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SeaBreeze AIR L.L.C. Duct Clening Services / chimney cleaning

1 Fort Collins, CO, United States Review updated:

A week after cleaning service was don by this company we inspectecd our chimney from the roof of our house. The chimney was cloged all the way. We are lucky we didn't catched fire.
It was Sunday. We cleaned our chimney with friends to be able to used it.
I called Monday. Women on the phone was rude...she refuse to refund our money back.
She told me they have insurance in case if our home will burn or someone will be injured.
Don't use them. You will pay for nothing.

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  • La
      7th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Responded to a coupon that sai "WHOLE HOUSE" Air Duct Cleaning package 34.95 (reg 154.95) includes unlimited vents... Well the guy came and on my tiny 1400 square foot house, he quoted us $200. Because we had 3 'returns' instead of 1, and 2 "access panels" etc... We told him to take a hike, he then said he could do it for $150. We told him to leave. He did. He came back and said he could do it for $100. SCAM. We told him no.

  • Ya
      7th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I, too, tried to use Sea Breeze Air Duct Cleaning. I had a coupon for $34.95. I called, set up an appointment and a man came to the house. I showed him around, he counted up the ducts, scribbled on his paper, whatever. Then he sat down in my living room to "tally up". What? I had a coupon for $34.95 for unlimited ducts, Whole House duct cleaning package, what was there to tally up? He then tells me it's going to be $249.99. I don't think so. Then he says he can start taking off services to lower the bill. No thank you. Then he says he can call his boss to see if he can get it reduced. I start to get suspicous and just want the man out of my house. He finally leaves and I checked the BBB website and Sea Breeze has an "F" rating. I call the company to complain and spoke to Denise who said "most houses have already had there ducts cleaned, but since you haven't, there are going to be extras". Where is that written on my coupon?
    Like we've all heard before, "If it's too good to be true, don't believe it."

  • Wa
      25th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I had contacted seabreeze to get a free estimate and they never showed up. When I called again the rude lady on the phone said we did not schedule you today but instead had me down for the next week. I waited for them again and again no show. This time she said no one went out today because of the snow. BULL, I'm working and so is everyone else the snow did not even accumulate. I told her to cancel my order and I will never do business with them ever.

  • He
      19th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I had service done with seabreeze air and they did an outstanding job. I know you all are complaining about the coupon price but the lady explained to me over the phone that the coupon only covers exactly whats written in the coupon. My home had 3 returns, 12 vents and 1 main duct and the service that they performed was better than the one I had done through monsterVac. And they're alot cheaper than most companies too. I was happy with the work overall and would use them again in the future. READ THE FINE PRINT PEOPLE!!

  • Pp
      19th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I had two boxed S-K ratchet sets stolen by a Sea Breeze AIR technician. They were stored in the utility room where the work was done. I am careful and meticulous with my tools and always know where they are so I am certain that they were in the utility room when the work was done. My wife was home at the time but on crutches so there was no chance that the theft would have been discovered as the utility room is in the basement, a perfect opportunity for the technician to "accidentally" pack up some extra tools before leaving. When I did realize they were missing (no one else has been in the house aside from my wife and I) I called Sea Breeze AIR. I couched the situation in polite terms suggesting that the removal of the tools could have been an accident and if they were returned everything would be OK, but the woman I spoke to immediately took the position that I couldn't prove that it was Sea Breeze AIR. She said she would check and if the tools were found she would let me know. I asked that she call me back either way and she declined. I told her that if she did not act with professionalism in giving me a definitive answer I would take the matter further. She then said, sarcastically: "If that's the way you're going to be then have a nice day" and hung up on me. Wanting a definitive answer was not too much to ask of a responsible, reputable company in my opinion so I viewed this as a "screw you" attitude and a whitewashing of the theft. So in making good on my promise to her I am writing this comment. It is my goal to share my experience with Sea Breeze AIR in the hope that others will avoid this company.

  • Ju
      7th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am writing this review in real concern. We had our ducts cleaned by this company my daughters I Pad 2 was stolen out of her room. At first the technician told my brother that they could stay through the process of the cleaning . Then all of a sudden he asked my brother and his wife to leave. When they returned he was all packed up and ready for his ticket to be sighed and get paid. When my daughter returned from school she needed to get on her I pad for school work she noticed her I pad was missing and a small tool was left on her desk. Their was no vents no were near her desk. And things were out of place she's very anal about how things are in order in her room. I called seabreez and they were very rude . I called the police. Unfortunately when the cops called seabreez they said their technician said he didn't take anything and the cops were welcome to search his vehicle. Ya right who's gonna keep something as expensive as an I pad that they just stold in a vehicle that could be searched. It's sad because I saved a whole year to buy this item so she could have for school. It's sad but I will not stop writing this bad review till seabreeze makes this right if they don't I will slander their company every day of my life I'm interested in who stole the man's rachets sets. I mean what was the name of the technician at his house.

  • Ro
      13th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes


    Read the complaints and take EXTREME warning! They "cleaned" our ducts and left a HUGE mess - as the other reviewers have stated. LIED about having permission to clean the dryer vent because, clearly, the serviceman did not want to be bothered. Did little or no furnace maintenance. This is service call #1.

    Two days later, when the furnace stopped igniting, We called back to have them come find out what was wrong and fix it as it was 11 degrees outside the night it went out. They sent a tech out to troubleshoot the problem and after letting us know it was a problem he'd never seen before he called back to the mothership to find out what to do. He proceeded to tell us it was a problem with the gas line and we may possibly have a gas leak. Told us they wouldn't touch a gas line problem and to call Xcel. He took off and we called Xcel. The technician from Xcel saw right away what the problem was and noted that the Seabreeze person was a ###. He said it was the hot surface ignitor and it was the most common furnace problem in the world. He checked the gas lines anyway and, of course, they were fine. Needless to say, we called another company to come replace the hot surface ignitor and the furnace worked again within 5 minutes of the other company getting there. So we had to freeze for an additional 5 hours because Seabreeze doesn't have a clue what they are doing.

    ** I would not recommend Seabreeze Air to my worst enemy! **

    And NOW after reading the complaints, I better double-check that nothing is missing from my house.

  • Un
      14th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    Seabreeze Air just left my house. Holy Awful JOB! according to their website they state the following:

    Seabreeze Air Duct Cleaning operates top-of-the-line truck mounted equipment for all of our residential and commercial services, including special brushes and high pressure compressors for our dryer vent cleaning services. Our trucks are clearly labeled with our professional brand, and our technicians will arrive fully uniformed and ready to take care of your needs from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. Learn more about our services below, or call us in Denver at 1-888-895-8034.

    There "top-of-the-line truck mounted equipment came disguised as a 5 hp (less than my dyson vacuum) with duct tape all over the historic little motor to suck all of the dirt out of my house! this entire vacuum system was smaller than a tire on a a vespa! Not to mention the 15, yes 15 duct tape repairs done to the vacuum hose. I actually asked to feel the power of the suction from the vacuum hose right at the source and it would have trouble sucking up a bobby pin!!! No suction at all.

    The clearly labeled professional brand must have fallen off of the rusty van on the way to my home or washed off in the car wash (I assume he was at the car wash since he was an hour late to my house). Although the technician was a nice enough guy, his full uniform consisted of jeans and a tshirt...strange service uniform. The special brushes that they supposedly use consisted of a very old beat up brush (consisted of maybe 25 brissels on one side where they had not all fallen off yet). This is NOT an exaggeration...I am being as fair and honest as I possibly could.
    prior to my decision to hire this company I had asked Andre the owner (in writing) what the special pricing from Groupon entailed. See the question and answer...
    We have a tri level with a basement. We do not understand what is considered a main duct and what is considered a return? We have vents on the floors in most rooms. In the upstairs hals we have two vents (possible returns) that are in the wall with larger grates. There s also one in the living room . how much would this be? Also, do you scrub and vacuum??
    Sharon B. asked 10 days, 21 hours, and 23 minutes ago - 1 answer

    Hi Sharon, The price for additional return is $15 and we do scrub and vacuum entire system. Thank you!
    Andre answered 10 days, 21 hours, and 18 minutes ago
    This answer was from the OWNER!!! I hope he does not think this is really happening! The truth is that they didn't even remove the return grill!!! He just stuck his tire pressure tool through the slats and blew the dust around. No protective covers were worn by the technician.
    The technician told me that I had 2 mains in my 1400 square foot home and that they $85 a piece...then he changed it to $75. 5 extra returns were charged at $15 each. before you know it I was paying $210 more than the original bill because without all of these items their would be no benefit...well than why sell it. They charged me to cut 2 access panels into my "Main ducts" so that they could access all the dirt that their little hand held tire air gage was supposedly sending to this area of my "duct system" Oh my gosh this is such a joke. I would not recommend this company to anyone considering this process. Spend the extra money and have it done right.

    Wishing their duct vacuum sucked as much as they did!!!

  • Bl
      19th of May, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Worst experience EVER. The $34 coupons that come in the mail are a scam. Two young "technicians" showed up and both smelled like a dirty ashtray. They counted the ducts and commented that since my house has 5 returns I would incur some extra charges. They somehow came up with $315 total. Are you kidding me, I told them to take a hike. They quickly came back with $275. I said no thanks. Then they said they would call their boss to see if he would honor an additional discount. I don't think they called anyone. They came back with $ thanks. Then they lowered their price to $180 and said it was the lowest they could go. How can someone seriously quote $315, then 10 mins later be down to $180. Do not use these clowns because their equipment and service is a joke. Buyer beware because these guys are shady business.

  • Jo
      10th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    This is by far one of the most unprofessionally run operations I’ve ever dealt with. I’m so upset with myself for ever getting involved with them. Their equipment substandard and so is their work. The tech soiled my carpet and never completed the job. He assured me that I could call them to reschedule an appointment and they would come back and clean the dryer vent. They scheduled three follow up appointments, which they never bothered to show up for, nor did they bother to call. During the techs first visit he installed a UV light in my A/C unit, which stopped working after he left; my advice would be do yourself a favor and find a more reliable company to do the job.

  • Ja
      10th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    @ JonesS
    i had the same experiense with seabreeze air. They charged an addional $200 that I did not agree to and did not clean the dryer vent which was included in the groupon. I called into customer service many times and they always seemed nice on the phone but all of their assurance lead to nothing. Supervisor never returned any calls, no show 3 times now for a tech to come out and finish the dryer vent. They also told me that I would be credited the $200 but that never happened.

  • Ky
      12th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    I wish I had read these before these guys came to my house. I too purchased the discounted deal online only to be told what almost everyone else is saying about many additional charges totaling hundreds of dollars. Also, there was no demonstration of before and after, and I saw no brushes in their system only an old tube that attached to the ductwork. How is this supposed to clean the house? To clean the vents, the technician simply brought in a shop vac and dropped the hose in. I could do that myself. Quite a shady operation that I would not recommend.

  • An
      14th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    I wish i had read these before purchasing the Groupon, We had our duct cleaned- and as described by others they quoted more then price of deal and bargain to 80 dollars- he had no brushes in his tool to clean throughly other then a rod, we had it cleaned and
    next 2 days we noticed that upper level of house was not getting air circulation as it was before, we called the company and manager and customer service was rude, the scheduled appt twice and cancelled twice- we asked for some refund- they said
    owner will call u, i am waiting for last 4 days and had made 3 phone calls but no reply back- called today and left message to call back, in meanwhile we compared out electric bill and it has doubled,
    I wound never recommend this Company to anyone, Worse work and customer service ever seen.

  • La
      18th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    I stumbled on this website in an attempt to find Seabreeze Air's site and perhaps another phone number since they weren't answering the only number I had for them. I, too, bought a Groupon and had an appoinment scheduled for December, which they cancelled. I have left numerous messages in the last three months trying to get rescheduled. Now that I've read all these complaints, I don't want them in my house and will get a refund from Groupon instead.

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