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To whom it may concern:

With regards to our trip from Dec 27 - Jan 3. We were a group of 12 with 9 adults and 3 children. When we got to the resort in Varadero Cuba Rui resort everything looked OK. We had a room over looking the pool which was great for the small kids. One of our travels had to change rooms because there was mold all over the shower and their TV did not work. We had to ask

our maid for larger towels for the bathroom she informed us she would try but they do not have a lot of towels because their washer and dryer was not working. We made it to the buffet for dinner that night and it was so busy that we could hardly get to the food. Left over hot dogs from the previous day were cut in half and called sausages at the at the breakfast buffet. When we did find something we liked and went back to get more there was no more left and they did not have any left. When we went to bed that night there was only one sheet on the bed with a old brown small blanket on the bed, no top sheet all week. The next morning it was the same for breakfast. We went to exchange our beach towels at 9 am when the towel guy was scheduled to open but he was not there for the whole day and we never got fresh towels, this went on for the rest of the week we could only exchange our beach towels 3 times of our 7 day vacation. That afternoon we went to the snack bar for lunch which took forever for our lunch and my brother fell from his chair because the plastic chair gave way under him and he had his 3 yr old son in his arms no one got hurt but I heard from a few people this happened a lot there. We went to book the a la cart restaurant but everything was booked for the next 3 days but you could only book 2 days in advance, so back to the buffet were the food was awful. We did get the a la cart for New years eve which was good, and we did get one at the Chinese restaurant were the lady informed us that she did not like serving large groups and it was very hard for them. We asked her about one of the items on the menu that said chicken nuggets and she informed us that it had a bone in it which we replied that is not chicken nuggets then is it, she got angry and said do we want to change our order. When she did serve us she pushed my son to put down a plate instead of asking him to please move over. We knew we were a large group so we tipped her 20 Pecos before the dinner started, which did not help with our service. New years eve arrived and we were informed that they invited 1, 300 local Cubans to the resort. They took over the opened up a lunch buffet at one of the pools and we could not even get near it, it was like feeding time at the zoo they were packing up the food in bags we even saw on man with a plastic bag filled with the pork from lunch. Next it is all the stuff the resort ran out of. Like I said before they ran out of towels, they ran out of ice on numerous days, they ran out of beer at the pool bar. On New years eve it was so busy that you could not get even close to the bar to order a drink and when you finally got their they ran out of glasses and when I did get a really glass there was lipstick all over it and that was the last wine glass so I had to drink it from a plastic cup. On our last day at the resort one of our travelers went to get his and his sons bathing suite from his balcony and they were gone, thank goodness it was our last day their and he borrowed a bathing suite from one of our other travelers for his son. All week we put our towels down by the pool with no problem but on the last day when we got back from lunch at the snack bar were they ran out of hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza so all we could get was fries and sandwiches that took almost 45 min .Our towels were gone as well as our chairs when we ask the people sitting in our chairs they were the Cubans from New Years eve and could not speak English, we went to the front to inform them and my husband went with security to find our towels but could only find one out of the 4 we had. When I talked to the manager he informed me it was my responsibility to look after the towels and that we would have to pay 15 Pecos per towel if I did not pay it the maid would have to pay for it. He was not helpful then he turned around talked to the girl at customer service in Spanish and told her that we would have to pay and walked away. We have been to many resorts 2 Rui resorts and they were great. We have been to Cuba many a times but we have never experienced such a bad resort from running out of thing to the Cubans taking over the resort. I though I should inform you that this resort is not a 5 star it is more like a 2 star. If it was not for all the people that worked there that made it a little better it would have ruined our whole trip. Just check out Trip Advisor for all the bad reviews starting around Christmas 2014 to New Year 2015. Please do not send customers to this resort we spent a lot of money to go there it was only a 2 star resort. It was an all inclusive resort, but how do you call it all inclusive when we could not get everything because of everything that the resort ran out of. Maybe if you are going to invite a large group of locals you should find out if the resort can handle it.


Denise Hubbard

Jan 11, 2015

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