Sally Beauty Supplycomplaint against tonya, store representative at store 3727, vicksburg, mississippi

Sunday, December 9, 2018 at approximately 3:15 - 3:30 pm

Tonya, the attendant and Denise is her supervisor.

My wife and I came in to buy to hair rinse, texturized, color and hot iron products.

My wife indicated Tonya had a "I don't want to be bothered, short attitude on the phone when she called in prior to our store visit, to see if Sally's had the rinse product she needed but decided to dismiss it and come in anyway.

From the beginning Tonya postured as if she had something better to do. She was standing half way around the corner as I addressed her. Seeing that she wasn't going to be personable, I decided to come to here. My wife and I were the only two customers in the store at the time and remained this way for the duration. (Watch the tape).

I tried asking Tonya what I needed to know about the result I desired for my hair and the hair products that would get me there. She was very short with me and it was clear that she didn't want to help me. I was not understanding her answer at all. May be because she was using interchanging terms about rinses, texturizers and relaxers. I felt that she could've helped me but she just simply refused to stating that she wasn't going to do any research on the question either, even after I asked her to. (See video attached)

She just simply said she was not going to help me and that I'm the only customer she had problems with.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Vicksburg, MS

I'm a male who had questions about products I was interested in buying and wasn't understanding what she was saying. I asked about two products I could use in the same day if I wanted to color my hair and texturize or perm in the same day what would those two product lines and choices be, best for me? It was that simple.

After many times of me asking she said that males don't generally ask these type questions so she doesn't know and will not research it. I asked if she would for me as I could be a repeat customer but needed her professional advice. She stated once again, firmly "NO!". She said she doesn't know and she's not willing to do the research and then had the Gaul to tell me that even if her supervisor asked her to research it she wouldn't and she doesn't care.

She even said "Imma still git my check whether you buy something or not!"
She said all this before my recording; among other things not in the video I recorded but my wife can testify to It all.

Poor! I give my experience today a "0" at Sally's. I will post a review and send this to Sally's Headquarters. The tape will reveal that she knew that she was wrong and lost 2 customers in the process. See for yourself. My wife and I decided to go to Walmart and spend the $90.00 we would've spent at Sally's and we don't plan on going back. In my opinion she should be terminated as I am a business owner of 36 years and would have not tolerated this behavior.

Benjamin Apollos

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