids had not eaten dinner.
g) He said that if I didn’t like his final decision, that I could happily return my item and get my money back.
h) He would not allow me to carry my own appliance out of the store and said that if I attempt to take that I would have a problem with him. He would not allow me to do so and crossed his arms. (As though he would physically fight me for my purchased merchandise).
i) When I took offense to his posturing, he said, “Here, would you like the corporate number? Let me write it down for you.” (In a cocky manner)
j) Looking back, it seemed as though if anyone came in after 8:30 p.m. they probably weren’t going to get their merchandise that day. He was already shutting the store down well before 8:45 when we arrived.
k) He wouldn’t even explain why he wouldn’t let us carry our appliance out of the store. If I bought a microwave, I could leave with it.
l) My husband assumed that maybe the workers would have to carry it to our car for us and that the manager didn't want to pay them overtime. But, whatever the case, the manager never exclaimed it. He just said, "No, sorry!"
l) He called one of the sales reps to open the door for us as we left as though he was security attempting to kick us out of an unwanted place.
m) Before he slapped the door on us, he sarcastically said, "Have a nice day." BAMMM!
I guess we wouldn't let the door hit us where the good Lord split us.

Sears Appliance Outlet

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  • Ha
      14th of Sep, 2009
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    I work at a Sears Outlet. Im sorry you had all this trouble.
    At Sears we do aim for "Customer's for Life" so I want to exlain maybe what he should have explained.

    Our procedures state that since we recieved a washer or dryer attatched to a pedestal, we have to sell it in that same manner. I know this may not make a lot of sense but this is simply because if we detatch the two items they will be damaged, if not the bracking kit broken.

    None of our receivers are allowed to take apart appliances or try to fix them.

    Our managers, even at the smaller stores are busy at the end of the day handling returns, mishaps, submitting documents & answering emails to corporate. I'm sorry to say that because of there workload they may have been rushed to get everything finished before going overtime.

    Even if you did finish your transaction one minute prior to closing you have to understand that we have to close the entire store down at a certain time. Our receivers leave at store closing. They cannot stay the half hour after like the rest of us. Therefore we are not allowed to load or allow you to take your appliance being that it is a liability. If anything should happen we are liable.

    I know that for a fact, the doors are locked at closing. Being that you said you were there several mins. past closing to wait for him, means you were there after the doors were locked. He sent someone to "Unlock" the doors for you, not as security. Please don't take that the wrong way.

    Being a manager, sometimes you have to be tough, especially sometimes when there is nothing they can do.

    Once again I'm sorry you were treated this way, but manager's are people too and sometimes stress affects them as well.

  • Ea
      27th of Sep, 2009
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    wow hard to comment and take either side.
    Customer - after going through the frustration of even needing the new appliance you spend hours trying to get it all resolved and are unable to complete in a day. It sounds as though no one you encounered was in any way sympathetic to your situation and treated as if it was just another sale. Doesn't sound like "customer for life" type of experience.
    Store employees -Have a right to go home at the end of the day. Store posted hours end at 9 pm NOT 9 pm unless the customer wants it to be later. As for the policy of sold only as a set what part of that needs to be explained over and over again. Managers many times have thankless jobs as far too many "customers" think that by speaking to a manager the answer changes - I wonder how many times he or she has had to explain "NO" politely about the same issue?

    Unfortunately this is a no win situation. The customer sounds like nothing less than a firing would make her happy and the manager gets to go back the next day and try again. Maybe the next time the customer will plan to leave home earlier and the employee at the first store can do a call ahead to make sure the customer can accomplish what they are attempting.

  • 1w
      15th of Jan, 2010
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    Sounds like bad business the sales rep from the Torrance Sears Outlet, gave the wrong model number, They should have call ahead and verified stock on hand. That’s when they would have realized it was the wrong one. Next the Ontario store should have called the Santa Ana store, To verified stock on hand and let them know they were sending over a customer to pick up an item and to have it ready that they were given the run around and would be arriving late. No one wants to take the time to service people anymore. If any employee is too busy at the end of the day handling returns, mishaps, submitting documents & answering emails to corporate. Then the store needs to changes it hours, close ½ to 1 hour earlier or change working hours so they are taking care of returns and mishaps after hour. Not on customer time. I don’t call this kind of treatment good customer service. I saw this complaint because I looking for the nearest sears, I need to replace all of my kitchen appliances. I don’t need the kind of treatment they received so I will shop else where. Thanks for the heads up

  • Ma
      1st of Apr, 2010
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    u know what i work at sears in the merchandise pick up dept i know this story very well, believe me, u r 1 in a million customers of the same situation. Although most all our problems happen due to our lazy night shift staff there are many kinks in the system. Sales associates are pushed to sell ### to ya whether the store has it or not and the managers know this and do nothing about it. Its like u can be in the store talkin to the sales rep and u finally make ur decision (or they make it for u) on a major appliance and when u go to make ur purchase at the cash register itll show a stock count, but if is anywhere between 1 through 4 left, its more than likely that we dont have any left. Now thats not gonna phase the sales considering he/she took the time to make a sale on u not to mention there paid on commission (now remember they could of seen 4 or 5 customers/"potential sales" walk in the store while they were helpin u). so what they do is take a swallow, make the purchase, and tell u where to pick it up. So the customer comes over and waits for 7 to 8 minutes in the lounge and starts to get pissed off cuz they need there ###. Meanwhile im in the warehouse lookin for sumthin we dont have, and when its finally time to tell the customer we dont have it the cust. gets all mad andthen the associate is reluctant to give the cust. any good info such as "well mam im sorry to say this but it seems our sales rep made a mistake and didnt realize we were sold out, if u would like to come back on the next WED or FRI our delivery trucks should have your merchandise. like thats all they have to say to save you the trouble of travel stress. Now if u needed it that on the specific day, the associate has full capability of callin another SEARS to see if they do have the merch sitting in the warehouse. So to sum it all up, yeah its ### service at night and and our stock counts off and all of our sales associates want u to make the purchase so they get theres. But most of all the managers are ###s to ecery1 (associates included), all the do is throw there weight arround, listen half way, and try and make u the seem like the ridiculous 1. So yea, next person that goes to sears to get sumthin that has to go through merchandise pick up, u make sure to tell them that u want some1 to see the item or have them call another associate to check and make sure its there. well id love to share more of the kinks but i got to go enjoy my night and stop thinkin about the hole.

    -### SEARS-

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