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I fell victim to this site too. Even told my friends about the luck I had my first day. Figured since I came from a small town in the boonies no one could create a fake profile since no one knows about this place, even though in a town of 400 people I knew I'd never seen any of these girls, yet I was hoping for some action. All these hot girls who's profile said they only wanted sex, yet when I e-mailed them no reply like they no longer wanted sex. Strange. Then days of not hearing from any of them one would pop up with some random question but never replied. Some of them asked that I be friends with them on Facebook. As the conversation with them went on the girl claimed to be a model needing me to vote for her on a website. I went to it and it said it needed my credit card information as proof of age. When I questioned the site the girl cussed me out and accused me of being a liar. When I told her I wanted a phone number to hear her voice the facebook profile mysteriously disappeared. Lesson I learned; always do your homework first.


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