Savemore Supermarketviolation of ra 10909

I do not know if this complaint will ever be addressed as I see no comments on the several complaints posted here...

Anyways... yesterday at around 5PM I visited the Savemore branch in Magsaysay St. Sorsogon City to buy a few items. After paying, I was asked by the cashier if "..ok lang ba na kulang ng P0.75 ang sukli?" Is it really the protocol in your store to ask politely if it is alright to shortchange your customers? I thought that your company prides itself in very good customer service but his type of treatment to the customers stinks... This is not the only time I encountered this scenario but this time the amount is a bi might not understand as you are handling million daily.. But for us ordinary customers centavos mean something. I really hope this could be addressed upon on top of other customer-related issues like unclean sorroundings including comfort rooms, unavailable baggers which take the transaction too long...WE wil see if there will be changes... another violation of the law and I will direct my complaint to DTI.. If you are going to ask if I was given the exact change..Yes i did..but only after I voiced my disappointment.. A customer should never be forced to complain for something that is due her.

Nov 25, 2018

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