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Scienceuticals / Awful Company

1 Summerville, SC, United States Review updated:
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This manufacturer is the worst and full of amateurs. None of my assigned development people stayed at all and the turn over was so horrible and no one knew what my project was about. The owner, Don Hayden, is a liar and I think he has no idea what he's doing. The fees I paid to make lab samples was a complete waste of money and the owner takes no accountability for how inexperienced his chemists are. He claims he is an organic lab but during my tour of the plant the organic ingredients were stored with the chemicals and mixed in the same rooms. Upon further investigation I discovered that no organic certification was present like I was led to believe. I believe the people who made my samples have no training or schooling in making cosmetics and it shows. I would strongly discourage people from using this lab. There are a million better labs out there. The owner told me they could make all of my products in all of my packaging but they in fact could not. This company was a complete waste of my time and money.

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  • Co
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    This is very interesting to hear as i was just about to send in my startup payment with them. Do you know the name of the person who you worked with before siging on to them? I've been working with a man named Sean Dolan and he's been very helful so far but his name doesn't ring a bell does it?
    Thank you for this info!

  • Sk
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    You would do well not to do business with this company. I worked there and your complaints are valid indeed. Anyone interested in having their product made to compliance would do well to steer clear. I am currently trying to contact the FDA regarding the rats in the building where your products are being made. Your opinion of Mr. Hayden is well stated and very true. His chemists are jokes to say the least. If you do decide to use this company you would do well to have the products he makes analyzed. He falls a bit short in using the raw materials that he should. Organic? HA!!!

  • Su
      27th of Feb, 2009
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    We had thirty-thousand tubes of lip gloss made by these crackpots. The crimped didn't hold, due to a strand of lip gloss being left in the crimp zone, so the ends of them opened up...can't sell a one of them. I wish that was the only problem that we had with that order. Their sales team lied to us for a year and then when we had questions like why, they had no time or answers for us. We went after Don Hayden for our money back. Obtained a judgment against Scienceuticals, but they dissolved 1-15-09. I think I am the most bitter about the fact that I researched this guy for months and couldn't find anything negative about him or the company. So my startup company lost $48, 000. That is a tuff way to start a business! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!

  • Sk
      27th of Feb, 2009
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    I have experience with this company also. I would recommend as well that you seek other manufacturing companies. This company has horrendous turnover, so there is no consistency in customer service. I was told that my ingredients and components were on backorder, yet when I called the vendors directly, I was told that as soon as the order was paid for, it would be shipped. I was told my production time would be 6-8 weeks. It is not at 12 weeks and is not even close to being delivered. I have begun working with another lab and I would recommend that you do as well.

  • Ev
      15th of Mar, 2009
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    We are in the same boat, this company made a first run for us. This past run was much much larger, for the past 6 months they have been sending us defective product, non people grade materials, and in-face lied to us where we consider they fact that they took our money fraud at this point. As of march 12th 2009 they are still saying they making our product .

    They stole 50K of our funds. Its not a business its a criminal matter at this point.

  • In
      23rd of Mar, 2009
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    Note:This online database was last updated on 3/22/2009 6:04:21 PM.
    See our Disclaimer.

    DOMESTIC / FOREIGN: Domestic
    STATUS: Dissolved
    ZIP: 29201
    FILE DATE: 05/20/2005
    EFFECTIVE DATE: 05/20/2005
    DISOLVED DATE: 01/15/2009
    Corporation History Records
    Dissolution 01/15/2009 DISSOLVED
    Incorporation 05/20/2005

  • Wh
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    For those of you interested...Scienceuticals did dissolve in the State of South Carolina. It moved its corporation papers to Nevada where it plans to open a new facility in Reno under the watchful eyes of the same person who oversaw the lab in Summerville. Check it out.

  • Go
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    Multiple Companies are now involved in multiple Criminal investigations from the East to West Coast against SCIENCEUTICALS namely Don Hayden. In addition to possible bank fraud it has been coming to light that many of the formulas may have ingredient's not listed or claimed by SCIENCEUTICALS and in fact they may have been manufactured without authorization during a claimed dissolution to the state of SC. See link below:

    Furthermore, Any formulation made by this firm is to be subjected to additional testing as there are questions to the actual contents of said products. If you suspect you have have purchased tainted products from SCIENCEUTICALS or are a victim of Fraud please contact and mail to:

    Barbra Wood FDA Investigators
    6083v Atlanta GA, 30309

    Or Contact SC investigative unit :
    404-235-2242 or 404-253-1163

    The Public's help is appreciated on this matter due to possible danger posed by from unlisted / unknown ingredients.

  • Do
      28th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    My name is Donald Hayden, president and founder of Scienceuticals, and I am writing to address the alleged complaints listed on this board. For over a year I have elected to ignore them, mostly because I never gave them credence due to their lack of transparency and moreover, did not want to dignify the claims. But now the time has come to address them, since people clearly think they can anonymously post fictitious and libelous slander without recourse.

    First and formost, we are NOT being investigated by ANY governing organization. This includes IRS, FDA, EPA or any of the others listed on this site. There has been no fraud or misleading of customers or of their products, nor are we a defendant in ANY litigation.

    That being said, I will attempt to address the comments in general, as opposed to each one specifically, as they all seem to stem from the same thread of thought. The themes are of lawsuits, fraud, theft, bad product or bad service. While, we have never claimed to be a perfect, our goal has always been is to provide excellent products and service to our customers. Our current clients will attest to our desire and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to accomplish this goal. However, I am sure there may have been unhappy customers, just like in any business, but nothing to the extent described here, and nothing we would not go out of our way to correct.

    The anonymity of these posting is problematic. Most of these ‘customers’ claim to exist in places where we do not, and have not, done business. There are alleged customers from Sussex, England, Provo UT, X, NC, Columbia, SC, El Cerrito, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Kentucky and even Guatemala! We do not, and never have had customers is these locales. While they claim to have been treated badly, our company has had no contact or record of contact with any of them.

    This can only lead me to the conclusion that they are posted strictly to bash our name and harm our reputation. If any one of these ‘customers’ posts their name and contact information, I will gladly contact them to discuss their issue, or they may contact me on my direct line at843-486-1002 ext 112.
    I truly believe that these postings are by former disgruntled employees.. Over the past 5 years we have experienced explosive growth and, like many companies, we have felt growing pains. It is unfortunate that during this period we had high turnover as we refined the business model and searched for the ideal team. Now these former employees are trying to exact some revenge for being let go.

    Clearly, we would not be in business for 5 years had there been any truth to these claims. I am proud of the business I have built and how we treat our customers, and employees, as well as how we conduct ourselves in the business community. We have created many award winning and highly successful products for our clients and will continue to do so.

    I encourage people to view credible, authored, third party information on the web like our Silver Crest Award for manufacturing in SC or The Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA) announcement that Scienceuticals, Inc. has been selected for the 2009 Best of Business Award in the Cosmetic preparations category. In these cases, there are legitimate names and sources behind the references.

    In addition, you are welcome to visit us at any time and see for yourself. We maintain an immaculate facility that has been complimented on by some of the biggest names in the business. Also, I am happy to address any of these complaints or issues personally. However, I will not respond to any future anonymous claims or postings on this site. You may contact me by phone or email at 843.486.1002 ext 112 and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Donald Hayden.

  • Su
      26th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes


    My name is Sara Buntrock, aka suchagirl, as listed above. I have at no time ever worked for you or your company, so I am not a disgruntled employee as you have stated above.

    Just so you remember, I came and met you and your team in South Carolina before we moved ahead with our project. The name of my company is What's your Virtue and your company was suppose to manufacture 30, 000 tubes of lip gloss for us in 2007. We both know it was a disaster. The crimped end of most of the tubes didn't hold and therefore our tubes were unsealed and un sale able.

    We did come to you and asked for our money back and you refused. You did offer to redo the order for us, but we felt that would have been another tragic mistake. You wouldn't talk to me or our attorney so we filed suit in the state of Arizona, which you ignored and we won a judgment in the amount of 56, 244.00, which includes the original amount of46, 870.00 plus the 10% interest for two years. See attached court document.

    I am glad that you will contact me as stated above so we can talk about settling our judgement with you. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

    Sara M. Buntrock
    What's your Virtue?

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