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Rush Card / bad service

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This is a summary of what happened to me as a result of using a

prepaid Visa card from a company call RushCard. On Friday, January 2, 2009

I went to withrdraw $400.00 from the card to get a money order to pay my

rent. The transaction failed. The receipt stated that the terminal timed

out. The clerk suggested that I wait awhile and try again. I tried again

and the transaction went through. I then tried to do a third transaction

when I was told I did not have enough money in my account. I went home

looked up my account online and found out that I had been charged for the

first transaction that I never received money for.

I called RushCard who advised me that the charge would drop off after 48

hours. I waited 48 business hours and called again on Tuesday, January 6,

2009. They then told me that the dispute could take up to 90 days. I put

up a huge fuss about waiting 90 days to get my money so they told me to fax

over a Dispute Resolution Form they emailed me .

I then faxed over the dispute resolution form on Wednesday, January, 7, 2009 with

the receipt and copy of my ID. They then told me another 48 hours after I

put pressure on them because I am not willing to wait 90 days for my money.

I called today, Friday, January 9, 2009, after another 48 hours and I have

to wait again. After I expressed much disapproval they told me that the

earliest they could have "an answer", not my money, but an answer for me

was February, 28, 2009. I continued to press the issue and then I was told

they would have "an answer" in about 3-5 business days.

I asked for the physical mailing address, they told me they could not give

it to me. I asked for the local phone number, they stated they could not

give it to me. I asked for corporate contact information and they stated

they cannot give it to me. The only thing she told me was that she was in

Chicago, Illinois, when on Tuesday I was given a P.O. Box in Cincinnati,

Ohio. I asked for the name of her supervisor, and she being a supervisor

would not give me the name or her superior. I stated, " do you mean to

tell me that you cannot give me the name of your supervisor?", she agreed.

I then threated to call ABC, CBS, NBC, and every three letter agency I

could think of and she finally gave me the name of "a" supervisor.

On Friday, January 16, 2009, aftr 5 business days I called back for them to

tell me that they have no credit for me and I may have to wait before or

after February 28, 2009.

I am so upset. I cannot get my money. They are treating me as if they have

a right to my money, this is a debit card, not a credit card. Their terminal

timed out and now I am suffering.

I was withdrawing the money from a check-cashing place from a live person not an ATM machine like they keep claiming. The money was going to be used to pay my rent. I now have over $100 in late fees and money that was supposed to go towards my other bills have gone towards my rent.

I don't think they plan to ever give me my $400.00 back. I have the receipt that says their terminal timed out.

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  • Cb
      4th of Mar, 2009

    Something similar happened to me about 3 days ago. My beef is with Rushcard and the bank whose ATM I used. I went to an A+ Federal Credit Union ATM to make a 300 dollar withdrawal. The ATM processed the transaction but did not dispense out the money. I was told by reps from the bank that owned the ATM I would have to put in a dispute with Rushcard and file a claim. I called and spoke to a rep from Rushcard who was supposed to email me the dispute form that same day and here I am still without the form. I was told it could take anywhere from 30-90 days to get this resolved and they make it seem like I am disputing a small claim of 20 dollars. I am In dire need of these 300 dollars these two companies have taken from me which neither will admit to being their fault. In these days and times with this technology we have why can't they just do an electronic audit of that ATM machine and see that is will be 300 dollars over. I don't see the use of those receipts the machines give out if those reference/transaction numbers can't be used for anything.

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  • Mo
      11th of Mar, 2009

    I agree I was just on the phone with Rush Card customer service, I had a complaint where I had just deposited money on my card and was trying to pay a bill yet my card kept getting declined but they still took the $1.00 fee 3 times, I had to call twice before I got someone who could help me. I wish I never ordered this card that $19.95 should be given back to everyone who has a Rush Card.

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  • Ki
      8th of May, 2009

    DON'T DO Rushcard !! :(

    I only had this service for 2 months and have had more problems than not. I couldnt get gas from the gas station, or even use my card to by lunch @ work. Then when I asked for a new card to be reissued (due to it being sucked into the ATM) it took from 4/23/09 - 5/8/09, AND I STILL HAVENT REC'VD IT YET !!! Ahhhhh. There customer service is horrible, the service itself is horrible, and once I finally recieve the new card I requested 2 1/2 weeks ago I'm withdrawing all my funds and CANCELLING. Never again will I do or reccomend Rushcard. Russel Simmons should be ashamed to have his name attached this Disaster.

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  • 1a
      14th of May, 2009

    I see where your coming from i have had rush card for about 3 years and i have run into the atm problem but than i realized i trying to use one of those crappy atm machines the stand alone ones in random stores...the next place i went to i was able to get my far as the customer service there is a lot of work that needs to be done there...because i had lost my card once and had to wait over a week to get a new one so they told me they would send me a check in the mail so i could pay my bills because for whatever reason the check would get to me faster well when i tell u the check litteraly never showed up i was pissed, broke and i called them up and for about two hours [censor]ed and moned told them that i was not going to wait any longer for my money...after a lot of verbal cussing out minus the cuss words because i am a classy lady ... the matter was resolved when i recieved my check via fed ex the next day...all and all though if u dont have a bank account this is the best way to go and if u keep money in your account you get rebates ever so often...the websites offers a lot of options as tracking your money and creating u take the good with the bad

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  • Ve
      2nd of Jun, 2009

    well I have a rush card and signed up for the billpay my first 4 billpays went through fine within days of me posting them. the next time I went to do a billpay for one of the same companies that I previously use it never posted. I called customer service to be told that it was cleared already but yet the company hasnt hasnt recieved the funds, its been over 14 days had I still dont have my bill paid and rushcard is telling me that they have to do an ivestigation to see if its their fault. Hell yes its their fault Ive paid this merchant before and now its a problem and no one want to give me information to their corporate office. On top of that the agent dont even speak good english. Once this gets resolved if it ever will im tearing this card up, it not worth the headache!!!

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  • Su
      12th of Jun, 2009

    This is what you do. Contact the head office in ohio. The fax number is (513) 489-7511. Had I contacted them a few weeks back my money would have been credited to my account long before now. You will not get any results dealing with customer service reps at 866-766-2229. Most of the people that you speak with is from another country and it's irriatating because they barely understand what you're asking them. Also know your rights!! If you have been a victim of your card being compromised or a dispute under the visa policy unirush have to provide you provisional credit to your account until the investagation is complete no questions asked!! Do not let them tell you that it takes up to 90 days!! Trust me I received my money in less then 24 hours after I sent my complaints and threaten to sue!!!

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  • Ph
      23rd of Jul, 2009

    Well I have Rush card also and I had an issue were I was debited four times for for two transactions. Then when I called rushcard, they told me that they were sorry and that there was a problem with the computer. They then told me that I would recieve my money within 48 hours I told them no because this was their fault. I also told them that I was going to conatct Russell Simmons and let him know that his name was going down the drain with rushcard. they then sent my money back to my account and I recieved confirmation emails aplogizing for the inconvience. There a mess!!!

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  • M2
      2nd of Sep, 2009

    Might as well read the terms & conditions first before using the card esp for the FEES [NOT HIDDEN FEES] coz if you called it HIDDEN FEES it should not be indicated in the welcome pocket you guys are receiving. First, don't go on things as if you know everything coz' precisely you guys don't know what you went up to. What's the use of the website, right?? You don't even have an excuse coz we habe welcome pockets... For ATM withdrawal not dispensed by an ATM, it's not RushCard's fault either. So RushCard needs to confirm everything first w/ the party concern & that these are being fixed not just RushCard but w/ the merchant/bank as well. You guys always put the blame on RushCard especially w/ the representatives. Why not try calling the bank where you tried to withdraw your funds off your account? If you're really that smart enough to think that RUSHCARD IS JUST THE RECEIVING END not the one who got your money!!! And by the way, for all your transactions esp those transactions on line, FYI YOU GAVE YOUR ACCOUNT INFO TO THOSE STUPID ###S WHO TOOK YOUR MONEY that means YOU GAVE THEM AUTHORIZATION TO GET THE FUNDS & EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION YOU HAVE W/ THEM, THEY ALSO HAVE TRACKS ON IT. Why not try to ask them instead about your transaction... since again... RUSHCARD IS JUST THE RECEIVING END & RUSHCARD'S AGENT DID NOT PROVIDED THOSE INFO W/ THE MERCHANT... YOU DID!!!

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  • Ms
      29th of Sep, 2009

    I don't have any problem with rushcard yet. I had my school check deposited on my rush card with text alert. I don't not had any compliants. I have taken like 1200 dollars off a one time and had no problems getting my money from th ATM. So people have had a problem I read and paid attention but until I have a peoblem rushcard is good with me. What I do is debit everything no credit .I don't know if that makes a diffrence only time something is use as credit is when I order something off the internet. When I'm out shopping like BestBuy I debit ;.no problem it goes thur and I not spending little money .Only thing is when you have 21.00 and the ATM won't give you your 20 dollars because; the fee is 2.00 .WOW!!! thats my only beef besides that I'm good.

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  • Fr
      20th of Dec, 2009

    I love rush card!!! I have no problems with anything I use them for.

    I pay bills online
    I do online shopping as well as in store shopping
    If I want to add any money I do a direct deposit at walmart and when I go home I check my acct balance and it is immediately added (I live 7 mins drive time from walmart and 18 mins from target which is also where I do alot of my shopping)

    the only thing I had a issue with is I had to have money transferred over to my friends rush card so she can pay her bills so it took about 24 hours to process but she also lives in australia and I live in california.

    I have already got my credit bureau information because I have them linked with credit bureaus to basically help me with credit figuratively speaking and I get money paper statements each months FOR FREE!

    as for atm withdraws after I called them I talked to a foreign woman named Farol who told me not to withdraw a large amount out of the atm at one time and to keep all copy of receipts/bank transactions and if anything goes wrong simply mail a copy or fax a copy to them.

    I love them and I recommended them to all my friends and my sisters avon reps and 5 of my co workers and everytime they applied for rushcard and received there card and activated it I received $5 for every referred friend so in total around thanksgiving holiday I received about $195 onto my acct from all the people I referred which I was so happy!!!

    im sorry if some of you guys have had problems and to the ones that don't have problems with it you will know the joys I have with rush card.

    some people are not reading the fine print it says right on it The Prepaid Visa® RushCard is issued by The Bancorp Bank CALL THEM WHEN YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH RUSH CARD!!! I seen people saying "oh I dont have a bank acct with them blah blah" NO thats a load of fanny everytime I have something that takes more then 24 hours I simply call them if you have a rushcard you have a acct with them it is that simple.

    on a side note thank you rushcard for being in my life, familys life, and friends life since
    2005 you have never let me down!!!

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  • Te
      1st of Jan, 2010

    this is how to contact the corporate office and where they are located via the BBB

    Business Contact & Profile
    Business Name:
    RushCard Services
    UniRush Financial Services

    Business Address:

    512 7th Avenue, 43rd Floor
    New York, NY 10018

    Original Business Start Date: 4/1/2002
    Type of Entity: Corporation
    Incorporated: 2002 in NY
    Russell Simmons, CEO
    Phone Number:
    (212) 840-9399
    (866) 787-4227
    BBB Accreditation: This business is not a BBB Accredited Business

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  • Mr
      21st of Jun, 2010

    I finally got through to someone who was very help with my mishaps with Rushcard. The number is 866-489-8877. After waiting over 90 days for money to be returned back to my card due to fraudulent charges this rep was able to resolve my issues and she treated you like a human. Now I can cancel my card...

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  • Sp
      31st of Jul, 2010


    I have a complaint to file with you Mr. Simmons...Recently i deposited some money into my rush account only to be told that i could withdraw the funds. After contacting customer service, i was told that my account was blocked due to customer review. i understand that this a debt services company and not a credit company. I should not have to beg for my own money. Apparently, my account was blocked for 15 days and i was never given a notification or alert to my account being blocked. Ive been told that the fraud dept is reviewing my account and i never got a valid reason as to why. A manager informed me that they do customer reviews and hold your account until that is complete, LOL. but what does that have to do with my money? Why do i need to verify address when i was never even asked to do so initially? i just don't get it. Are you using our money for investment purposes? Im all for you helping us out but i don't think that holding our money for your personal reasons makes any sense. and it sure isn't help. I have been on the phone with RushCard services for over 5 hours for 2 days, only to be told that i have to wait to get my money.
    There is a flaw in your business. Every account holder should be notified when there is a red flag on their account asap via email and/or text and correspondence. it is infuriating to even think that i have money but cant use it or spend it. Is that fair? I have no choice but to go to the media with this issue after realizing that i am not the only one with this issues. I think that UniRush financial Services should be investigated as to what they are truly doing with peoples hard earned money.
    I spoke my peace.

    Thank you.

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  • Ma
      15th of Dec, 2010

    I [censor]ing hate rush card...this is the worst bank debt card ever...i will NEVER reccomend someone to this bul [censor] NEVER i order my replacement card on 12/2/10 and still havent recieve it yet, cant wait to get my funds off this bull [censor] NEVER again cant even use it for good comes out this [censor]ing bull [censor]

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  • Th
      22nd of Jan, 2011

    Worst customer service ever them mother-[censor]er can't even speak English. Why would u hire bunch of Indians  that can't speak the language they should be in the corner store where they belong selling slurpee 

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  • Ja
      3rd of Jun, 2011

    I am about to post a complaint of my own. Here is some vital info for you guys.

    Our member services agents are available to help you with any questions you may have about the Prepaid Visa® RushCard - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Email: [protected]
    Phone: 866-RUSHCARD(866-787-4227)

    Deposit Mailing Address:
    23074 Network Place
    Chicago, Illinois 60673-1230

    Expedited Service Mailing Address (for deposits only):
    Attn: UniRush 23074
    131 S Dearborn - 6th Floor
    Chicago, Illinois 60603

    General Correspondence:
    UniRush Financial Services
    PO Box 42482
    Cincinnati, OH 45242

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  • Db
      12th of Oct, 2011

    I have been fighting to get a friends funds released to me for 2 weeks now. I have full power of attorney over him and have faxed everything that they would need to them. Every day it is something new. They dont understand or just dont care that the power of attorney is a legal document. And after reading all the complaints about this Rushcard I have noticed that they steal peoples money. I have asked to speak to the corporate office or get a phone number but no one seems to have a number for them. WARNING TO EVERYONE BEFORE YOU GET A RUSHCARD...YOU WILL HAVE YOUR MONEY STOLEN FROM YOU BY THEM. AND THEY DONT KNOW WHAT A LEGAL DOCUMENT IS SO JUST BE CAREFUL... I am going to turn this over to an atorney to handle because they are not a top notch company.

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  • Ru
      18th of Oct, 2011

    im so sorry about that D. Bates, but i guess you don't know what steal means. how come you come up with such story about ur money being stolen by RC? i bet that money ur talking about from your friend is a Direct Deposit. isn't it? DON'T YOU KNOW THAT RC DOES NOT ACCEPT 3RD PARTY DEPOSITS? DON'T YOU KNOW HOW TO READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE YOU USED YOUR CARD? hhhmmmmmm i bet ur one of those who have stupid heads. might as well read schedule of fees & terms & conditions using RC's website, call the customer service or even get ur welcome pocket find the paper on it & read it. that's something you should come out with urself. again, i found someone here who just find someone to blame at. its ur fault u didn't know about ur problem.

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  • Ms
      8th of Apr, 2012

    Contact the FDIC, FTC, and Attorney general. I also contact several news stations.

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  • Me
      9th of Jul, 2012

    Rush Card is the worst debit card holder there is. They blocked my card with out permission. I just wanted to know about a card to card transfer that took place. I called them to see if the funds were transferred and how muck exactly was transferred. The customer service rep told me he was going to block both cards. I asked him not to and he did it anyway. Now I'm fighting them to let my money go. To me that's stealing I didn't ask them to block my card or anyone's card so why should I have to fight for my money. When I talked to a customer service rep to day I asked her for her name and she told me dimples wtf is that they take customers for a joke.

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