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5 Port el Kantui, Tunisia

We booked our annual holiday in Tunisia as we have done for the past 8 years but this time thought we would splash out on a 5 star platinum RIU hotel, The RIU Imperial Maharba, We arrived late on sunday 19/10/14 and instantly discovered there was no food offered to us even though this is an all inclusive hotel we were left to go out and find some food at 2300. We were shown to our room using the one lift that was working on our side of the hotel (this remained the only lift on our side of the hotel for our entire stay). during the following day we discovered the bathroom light was faulty and had great difficulty in getting it to work, usually by banging it several times, We reported this to reception who didnt seem interested hense it never got repaired during our entire stay. the following day the toilet stopped working, thankfully this DID get repaired. During our evening meals we asked for ice in our wine, we noticed it never looked right having what looked like specks of dirt and cloudy, after the third day we watched the waiter as he took our glasses to add ice to them and to our utter ammasment say him go to a vacant table lift the empty bottles out of the ice bucket, put his hand in and grab a handfull of ice which he devided between our glasses then added the wine. needless to say we did not have anything to drink with ice for the remainder of our holiday and thought it pointless to complain due to the attitude of some staff. At best we placed this hotel as a 3 star at best. and are really dissapointed in the RIU group. We have NEVER writen concerning any holiday we have had but felt RIU should be aware of this. I am also only adding my concern to this this site due to RIU not responding to me completeing their own online comments form on their own home page. I have sent off 2 fn line forms to which i have had NO response to either. Shame on you RIU. Customer care? dont think so. Regards Steve C

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    I have had NO response from anyone at RIU hotel group and now intend to post concern on social media sites... Mr S Coatesworth Stevecoatesworth@tical.Co. uk 07715423232

Nov 11, 2014

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