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Rush Kennels / Dogs were not healthy

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We bought two weimaraners from Sheila Rush. She told us first they were AKC registrants, and they are not, they are UKC. We bought a boy and a girl. when we got there both dogs acted scared and unsure of what to do, I figured new people they were jumpy. When we got them home they continued to act this way, and we ended up thinking they had parvo. They didn't because they started eating and drinking and weren't throwing up. They ended up pooping in the house and I came to realize they had worms. They were supposed to be wormed and have their first shots, well they didn't. We ended up taking them to the vet, obviously, to treat them. They had roundworm and some other intestinal parasite that I can't even say or spell. Bailey my girl had yeast in her ears. I tried calling Rush Kennels and asking what happend since they claim to be a 5 star kennel. No answer, when I did get someone to pick up the phone, Holly, she was very rude. She hung up on my husband and was very rude with me told me to read my contract. I told her my contract wasn't legal because I got two sick puppies. I then proceeded to write a review about them on their website only to wake up and see they had deleted it. I wish I'd have seen all these complaints on Rush Kennels because I'd have never of went out there. I do wish to do something for the poor animals there. Another thing when I got my girl she looked starved. And why can't we go see the parents, or the babies. For their safety our for theirs. Whatever you Do Everyone needs to stay away from this place!

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  • Ru
      15th of Mar, 2009
    -5 Votes

    This person is simply not telling the truth, posted on our website home page, all of Rush Kennels puppies are registered with Univerasal Kennel Club Internatioanl, which is a top registry. As of today's date we have yet to receive documentation from her veterinarian that either of her puppies truly had a problem, our health contract clearly states Rush Kennels must be notified by a Verterinarian if a puppy has an issue. We find it strange out of a litter of eight her puppies were the only ones with a problem or as she claims, with out Veterinarian documentation it's only a claim. Parents are always shown by request at the time of pick up. Rush Kennels has a five star rating, testimonials can be read on our website guestbook fr0m our many customers over the years, they say it all about what our customers think of Rush Kennels. Regards, Lauren / Manager Rush Kenneks

  • Ru
      22nd of Apr, 2009
    Best Best Advice +7 Votes

    horrible company. Sells sick dogs. All they do is run a puppy mill.

  • Mi
      24th of Apr, 2009
    -6 Votes

    Rush Kennels are truly #1 !! My family and I have purchased several puppies over the years from Rush Kennels and they have all been healthy, we could not be happier. This kennel is amazing.

  • Ta
      29th of Apr, 2009
    +5 Votes

    I myself have not bought any puppies from rush kennels but I know of 3 people over the past couple of years that have. They were told the puppies were English Bulldogs and they were registered as English bulldogs, they were not purebred bulldogs. They are all boxer/bulldog mixes. The first couple tried to contact Shelia and after about 100 calls and a certified letter threatening to take them to court. Shelia contacted them and trade the puppy for another puppy that was suppose to about 6 months old. When they took the puppy to the vet the day after it was picked up, they were told that in fact the puppy was not a puppy but about 3 years old and pregnant. When they tried to contact Shelia again with this information she had blocked their phone number. they decide just to care for the dog and the puppies which were bulldog /boxer mixes and find them loving homes.

    Another couple had bought what they believe to and were told was AKC bulldog puppy and the AKC papers given with the puppy say bulldog. The puppy is now a tall 80 lb Boxer/bulldog mix from the look of him. This couple has to tried to contact Rush Kennels and their number to has been blocked. And it is the same story with the the third rush kennel puppy buyer. no one I have ever talked to has gotten a puppy from Rush Kennel that is what is was suppose to be.

  • Ji
      1st of May, 2009
    -5 Votes

    All anyone simply needs to do is visit Rush Kennels does not breed English Bull dogs. A friend of mine is a K-9 Trainer, he has worked for Rush Kennels for over three years he also said that this kennel does not breed English Bull dogs.

  • Fr
      24th of Aug, 2009
    +6 Votes

    Anyone with half a brain can see that Rush Kennels is nothing more than a commercial breeding facility. Almost all of the "praise" about this puppy mill is posted by employees and family members of Rush Kennels. Logging in and posing as different people. Do your homework people. A licensed kennel= MONEY. Not reputable. REPUTABLE breeders show their dogs, belong to breed clubs, health test their dogs and only have 1-2 breeds that are their passion. As for the UKC Registry. Its the least respected registry out there. Puppy mill registry.




  • Ph
      25th of Aug, 2009
    -5 Votes

    To frogdogmom, news flash I am not a family memeber, or a friend, I am a repeat customer of Rush Kennels. It's apparent that you do not have a clue about what you are talking about. Bet you have not even visited the kennel, they have no need whats so ever to make up a testimonial, they have actual customers to do that. Perhaps you need to do your home work. Rush Kennels is far from a puppy mill, it's a dogs paradise. As far as UKC they have been a registry since 1938 and have been used by many reputable breeders over the years. I have purchased three puppies over the years from this kennel and I could not be happier, my babies are healthy and beautiful, they are the loves of my life. I highly recommend Rush Kennels, for those who are looking for a puppy call Rush Kennels make an appointment, you to will also find this kennel to be amazing.

  • Ru
      25th of Oct, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Please let it be known that this is NOT the Sheila Rush in Ulman, MO
    that shows AKC Champion St Bernards, Newfoundlands and Scottish Terriers.

  • Kn
      30th of Nov, 2009
    +3 Votes

    Something I had learned first hand about seeing the parents, you can not see the parents because not all of the puppies Shelia sells are from her breeding or her dogs litters. I had a friend who raises Italian greyhounds whom Shelia Rush contacted to buy a puppy from, she falsely presented herself to this breeder as someone who was looking to buy 3 IG's as "FAMILY COMPANIONS', 2 for herself and one for her mother for company. Unfortuanately my friend did not know of this woman and what she does so she sold her the puppies. My friend contacted me about this after the fact, and I told her about Shelia and her "Kennel", she then panicked, I also raise IGs so as a favor I told my friend I would try to find out something about the puppies she had sold. I contacted Shelia who had told my friend in the meantime that she was having problems with one of the puppies fussing constantly ( go figure these puppies were raised in a home and she tried to stick them in her kennels with little contact). So I contacted Shelia under the pretense of purchasing a puppy to see if she would then offer me the puppy she had bought from my friend to me under the assumption it was one of her own breedings. Well, she did offer me this puppy as one of her own breeding as I expected she would.
    So even if you did get to see parents you honestly could not be certain that what you were being shown was in reality the parents of the puppy you are buying, since her dogs are not AKC registered you can not rely on a pedigree as registries other than AKC are very lienient and don't requier DNA or parenting as conditions of registry. You can actually register a dog as a bulldog with the other registries that may be a bulldog/boxer mix. All you have to do to register this dog as a bulldog is take it to a vet that will sign the paper from the registry saying it is a bulldog. In telling you this remember Shelia's dogs are not AKC, she employs her own vet on the premises so they will sign the paper for her as she is paying them.
    Lastly let me warn everyone if a dog is NOT AKC registered and is registered with some other registry (no matter who the breeder is) think hard before you buy this puppy because you honestly can not be sure if the dog is pure breed or not. Not all of the breeders selling with the other registries are selling puppies knowing they are not purebreed, they may have been misled also, but there are those breeders out there who are knowingly selling these mixed breed puppies as be warned and be careful, I would only trust AKC.

  • Do
      3rd of Dec, 2009
    -4 Votes

    The post made by Know Your breeder is a breeder herself that has posted bogus and untrue statements concerning Rush Kennels. Fact Universal Kennel Club International is a reputable rigistry that has been in business since 1938. There are many registries, GOOGLE AKC you will find them to have many complaints AKC is only one of many registires.

    Its apparent this person does not have a clue about what they are talking about. My sister has worked for Rush Kennels for several years, I also work for them part time. Rush Kennels does not purchase puppies or breeding dogs from back yard or hobby breeders, they only breed dogs that have been bred born and raised at the kennel. A registration certificate and documentation is kept on each sire and dame at the kennel, all sires and dames are micro chipped, all breeders are 100 percent pure bred with a registration certificate and pedigree.

    Rush kennels has several top Veterinarians and k9 trainers that have worked with them over the years, not to mention hunreds of satisfied customers, most people are smart enough to know you can not always believe everything you read on the net. For testimonials from Veterinarians K9 Trainers and customers visit they say it all about what most people think about Rush Kennels.

  • Do
      3rd of Dec, 2009
    +3 Votes


  • Ol
      25th of Feb, 2010
    +4 Votes

    I agree! Please take the time to read this!!! or you will be sorry!!!

    Sheila Rush and Rush Kennels is a PUPPY MILL!!! stay away! I can give you countless stories of her selling brother and sisters to a TX farmer who wanted to breed them. She has mailed dead puppies to AK. All her dogs have some type of liver issues, and each and everyone of them have worms, parasites, coccidia, and yeast in their ears. I purchased a female in Jan 2010, and I'm still having health concerns her the pup to this day. This is animal cruelty at its highest! She lies about the DNA, her contract is phony, UKC is a joke and is the only registery left for her to use (b/c they don't check up on the kennels), lied about microchiping, will not let you see the parents or the puppy prior to buying, ITS A SCAM, she doesn't have a VET on hand, she isn't registered VET-tech like she claims, she can not provide any information on any of the parents, doesn't remove the dew claws, lied about the age, does not de-worm, our dog was drugged and lethargic and the list goes on. If you want to rescue a puppy, and want to pay for it, then go right ahead.

    If you don't belive me and you want to believe all the positive comments on this blog, then you crazy b/c its Shelia leaving the positive notes.

    BBB of Greensboro, she has a FFFFFFFFFF for a reason, and its not a former employee of hers like she claims. I've researched it.

    She is the DEVIL!

    These people rescue more puppies from Shelia then they do anywhere else!


    I've attached pics of our puppy the day we got her, notice her belly, and the last pic is 5 mins after we picked her up, all bones.

  • Ja
      26th of Feb, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I agree. I also bought a puppy about a couple of weeks ago and had to take her to the vet, because she got sick. well 3 days later she died. My vet said she died from improper vaccinations. I call Rush Kennel a week ago to ask what shots my puppy needed. i was told that she had only had her first shot. but At 18 weeks old she should have had all her shots and a rabie shot. so after a talking with my vet and burying my new puppy i called rush kennel. and of course she told my that she had been up to date. and blamed my vet. then told me to call her manager. so i did he didn't know what to say. and said her would call her and call me back. i waited an hour. and called back, no answer what a surprise. so i will call again today and if nothing happens. i will contact BBB and the local NEWs on your side. i can't imagine anyone else having to go there this. losing a new puppy, money, and still having to pay for the vet bills. mypuppy was a weimaraner. :-(

  • We
      9th of Mar, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I also agree with the original complaint. I purchased a Weim from Sheila in Sept '07. My weim was also sick upon getting home. I contacted Rush Kennels and was told to "read my contract" My puppy had an intestial parasite and giardia. sheila also told me that my vet didn't know what they were talking about because a staff member got a female from this litter and is completely fine. She did say she wanted me to drive back to NC to have her vet check him out, but nothing would be done, d/t the contract. If you google search puppy mill rush kennels, you will come up with a lot of complaints. This is what they mean when they say that puppy mills aren't always what you see on TV. This appears to be a clean facility, but still cranks out puppies like all those puppy mills you do see on TV. I recently started looking for another puppy to add to my family, and I never once thought of going back to that horrid place. When the breeder I asked where I got my current dog I just told her NC, her next question was if I was happy with that breeder, when I said no, her response was..and I quote "I am sorry that you had to deal with Sheila" I am in Ohio, and this breeder is in Michigan! And they know who Sheila Rush is and what she truely represents. A couple of things about their contract! It is truely bogus. They certify that their parents hips are good. The parents are never x-ray'd. And the reason...and I quote again from Sheila/Lauren/Manager or whatever personality Sheila portrayed that day was..."it is cruel to the dogs, because they have to be sedated to have those x-rays taken, so we don't do them." Also hips cannot even be x-ray'd until 2 years of age...the contract only protects against genetic defects up to one year. Aren't bad hips genetic? If you email rush kennels asking why their membership has been revoked with AKC, and Continental kennel club (and you have to be doing pretty bad to get removed from Cont. KC) they already have a paragraph typed up to send to you. UKC is a puppy mill Kennel club and everyone who does any research at all knows that.

    Initally I was very happy with Rush Kennels. I thought my puppy had diarrhea because he was nervous and was taken away from his mother, and d/t the shots he recieved just prior to leaving (as "Lauren" told me when I called about it on my way home) It wasn't until two days later upon taking my Vito to the vet (I picked him up on Friday so I had to wait till Monday to see the vet) that I realized that I had been sold a sick puppy. This also was after I sent an email stating how my little Vito was adjusting well and being spoiled rotten. Which in fact is the truth. Any complaints that I post Rush kennels promptly replies with that email, as expected. This place truely needs to be shut down, and it saddens me that they are still selling puppy's that are sick, not pure breed, etc to unsuspecting buyers.

    Most positive posts regarding this facility are from "lauren, sheila, or paws of love" sorry Rush kennels but people are starting to see through your game.

  • Am
      12th of Mar, 2010
    -2 Votes

    I Disagree it's apparent the last couple of post were posted under different names perhaps by the same person. Bogus complaints to say the least. First of all Sheila Rush has not owned the Kennel for quite awhile, she moved to Raleigh NC over a year ago. Rush Kennels has been under New Management for quite awhile now, its also posted under the contact us page of there home website I have purchased two puppies from Rush Kennels, I also have family and friends that have purchased from them, they are all happy with their puppies. My Veterinarian speaks highly of this kennel, he told me back when I was looking for a Weimaraner that he had several clients over the years that purchased from this kennel and all the puppies he had examined were healthy. It's unfortunate that someone feels a need to try and slander an apparent reputable business, most people understand that you can not always believe everything you read on the internet. Perhaps the person or persons posting these bogus post might infact be a competetor, just a thought.

  • Se
      8th of Apr, 2010
    +2 Votes

    For anyone who should happen upon this page... Rush Kennels is now under investigation by the Guilford County Shelter and 98 animals have been seized:

    Take from that what you will, but it seems a pretty sound indictment of her activities to me.

  • Li
      8th of Apr, 2010
    +2 Votes

    This comment is from Know your breeder in response to Dogs 4 life. It is detremental that you know what you are talking about BEFORE you accuse someone else of making up things or not knowing what they are talking about as what I wrote is from experience and knowledge not just some unfounded accusation. If you and your sister indeed worked for them you either obviously did not know what is going on (which I doubt if you truly worked for her) or you participated in the fraud and other activities that this kennel participated in.

    Facts: Myself being a very reputable showperson and breeding on a very small scale, I have educated myself on the other registries out there other than AKC and would not have spoke if I was not familiar with the UKC, CKC and some of the others that are out there and thier policies. If you go to the UKC or CKC websites you can yourself find the requirments for registering a dog with that particular registry.

    I have researched it myself in order to try to protect my dogs/puppies from people like Shelia Rush and Rush Kennels. It is fact that to register with many other than AKC, that one does not have to PROVE with registration papers the lineage of the dog they are trying to register, it only has to be stated by a vet and by including photos that the dog you are registering APPEARS to be the breed of dog you are stating. Just by appearance you can NOT always determine that a dog is of pure breed, that is why the AKC is so strict with registration and those that aren't such as UKC are not as reliable. Just because a registry has been around since 1938 does not make them totally reliable in presentation of a dog being purebreed when it is registered with them.

    Secondly. The iformation I gave about KNOWING all dogs she has or tries to sell are neccissarily from her kennel. It was first hand knowledge myself and in dealing with Rush Kennels that I know this to be true. If she indeed keeps accurate records on each dog as you say then you would be able to verify what I said is true as the original breeder is ALWAYS on any AKC paperwork and even though she does not register with AKC she was provided with the AKC paperwork (which if she keeps such accurate records would be in each of the dogs files) for the 3 puppies she obtained from my friend under the pretense that she was getting them as PETS ONLY and they were going to be spayed.
    The puppies she obtained were raised in a loving home NOT in a kennel and were never intended by my friend to be kennel dogs. Because of this when Shelia obtained them and stuck them in her KENNEL one of the puppies that was extra spoiled by my friend was really fussy in protest (Shelia herself spoke to my freind about the puppy being so fussy, neve r telling her it was now in a Kennel). To help my friend and to verify this I contacted Shelia under the guise of wanting a pet ig of specific color and in turn she sent me photos of the very puppy she obtained from my friend (the one that was fussy as she could not deal with the puppy being so fussy). I was offered this puppy under the belief it was one BORN at her kennel from her own sire and dam. I knew these puppies personally so I KNOW this was not one of Shelia's puppies but was actually the one she obtained from my friend.
    So you seem to be the one who does not know what you are talking about and by posting the accusations and information on this site such as you have about me you are yourself misleading people. I would suggest that you find out your facts before YOU speak. I have spoken purely from fact and first hand knowledge not some crap that I got from someone else. I can back up what I have said with documentation which I doubt that you can do to back up what you are saying. If you are working with this woman I would say you are just as guilty and as deep in crap as she is.
    By the way when she got the puppies from my friend she sent one of her employeess to pick the puppies up, she sent him with a check and business card from her husbands electric company that they also own. The man did not stay to talk with my friend to get any information on the puppies as most people do, he was in a rush, scooped the puppies up put them in a crate and off he went. This was of concern to my friend as most people who are honest do stay for a while and want to learn background on thier puppies and intereact with them and the parents.. He did not.. for all anyone knows YOU very well could be this man??? Story sound familiar to you?

  • Sm
      9th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Puppy buyers need to do their homework. Every akc registered breed has a parent club for that breed- check out the web-site for that breed. The club will have a breeder referral
    This is a list of breeders that have puppies to sell.
    Reputable breeders breed for themselves first- even if you breed two champions you will have puppies in that litter that are well bred pets. Remember You get what you pay for.
    A reputable breeder will stand behind their dogs. If one is sick, has a genetic defect or if you just can't keep it anymore. Most breeders will take back a dog they have bred.
    Be suspect of someone who: does not use the AKC as a registry, won't let you see the parents, won't let you see others from the litter, won't let you see where the dogs live and how they are maintained.
    When you purchase a dog you should get a 3 generation pedigree, a shot record, an application for a registration certificate. Most breeders will be there to follow up on any issues you have with the dog.

  • Pe
      9th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    This is not a reputable breeder. Please do your research before purchasing a pet from any kennel.

    (Warning: Graphic pics posted at the link provided.)

    From the article:

    "Charges have been filed against the owner of a Pleasant Garden kennel where 97 dogs were seized on Wednesday."

    "Sheila Rush Savage, owner of Rush Kennel, and Robert Landreth, the caretaker at the facility, have both been charged with seven felony counts of animal abuse and five misdemeanor counts of animal abuse, according to Capt. L.C. Straughn of the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office."

    The caretaker of the facility has been taken into custody at the Guilford Co. jail, and authorities are still searching for Sheila.

  • Pg
      9th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I love that all of the sudden the positive comments have stopped. Could it be that way because Sheila's psycho self is currently sitting in the Greensboro magistrate's office? She is a nut job and I hope she gets everything she has coming to her! I teach in the Pleasant Garden area, and several of my students have had dogs die that they have gotten from Rush Kennel.

    And to Amazing Grace 57...whoever told you that Sheila moved to Raleigh over a year ago was lying to you. I just saw that nut job last week in Pleasant Garden.

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