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We got our first King Charles Cavalier from Robbie Jones, Rutherford Cavaliers, and from day one had issues with this adorable 3.5 lb little puppy. She was underweight, not eating, and almost died from health illness her first few weeks at our home. Shortly after that she started to exhibit strange behavior, incessant circling prior to going to the bathroom, scratching repeatedly in the couch, rarely ate, and was totally incontinent of urine and stool despite many efforts at training her. She had a seizure at around 8 months then passed away suddenly from a hemorrhagic stroke at the young age of 16 months. During this time of grief we made the poor decision of accepting a new puppy from Rutherford Cavaliers to try to cheer ourselves up. Our new puppy seemed healthy at first, we never had any issues with feeding or potty training like we had with our previous cavalier. However shortly after turning 1, he started exhibiting seizure like activity which has since turned into a full blown seizure disorder for which we have seen several neurologists and he is now on medication four times a day. I strongly advise to stay away from Rutherford cavaliers in the future. After two horrifying experiences I only hope that she stops breeding these poor little sick puppies.

Apr 02, 2018
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  • Sm
      Aug 08, 2019

    This is quite a shock to hear this and most rare. I have been purchasing cavaliers exclusively from Rutherford Cavaliers for the last 20 + years and have many. Never did i ever experience this. I currently have 2 both over age 2 who are very healthy, smart, totally trained and the most beautiful sweetest dogs ever. My last cavalier from Rutherford passed at age 14 1/2 . I have been to cavalier dog shows and by far the Rutherford are the most beautiful and we'll mannered in the group and all I heard from every other breeder there was praise over my dog as well as about Robbie Jones. This unfortunate episode is a 1 off as far as I can tell, given many other people who have had a positive experience. We all understand in life there are aberrations in people, children, dogs and pets . I suggest cavalier lovers decide for themselves and not an anecdote

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  • Jk
      Aug 08, 2019

    Absolutely shocking to see a complaint about this breeder because I've personally had two dogs from her now (a total of four in the family) and they're all darling lovely pups with fantastic temperament and no in-bred health issues. The one I have now is the picture of health and my mom's has won some awards. I don't think the breeder is at fault here if you're having this significant of an issue, especially housetraining.

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