ScamAdviser.comA NEXT BIG SCAM on the Web is Damaging Other Legit Online Businesses

1 Review updated: is worst than a scam, they use misleading, abuse and offensive title on search engine to damage other legit online businesses and push them to hopeless. Why I say that:

Scam Suspected 1:
This site base in country A but office address show in country B
This site might be owned by an anonymous who’s lived in India, I found his LinkedIn profile on the web ( It is never mind adviser is from which country, but adviser said if the site seems base in country A but most likely in country B, it is suspicious as scam. So how to say this adviser, they are actually based in India and office address in UK?

Scam Suspected 2:
Using misleading, abuse and offensive title on search engine
They used misleading, abuse, and offensive title on search engine, eg. “is fake”, “suspicious”, “unsafe” “xx% trusted”, to attract visitor’s attention when they are search on a particular website. THIS IS A SIGN OF SCAM - those who intended to make quick money online – cannot wait for visitors but try to grab visitors from other websites. Other professional trust service company never do such thing to abuse other website or business, it is fair if you visited their site and found a negative reviews or rating about a website.

Scam Suspected 3:
Using generic website information as criteria to rate a website and cheating online users
Generic website information A – private domain registration
A website using “Private domain registration”, this is safety concern for a family based online business (many of single parent with kids; only son/daughter who needs to take care of their parent; people who needs to operate business at home to take care of their disabled spouse), who feel dangerous explore their home address in the public. It is allow by the domain registration authority, but adviser use this as criteria and say this is suspicious because of “using a service to hide their address”.

Generic website information B – free email
Adviser said if a website or online store using free email, they are scam suspected. But based on my sourcing experience, there are many of South Korea and Taiwan manufacturers and suppliers, using free email account like yahoo or naver (a Korean web service like yahoo) for business operation. They use free email account to save their hosting disk space to save their cost.

Generic website information C – Site seems based in country A but appear in country B or C
We know internet is borderless, a site owner based in country A, might host their website in a hosting service based in country B. And the hosting service have some servers in few countries, this is actually nothing to do with the website owner. Adviser claimed that it is suspicious.

Generic website information D – Contacts Information
Sometime we think a legit website should have contact information such as phone number, email or even fax. But not every website or online store doing that, even you visited a USA website, it might only have a contact form. A home based small business may only have a contact form, as they don’t want their phone number spammed by commercial ads. The funny thing is ScamAdviser itself do not provide any phone or contact information, but there is an email address if you want to advertise with them.

Scam Suspected 4:
Lifetime of a domain or website
Adviser said if a website is shorter than 366 days, it is suspected as a scam or unsafe to use. So according to this rule, is just a few months online, and has 8 history records in the past from 2008 to date. So this site might be suspicious as hit and run scam (source from whois).

Scam Suspected 5:
Their “scanning machine” is totally a cheating to no experience users, because based on their misleading and unfair criteria they given. It is totally a generic information of a website, so how can it identify a suspicious? And when you using of their scanning machine, it is likely helping them to promote their site on the web by hurting and damage other legit small business, make them hopeless. We know there are many of single parent with kids, or only son/daughter who needs to take care of their parent that rely on their small online store or blogshop for some income. They don’t really earn big, but if you scan their site (by their misleading and unfair criteria), it will put them in the risk of scaring their customer away.

Scam Suspected 6: claimed that they can detect a scam, but when a user asked them for help, they are also based on other reviews on the web.

Scam Suspected 7:
Their facebook page looks fake and mechanism. Those who look likely their fans, post almost similar questions on their page, and adviser gave them answers that nothing professional, anyone can answer their questions.

Scam Suspected 8:
ScamAdviser generated some fake webpage on search engine tailing their own domain name on the search engine, because they want to cover negative reviews on the web. A professional trust service will never do such kind of thing on the search engine.

Scam Suspected 9:
They asked for big sum for advertising opportunity on their site, you can see they asked for minimum budget of 5, 000 USD if you want to advertise on their site. A sign of BIG SCAM !

Since their so call scam scanning machine is fake and totally useless (cannot even scan for virus, malware or spyware), why you use their service, do free promotion for them and help them damage other legit businesses? Specially for small online businesses that owned by many of single parent with kids; only son/daughter who needs to take care of their parent; people who needs to operate business at home to take care of their disabled spouse. You will help this BIG SCAM to damage other legit businesses and make them hopeless with no heart. So please DO NOT use their service, DO NOT visit their site, and DO NOT click on their ads. This heartless make quick money scam should died forever and never have second similar scam come up.

The adviser might be enjoying massage in Pattaya or stay in a luxury hotel in Las Vegas right now, while other legit small businesses are pushing by them to the edge of hopeless.

If you want to find out whether a site is scam suspected, there are many other review websites or forums that can give you some ideas. Also is best to do some research and learning to gain some knowledge on your own, rather rely on an unknown source and 100% trust what they said. A scam might get their 100% trust before they started to scam you!

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  • Ki
      Sep 23, 2012

    According to their registered office address, should be 3 Charnwood Street, DERBY, DE1 2GY, United Kingdom.
    But when you google about 3 Charnwood Street, you get another company, source:

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  • Ar
      Sep 24, 2012

    i notice they give bee optimizer a 100 percent rating which either means they own this company or they are being paid by it ... and they give a warning about pc world website... give me a freaking break...

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  • Ki
      Sep 25, 2012

    This show that they are not a clean service !

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  • Ki
      Sep 25, 2012

    The suspected signals are actually more than above! After I have tried to use human eyes to scan through their criteria, and they said they use 150 facts to spot a scam, where are the 150?

    One of new signal is miss use of Alexa ranking, you know a single mum who just operate a small online store, she where got the time and fund to do link building or hire an seo expert to help her rank higher in Alexa? or necessary to do that? and this is a dead weapon adviser forever marked you as a "scam suspected" and you will never have a chance to breathe.

    The next new signal is the "is fake ?", is there any proof, or just a predict? If it is a predict, don't use such kind of title spamming: and shouting everywhere, like a fake detective shouting on the road, but a real detective was quietly doing his job. And the site he marked as "is fake?" is it designed like an ebay store? or a Citibank official site? or miss spell in their site address? If so can adviser spotted it?

    In additional at suspected point 3 - Contact information. Ok, they show up an official email but no respond (someone reported in a blog review), so is it equal to a scam using free email ? And I have been contact with supplier using free email in Taiwan and South Korea, but never didn't received my stocks?

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  • Ma
      Sep 27, 2012

    The guy in the blog review tried the admin WHOIS contact email - not the form on their site. I'll try that and let you know if I get a response

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  • Ki
      Oct 18, 2012

    Hi MacChap, thanks for any updates !

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  • Ki
      Oct 18, 2012

    They seems don't reply to any message, and this adviser was actually hide in another country you should know, not in UK. See this post, by another victim :

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  • Ma
      Oct 18, 2012

    I contacted the owner of via the form on their website and received a reply within 72 hours:

    "Of course I expected a backlash. It's in the interest of any fraudulent or dodgey sites to remove us from the Internet. By helping users see the age, country and online reputation of a site in a clear way - we are preventing people being ripped off.
    Admittedly a few site owners have complained about revealing information about their sites. Because of this - I have toned down the wording especially for the new sites. we are not saying they are untrustworthy - just that they are new and don't have an online reputation yet... Personally I would like to know that before I parted with some big cash to buy a tv from a 3 day old site..wouldn't you?
    I believe that by helping people identify the bad sites the genuine ones will also benefit. It's a tough job, and I know that a small percentage of people are always going to be unhappy. Any user/site owner can contact us about a rating and we do take these very seriously and look at the rating and adjust accordingly.
    We don't sell anything - the site seals are Free and available to all sites that we review and consider genuine. The advertising revenue covers some costs but goes nowhere near anything to cover out operating costs."

    It has been commented that entering the domain name of a site in Google often returns results that include "is a fake site ? | trust rating for whateverdomain name" that links through to ScamAdviser. In fact this happens even for another anti-scam website - will also return a result. I think it happens for any website that has been processed through their service. I tried it with and got "is legit ? We have not rated for risk or fraud yet."

    There are several ways of looking at this:
    a) You're a site owner and it has a less than risk free rating for some reason. Naturally you'd be concerned that some potential visitors will be put off.
    b) You're a site owner with a good trust rating - You'd be please with the rating but probably wouldn't really want this appearing in Google results anyway as the question that appears as the search link, "Is a fake site", would probably be enough to make people think that there had been some reason to question the site's reputation and duck out there and then without investigating further.
    c) You're a potential visitor, who may duck out or actually value the information if they bother to click through ... and potentially avoid visiting a genuinely bad site.
    I'll refer the owner of ScamAdviser to this thread to either comment directly or share his thoughts via myself.

    Now, a related tale to share that I actually think is potentially far more serious ...

    2 days ago a client reported that MacAfee's SiteAdvisor was listing his site as 'malicious'. Anyone with the free SiteAdvisor browser plugin would see a big red cross next to the site in any search results. Try to follow a link and you'd get a very worrying 'Blocked; page from McAfee. Upon investigating it was found that none of the four criteria that McAfee list in a report about the site had any entries that would give a clue why that rating had been made. Reporting this to McAfee resulted in the rating being changed within hours with no changes to the website itself being necessary. Clearly this was a false positive that had been arbitrarily applied by McAfee that they were unable to provide evidence for. Unless, as a site owner, you used McAfee you'd never have been aware that you were probably losing a stack of visitors.

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  • Ki
      Oct 18, 2012

    Thanks for the updates on fake adviser's reply! No! he is a liar, just a good story teller!

    "Of course I expected a backlash. It’s in the interest of any fraudulent or dodgey sites to remove us from the Internet." - So you are saying I am a fraud or scam, this show that you are very wicked, cunning and stubborn. you don't admit your fault in using abusive title and damaging other legit businesses' reputation and trying to say if someone hate you, must be a scam! You are really a big rascal !!!

    'the age, country and online reputation of a site " cannot tell anything about a scam, online reputation is not 100% accurate, and no online reputation dosn't means they are scam suspected.

    Country? if he say high risk country is based on population count, then how about the rest of top 10 population country? and adviser is in one of them.

    Buy a TV from a new site? if this site is just 3 days old, please give them some time to improve their service. Not everyone is scam suspected, adviser just hope all online buyers become very sensitive to scam and dare not to buy from any business. No doubt adviser want the change rating business to them.

    "small percentage of people are always going to be unhappy" - No, many of them, but most of them are still confused ! They didn't realized a big liar is trying
    to damage their reputation and ripped off their customers and all their hard works. Another lies from this liar.

    "We don’t sell anything " - just another lies ! You put a "Yes, success" in some "high risk country" website whois data, that is very fishy, and tell that you have success in something with them - huh! Both WIN WIN business! Yes !

    "It has been commented that entering the domain name of a site in Google often returns results that include is a fake site ? " - in the first place, do you know what is "fake site" ? fake site means the site designed like an ebay store or Amazon with another address or an typo address and try to lead user to enter their site, thought they are entering Amazon or ebay. So you cannot anyhow use this misleading title on search engine to other website, this is not a proper manner. If you are a professional adviser service, you should not use that. This already expose your make quick money with no heart no mercy to others bad intention !!

    "There are several ways of looking at this:" - I no need to say any more, all your criteria are just misuse of whois and alexa, to confuse no experience online users: what is "use a service to hide his identity"? why must use an official email, if you don't response to buyer complaint? What is official address, if google your address, there is another company but not you? and mine is a registered address with postal service. I show a business registration number but yet suspected, and how's your registration number? and what server connected to which country? all are just lies from this big liar !!

    "2 days ago a client reported that MacAfee’s SiteAdvisor was listing his site as ‘malicious’" - No doubt, this is another fake story by this story teller!! I also have this experience with my new site, showing red. I contacted McAfee SiteAdvisor and claimed that I am new site owner. From their answer then I realized before it has a bad reputation with spyware. They have done a professional job by remove the red alert to my new site, and it is free.

    Conclusion - this fake adviser is playing with percentage of score to block customer from a site. And this is just a psychological game he is playing. And he created many fake stories on the web to promote his site for traffic. He check any forums talking about a site who not satisfying their customers, and spam the forum with his fake story and of course, he will scored a percentage of risk and show that his tool is so powerful.

    Come on! please wake up, don't be fooled by this fake service, there is no instant tool to check about a human's mind - what they want to do to you.

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  • Ki
      Oct 18, 2012

    Another thing is - they said social networking site is 100% trusted, is it true? a high risk investment site 100% trusted, is it true?

    And I found some blacklisted scam sites on the web are still rated 100% trusted on their fake tool, so are they most updated?

    Alert to parent, don't let your child playing with this tool. It is dangerous that your child may get scammed by an anonymous in the social networking. And there are many of websites which not suitable for user below 18, take notes !

    And fake adviser never show warning sign to user below 18, even to any adult internet new user, if they believed fake adviser and involved in high risk investment and never do research on how to invest, they surely will lost their money.

    And you blindly follow those fix criteria as a golden rules are also dangerous, if a scam use these rules to register a site to ensure he received a 100% trusted score and start a "good deal" to ripped off your money ? because the site owner is live and cannot be detected in any way.

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  • Ma
      Oct 18, 2012

    You've totally misread my post and confused the response I received from ScamAdviser with my own comments!

    Everything onwards from ...
    It has been commented that entering the domain name of a site in Google often returns results that include "is a fake site
    are MY comments, not ScamAdviser's. This includes the saga about McAfee - this really happened & I have the evidence to prove it.

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  • Ki
      Oct 18, 2012

    Hi MacChap, sorry for misread some of your para, it is quite hard to read !

    But never mind, I understand many users who did not operate website or online business, do not understand their criteria and just believed rather than get scammed.

    This cunning guy give a percentage to a site, in either way, he will be the winner. Just think about it - if you get scammed, yes, they have rated a percentage of risk, you don't follow! If you have bought a good product, yes, they have rated a percentage of trust. The fake adviser is the only winner, but you are still need to make your own decision to buy or not to buy. Of course, if you think just don't buy, you are happy because psychologically you think you will not lost any money and the fake adviser also happy because the business has lost one customer!!

    And that is what they wanted - using their supper sensitive site name plus the damaging title on every businesses' neck - block their customers and push them to no hope. Especially to new or small businesses, which are weak on search engine and no "online reputation" can protect them, but even to a medium size business, it still can caused them drop on their sales, and this is what the fake adviser want to see - he is waiting for these medium size businesses to pay them for 100% trust.

    So just don't damage your brain by them, there is no tool can tell a person behavior, don't rely on such fake tool and lost your human sense.


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  • Ki
      Oct 18, 2012

    And any service or business, specially new business, may have some mistake they have make. Just give them some times to improve their service and not posting every where to damage their reputation.

    But to this fake adviser who damage everyone without your notice, I have to shout out to raise the awareness, especially parents who have children, this site is most dangerous to your kids.

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  • Sn
      Jan 26, 2013

    I'm strongly agree that scamadviser misleading innocent people.

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  • Ph
      May 02, 2013


    I run a legit website and when I saw my website's low trust rating on Scamadviser I looked into what they call a Free Trust Seal and contacted them about it. The requested some information so they can perform a "check", since it was nothing they can possibly use for illegal activities I sent them all the info they asked for, and 4 weeks later they just sent me an e-mail that at the moment they are not giving any free trust seals. Next e-mail from them will probably be that I have to pay for that Free Trust Seal )))))
    These guys are absolute ###ers, affecting genuine businesses reputation while they scam people.

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  • Te
      Sep 13, 2013

    WOW I can't belive this...You need to see this.


    And is a site that sells scam tools (emails, email+pass, viruses) and they rate it 79% safe.

    How can this happen?

    ScamAdviser is a Joke!

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  • Jj
      May 08, 2014

    As a person with a site I developed to sell my own clothing item and published for the first time I am incensed that right next to my google search engine listing is this goddamn scam adviser warning. It did not rate me low at all but I think it would keep people from even looking at my site. Why are all other sites not with this warning? I sent a feedback to Google about it.

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  • Gu
      Sep 28, 2015

    Why u against so much? ur site got rated low trust is it?

    i will tell you detailed info on the bad seller and good seller along with their rating on SCAMADVISER. then you can test buying from them if you want.. both seller looks extremely professional.. but one of the are professional scammer... 0% trust rate and its true...

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  • Wi
      Nov 24, 2015

    Scamadviser saved my business a couple of times already !! I think you have to review everything you said here is not true. Hiding a website identity is a benefit given by most Domain Hosting services. STOP HATING YOU LIARS!!! I think you have a business online and one of your men scammed someone and your site got reported to scamadviser thats why you feel so bitter. The only one who should be kicked and be banned is you not our trusted scamadviser. SOOOOOOO ST[censored] ^_^

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  • Bo
      Dec 08, 2015

    ScamAdviser said my site is "Risky"? WTF??? I only spin Linux distributions so my site is safe. I only distribute them through trusted FOSS sites like Sourceforge, GitHub and the like. I'm about to make my first release of a custom Linux distro and about to submit it to DistroWatch.

    It rates me "risky" because I use private registration? SO WHAT???

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  • Bl
      Jan 18, 2016

    why dosent the internet do something! is there some where to complain ! [protected]

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  • Ki
      May 03, 2016

    If via Western Union or MoneyGram:
    First name: KRISTINE
    Last name: PURNE
    City: RIGA
    Country: LATVIA
    Total amount: $1019 (Regular mail) or $1073 (Express mail)
    If via Wire transfer (SWIFT):
    Receivers name: Juris Marcinkevics
    IBAN: PL47249000050000400072212979
    BANK: Alior Bank SA
    Branch: Centrala
    Bank Address:
    Country: Poland
    City: Warszawa
    ZIP: 02-232
    Address: ul.Lopuszanska 38D
    Total amount: $1019 (Regular mail) or $1073 (Express mail)
    Best regards,
    Drugs4Sport sales manager

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  • Pa
      May 06, 2016

    I believe what you mentioned is very true.. I will like to conduct a class action law suit on these ###s. Its more a way of blackmailing business.

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  • Ge
      Jul 25, 2016

    Scamadviser is not trustworthy.
    10 months Ago I have given a warning about George Lawrence Ryder and his websites, which offer iptv and satellite service on the Costa Blanco, Spain.
    I contacted Ryder, and paid €405, - for an iptv receiver, and a years subscription.
    He promised to send the hardware within 3 days, and the track & trace info. He made several excuses, why he didn't follow up on his promises.
    As I didn't get any further info, I started to get suspicous, and claimed my money back. After that, he didn't answer my emails any more. You understand, that he also didn't refund me.
    As he had listed his address in Denia, Spain, I contacted a laywer in Alicante, who filed a legal complaint for me, with a court in Denia.
    Some weeks ago this court found George Lawrence Ryder guilty of fraud, and he has to pay me back twice the sum I paid him, and the court costs. (The sentence is in Spanish, and is available, for anyone interested)
    What has this to do with Scamadviser?
    They have the sites of this fraudster still as 100 % trustworthy...!!!
    This is a strong indication, that also the information given on the website of Scamadviser can't be trusted.
    Some of my postings have mysteriously dissapeared, and on other critisism not one moderator gives an explanation.
    What is the least I expected, because I expressed my doubt about Scamadviser. George van Esdonk, Finland.

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  • Ai
      Dec 30, 2017

    I have just visited and looked at the details they displayed for one particular (non commercial) website. All the ownership information was about a year old, and no longer applicable. A trustworthy site would have a contact mail address to address such issues. The site in question had a high rating for "trust" whatever that means for a non commercial site that does not sell anything. ScamAdvisor most likely is a scam itself, not even able to show correctly updated freely accessible Whois information! also didn't show correct information on "last update"; according to the last update was about a year ago, which definitely is not true, since there are several articles there posted over several months some very recent. So what "good" can the so called "ScamAdvisor" do, if they are not even able to show correct info on these easy accessible facts! Scam Advisor / is a money scam. Useless for any serious purpose, showing incorrect info while the correct info is easily found via other sites such as Whois, or having a look at the site in question oneself.

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