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My Mother had a catastrophic stroke in March 2015 and got out of rehab May 15th and is getting better every day. She has went from not being able to walk or speak clearly to walking with a hemi-walker and communicating quite effectively. She works hard to improve and we are all very proud of her grit and determination to get better. Her doctor scheduled her for an appointment with Dr. Alexandre d'Audiffret in Vascular Surgery at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown WV on May 18th at 10:30 a.m. to determine what would be best for my Mom to help reduce the risk of her having another stroke. We drove two hours to make it to the appointment early and then waited for over an hour past her appointment time to get called back. The PA was extremely friendly and professional. She took the time to listen to both sides of my Mom's neck with a stethoscope, take her vital signs as well as ask her many questions, of which she answered on her own. Two options that the PA discussed with us (me, my Mom and Dad and my Mom's sister) were having a stent(s) put in one or both carotid arteries due to plaque build up in both sides of her neck that caused the stroke in the right side of her neck/brain in March as well as mini strokes on both sides or having an operation to open her neck and clean those arteries out. She stated that she was going to review my Mom's neck ultrasound as well as the sonogram and review with the doctor and then they would come in and discuss what would be best for my Mom's case. When the two of them walked into the room, the doctor introduced himself to us and started the conversation with "There really is nothing that can be done at this point. You do understand that your Mom had a stroke and she is not going to get any better and nothing I can do is going to change that. That half of her brain is dead and will never come back." We were all in shock, including the PA. He never touched my Mother, never really addressed her at all. Certainly did not listen to her neck or do any kind of "doctoring". I seriously felt that he had just challenged me to a duel with a backhanded glove or I was being "Punked" and Ashton Kutcher was going to walk through the door. My confusion over his behavior was quickly replaced with anger. I explained "My Mom is not brain dead and that she IS getting better. We are not talking about a dog here, this is my Mom and her life is valuable. I want a second opinion." My Father included "The purpose of our visit today was to determine what procedure would be best to reduce the risk of my wife having another stroke." The doctor responded by turning on his heels for the door while speaking over his shoulder "Do you want a different hospital or a different doctor?" I told him that I did not have a problem with the hospital, my issue was with him." He said "Fine see whoever you want we all work together here." That left us with the impression that now she was on some "Black List" of expendable people that are not to be helped. If this is the best that Ruby Memorial has to offer at this time, they have really gone downhill fast. Our family is no stranger to strokes - my 31 yr old sister had a massive stroke that affected 75% of her left brain with blinking her eyes being the only function she had initially and it was touch and go for a long time. Ruby Memorial doctors 12 years ago saved my sister's life and today she is walking, talking, living at home with her husband and functioning at about 80% as she has limited mobility in her right arm/hand, takes a little more time to communicate and is not able to drive but she DID improve because the brain is a marvelous thing. No it will not re-grow cells from the damage of a stroke BUT it does work to re-route functions to other parts of the brain with continued therapy, so there is always a chance a stroke patient will get better. Will my Mom ever be 100%? Probably not. We are not stupid or in denial. I called the next day and filed a complaint with the Ruby Memorial Patient Advocate regarding his behavior, terrible "bedside manner" and his capitalizing on stroke patients by acting like a complete jerk, providing no medical insight or discussion about my Mom's condition or procedures that could help her. He spent less than 3 minutes in the room and will get paid quite well for providing nothing but grief and insulting my Mother's intelligence. For someone that is brain dead, as he abruptly walked out of the room, my Mom said "What an ###." as clear as day. Enough said.

May 22, 2015
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  • Al
      5th of Feb, 2018

    I remember when my mother took notice of these reviews on healthgrades and similar sites, she was devastated. She perceived it as an attack on her son. I promised her that I would eventually defend my position. Unfortunately my mother past away not long after.
    Because of HIPPA regulation it is difficult to address this particular complaint. I am sorry that this patient's daughter had such a bad experience in my care. I understand how one feels when your loved ones are suffering, however I can assure you that my decision was based on 15 years of experience treating this pathology, based on sound academic knowledge, and following national standard of care. Again, I do apologize for your experience and hope that you have found another vascular surgeon that met your needs.

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  • Cf
      9th of Feb, 2018

    Dr. d'Audiffret performed surgery on my left carotid artery in May 2015. Following the necessary preliminary tests, I met with him regarding the outcome and his recommendations.
    From the moment Dr. d'Audiffret entered the exam room, he was a model of politeness and appropriateness. He was friendly, sensitive, very articulate, and took ample time to answer all of my questions. His explanation of what was needed was very thorough. He also came to my bedside the morning of the surgery and was very friendly, helpful and encouraging. The surgery was a complete success and recovery was rapid and without any problems.
    My final followup visit with him was equally friendly, informative, and appropriate. My other carotid artery may eventually need surgery. If it does, I would not want anyone other than Dr. d'Audiffret to do it.
    Charles Frankenberry

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