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Hi everyone

I am a newbie trying to decide if working for Safeguard Properties is worth it.

I was contacted by Safeguard recruiter today and she asked me if I will be willing to conduct home inspections in my area.

The pay was kind of low ($4 to $6 per inspection), but she re-assured me that Safeguard will keep me busy and I will make great money on the volume (1, 000+ inspections per month, according to her).

I was still not convinced, and then she stated that there is more to the inspectors job than just pay per inspection.

Safeguard recruiter stated that inspectors are allowed to have any property from the abandoned/vacant homes. Furniture, electronics, appliances - anything is a fair game as long as the property is abandoned or vacant.

This statement did not sit well with me.

Is this common?

Is anyone here heard of this rule about inspectors taking things from vacant/abandoned homes?

I really need the money, but at the same time I do not want to be in any kind of trouble.

Any input is greatly appreciated.


Jan 31, 2017
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      Feb 01, 2017

    Illegally removing personals from a property is not an acceptable practice for Safeguard Vendors. If someone truly stated this in the course of a recruiting call they are grossly misinformed. Please contact Tim Rath @ Safeguard Properties (tim.[protected] with additional details.

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