Samsung / range warranty repair range model: fe710drs

Da Dec 29, 2015

We've had this oven for 11 months. the first problem was that the top burner indicator light would not go out. i'm not talking about the hot top indicator it is the little red light above the burner knobs. never did get it fixed but the issue went away after a few months. the oven door glass is dirty in between the insulated glass panes with no way to clean them. big problem. about ten days ago the oven started tripping the circuit breaker. initially I thought it was the circuit breaker itself but before I could go get another one it tripped for the 3rd time. my wife turned off as usual all of the burners then I reset the breaker. this time when she went to turn on the left front burner (different burner than had the previous light issue) it gave a loud pop with yellow flash and shocked my wife. I called best buy and they set up an appointment through samsung for the next day between 9 and 12. at 12 noon I called asking where they were and was told no appointment was made for me and they had no record of my *conformation* number 8918167. I then called bestbuy and was transferred to samsung. the line went dead twice while waiting and each time I called I had to go through the issue all over again only to be again transferred to the executive service. (getting real tired of hearing the crap about a survey... i'm looking forward to filling it out). they set up another appointment ticket number [protected] which didn't happen until after the christmas weekend when I had 16 people in the house for christmas dinner. between a neighbors oven and a toaster oven somehow my poor nearly electrocuted wife got through it. the following monday after christmas weekend a repairman arrived and only fixed the burner and did nothing about the issue of it previously tripping the breaker. today one day later, the burners no longer work. i've been on the line to samsung executive care since 3:45 pm and it is now 6:51 pm and I am still listening to the samsung executive service hold message.

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