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Ma Dec 23, 2015
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Today, 12/23/15, at 03:53pm, and my cashier was Beverly. I was buying some things and had found a sweatshirt ( I do have a photo of the shirt with the tag) I wanted. It had a Salvation Army tag on it and it said .99 on it. It had writing on it like most of their tags do. When I go up the not their store tag. I said indeed it was, and I wanted the shirt. I was told she couldn't sell it to me or she would get fired. So she calls someone named Buzzy and ended up some other woman came, Buzzy wasn't there.. This woman tells me she won't sell me the shirt cause that isn't the right tag, I told her that what is she trying to say, that I had one of their tags, brought it in and stapled the tag to the shirt (I had on a sweatshirt and no purse). She said no and I said I wanted the shirt then. So here comes the manager and tells me I can't have the shirt, that it wasn't priced, I said yes it is it says .99. No it was supposed to have a number before it. I told her that it wasn't my problem, that it was on the floor for sale and they HAD to BY law sell it to me. The only rule they have about not selling stuff is if it doesn't have a tag. I said alright then price it and I will buy, she says she can't her pricers went home. Made no sense considering she is a manager. I tried to explain that under the UCC that they had to sell me the shirt with the price it had, she said I don't know what that is. My boyfriend explained what it was and it was a Uniform Commercial Code and that they HAVE to follow it, and she said I don't know anything about that. I don't have a lot of money and I was buying the shirt for my daughter, she would have really loved it. They told me I could come back tomorrow and if someone else didn't buy it I could buy it then. I live 30 or 40 miles from the store, I can't afford to go back for a "maybe" it would be there. I think they should have offered to hold it for me and tell met least what the price will be. I am tired of the store. Maybe they should hire people that know the laws better than the people who shop there. I mean insinuating I put the tag on the clothes, then backing down when I asked outright. No reason for not selling me the shirt, it had the tag on it..

Salvation Army

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