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San Bernardino County Children and Family Services (CFS) / Legal kidnapping and lies made up

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On October, 18, 2015 my daughters father was pulled over and arrested for under the influence of substance abuse and violation on restraining order while me and my child were in the car. I explained to officer I had just got picked up from work and had nothing to do with that so he let me and my daughter go home. A referral was made to cfs Jan chueske for parent absence while father watches daughter under influence who claims she got referral on oct.18, 15 and states in her allegations that she visited the home but doesn't give a date that's because she did not visit my home until oct.26, 15 on that date I was at work and paternal grandmother was watching my daughter. grandmother did not let worker into home because I wasn't there but my daughter of 4yrs old ran out in front of door to see who was there and in Jan statement she states that my daughter seemed happy an free from any harm and was appropriately dressed. she leaves a card with grandmother and asks for me to contact her. when I get off work I immediately contact Jan and set an appointment for her to visit my home on 10-30-15 Jan asked questions of the day father was arrested I answered all of her questions and she told that she was going to be closing the referral unless her supervisor said otherwise but before she left the home she needed to walk through home to make sure my daughter had everything she needed, all things were provided so Jan left my home. and was lead to believe the case was closed because Jan never came back. On 11, 09, 15 I moved to a residence I was there for a week when my brother in law asked if him and his two children could stay with us because they had no where else to go and him and his wife separated and they had got a three day notice to vacate and had nowhere to go so as a mother I could not shut my door to my nephews an infant of 5months and a child of 2yrs so I wanted to help until they got on there feet. On 11, 19, 15 a tragedy happened. I was told by my brother in-law that the baby was sick and that he had gave him infants fever reducer and asked if I could watch baby while he went to the nearest store so I said yes. while he was gone a picked baby up to comfort him and he did look sick but was conscience and didn't think it was so serious because I never dealt with anything like this before paternal grandmother came over and I told her that the baby was starting to look real sick so she asked that I use her car to pick up in-law to call ambulance, so I did as soon as I got him in the car I asked him to do so and rushed back home but by that time my mother in-law was coming from across the street she had gone to ask nearest neighbor to call for an ambulance as we arrived I could see how things didn't look right so I didn't even pull car completely in drive way I got off to see what was going on, she said that she ran across street to ask for help because baby had stop breathing. I was scared but I got my daughters blanket and laid it on the dirt in middle of drive way and laid him on it and began to give him cpr while ambulance got there. paramedic's arrived and said infant was conscience with a very low pulse my nephew was rushed to the hospital while detectives investigated what happened they asked there questions and informed me that the baby was sick he had ammonia but he also had a traumatic head injury so they had to contact cfs to remove my other nephew because my in-law had not been arrested yet and they were investigating. child detectives told cfs worker they did not believe I had anything to do with it so they did not need to remove my child. cfs worker Jan chueske then entered the home she was referralled there to pick up my nephew. my daughter ran out of room into living room to see who was there and she recognized us and asked who I was and if we had ever met I truthfully answered her and told her yes and told her my old address were we had met. she then told me she had not close my case yet and she would be back knowing that the detectives told her I had nothing to do with this tragedy she returned two days later and asked me questions I told her I had not witness the incident but heard my brother in-law the day before getting frustrated with his kids but never seen him react to it. Jan returned 5 days later and said her supervisor did not allow her to close the case and wanted me to do parenting classes and domestic violence classes I was devastated so I only answered okay. she than stated in front of my child this is much better than us removing her isn't it and I responded and said yes. on 12.07, 15 Jan once again returned and told me her supervisor wanted her to make it court ordered she gave me a card with a court date for 12, 10, 15 I attended the court and was handed a pamphlet with allegations made against me the allegations where that I knew or should of reasonably known that father had a substance abuse problem and failed to protect my child and that I knew or reasonably should have known that his family were abusive. Jan also stated the the referral was made for me by detectives for neglect of my child. but she lied the referral was made to my address but it wasn't for me it was for my in-law otherwise she would have asked who i was and we had ever met. she also told me that i was getting a new worker little did i know it was a worker she knew and transferred my case to Ronda waring. on 12-16-15 Ronda showed up when i was on my way out to take my daughter to her first day of pre-school and asked if i could talk i told her i didn't have time i also needed to go to welfare office to attend my welfare to work plan. later on that day both Ronda and Jan came to my home and harassed me they asked the the same questions they had already asked me and said they believed they had more to the story i politely told i told u everything i know and as far as i know everything i have been honest with you guys about you guys have used it against me. she then harassed me by telling me that she had ran my background and wanted me to random test and attend a substance abuse program because of a dui that appeared i then told her that wasn't me i have a clean record she then said that the system wouldn't lie to her and that's what came up under my name i then asked her if she had ran my social with my name she didn't not answer me but told me if she did and it came back the same she would not be nice about it. Ronda never returned to tell me if she ever got her record straightened out. on 12, 10, 15 I left court with my daughter and got another court date 01, 04, 16 I returned to court and my attorney asked to settle for mediation or we would take it to trail. Ronda had the whole court convinced that my daughter be removed from my custody and challenged me to trail i took the stand and lost because the police report stated that i had knowledge of father using but that he was my only help after loosing babysitter i admitted that i had made a mistake by believing that father was capable of watching her and knew he had used in the past but had no knowledge of him using in the present while caring for my child. he wasn't even suppose to have her she was suppose to be with grandmother but my daughter father stopped his mom and my child wanted to go with father so he took her to pick me up. and shortly after he was pulled over. Ronda convinced everybody in court that i had failed to protect my daughter and i was full of lies and she believed i had no protective capability over my child and had me stripped of all my rights and my child was removed not considering that i have never abused, or neglected my child and always provided a clean home for her. she had my daughter removed do to unrealistic reasons my child has gone through enough having to see her dad taken away by police she would tell me, watching me give cpr to my nephew and seen her cousin of 2yrs be removed by cfs this workers had no compassion for my daughter and tore her rite out of my custody knowing I've never done nothing wrong and knowing she was trying to get over everything know they've only made her feel even worser by taking her to complete strangers home when she knew my daughter never let me leave her side and i had trouble going into trail without her her last words to me where mom i cant do it without you she told me this in front of Ronda and the worker who was going to watch her while i went into trail. not considering that she would only be putting my baby through more pain she had her removed from my custody this worker has manipulated her authority as a worker and didn't not even offer a program before removing my daughter and is making my daughter and i pay for other peoples mistakes and actions. I never done anything wrong and i only have a traffic ticket on my record i need help my daughter is scared and feels abandoned and is paying for this when she should have never been removed in the first place i ask that u please contact me and advise me on what i can do if i can appeal this because this worker has removed my daughter causing her more confusion and pain for unrealistic reasons please help me

Jan 6, 2016

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