[Resolved] Samih Ossaily / Fraud/Scam

5 Antwerp, Belgium Review updated:

Please be aware, Samih Ossaily ex-diamond smuggler is a scammer and fraud. He uses his past to convince you to invest in a diamond buying operation. He is not scared to meet you in person, but after funds are handed over, you will never see him again.

You have been warned. He scammed me out of 60k USD. Do not trust this man and his stories.

Why trade diamonds when you can just scam potential investors from the comfort of your own city?

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    So, in the end Samih Ossaily came through and paid me back. I have to openly apologize for pulling his name into dirt but in my defense, it did take him a while. Thanks for being honest and sticking to your word.

Jan 27, 2015
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  • Am
      3rd of Feb, 2015

    Thanks for the warning. I was just about to contact him before I read this. Not sure if you are aware, but there is a site that I found online that explains another fraud that he was part of.

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  • Ju
      5th of Mar, 2015

    all what he have been complaining about is lies, he does pretend as amber3321. this person is well known in switzerland for suplying false dollars, he was even in jail for nine months for that, now he thinks this is a way to run away from the interpol and the euro pol.

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  • Sa
      6th of Mar, 2015

    Jaun (aka: samih ossaily)

    there is no logical reason to lie about you scamming people. if anyone wants to do business with this man, just ask people that know him for who he is, not what he writes about himself on the internet.

    Samih is a liar and a thief, before doing business with this man, better spend a few hundred bucks on a private detective and contact his ex wife and also his ex girlfriend.

    Do your background check on this man. I did business with him and now am out 60k. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED..

    Samih, I like that story about the "fake dollars". makes a lot of sense

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  • Is
      28th of May, 2015

    Lies lies lies money counterfeit

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  • Sa
      1st of Jun, 2015

    You want me to put the site back up Mr. Ossaily? Keep talking. No wonder you have to scam innocent people to make a living. ### of the earth. LIKE I SAID; DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN. BEFORE YOU GIVE HIM ONE PENNY, DO A BACKGROUND CHECK. CONTACT PEOPLE THAT KNOW HIM.

    Sure he's not a terrorist, just a ### scammer using his past to scam investors.

    Just contact me [protected] for proof and more information

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  • Bg
      20th of Apr, 2016

    My mother was also scammed by this sad sir. It died and I obviously inherited debt. Obviously, more news of Mr Ossailly ... He took advantage of a handicapped person without problem! He has the art to rip!

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