Sally's Beauty Supply / offensive manager

4550 S BROADWAY, Tyler, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 903-509-8936

I purchased a replacement blade for my hair clippers, and two days later, attempted to return it (unopened with original reciept). The younger employee was about to return my money when a 'manager' appeared saying, 'Oh no, sales are final on those.' I explained they were unopened and my desire to return them, and she went on to tell me stories of how others had returned used items, essentially accusing me of using the blades! She called some corporate office, and said she could not take them back. Only after I expressed interest in buying a new set of clippers, she changed her mind and gave me credit for the blades (although a few minutes ago she pretty much said I may have used them!) I felt like I was forced into buying the clippers from them just to get my money credited back. Never again. They have forever lost another customer.


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