Scalzo Hospitality / lack of money on paycheck

1 1570 s. Harbor, Anaheim, CA, United States

First of all, I have been wanting to make a complaint about this company, for years. They do not treat their employees fairly, They slice off hours on each employees paycheck and do not rightfully pay them what they are owed. Second of all, At the hotel, they make housekeeper's purchase their own cleaning supplies with their own money and use those cleaning supplies to do their duties at work, The hotel manager is the one behind all of this try to save because he is such a cheap ### from the middle east. He will only hire illegal aliens as well so there is nothing these employees can do about this kind of stuff. He also steals company property and takes it home like flatscreens and what not, and there is nothing any one can do bc the owners of this place trust him so much they do not want to believe it.

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