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Safetouch Security Systems / Deceptive Business Practices

Be Jan 2, 2015
Contact information:
Phone: 904) 886-4664

Awful, awful service. 1) A 60 ft oak tree fell on my house demolishing 3 rooms of my home. The Safetouch installed alarm never went off, not once. They were not aware of any issue until I alerted them to it. 2) System failed within 3 mos of a 3 year pre-paid contract expiring; Safetouch absolutely refused to send a service tech to my residence unless I pre-paid for the service call with a credit card. Period. 3) Call Center Reps are rude and not equipped to handle basic problem solving / service requests. 4) When contacting Safetouch in a good-faith effort to find out HOW to cancel service, they play games with their clients- ie: continually transfer you to a person/dept that is never available, instruct you to leave messages for that person/dept, when that person/dept will never return your calls and/or voice mails where you inquire HOW to cancel your service; instruct you that you can ONLY speak to one particular person regarding cancellation and that person is NEVER available to answer service/contract questions. The as sold "3 year pre-paid" contract turns into a 5 year hostage, forced-agreement as they will not allow you to cancel within their specified terms. They in essence make it impossible for a reasonable person to cancel within their specific terms. **** EVERGREEN CLAUSE *** Very shady business practices. 5) They heavily advertise a 45 second guaranteed response time, but that guarantee is meaningless. Contracts state on the back in fine print “Response time cannot be guaranteed.” In addition the guarantee gets the consumer nothing. There is no remedy for the consumer if this 45 second “guaranteed” response time is not met.

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