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RPM Receivables Performance Management LLC / Unauthorized bill from a collection company!

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I received a letter Saturday, stated that in order to removing my account from collections, I must pay 51.55 for MCI Worldcom Wireless. I had Worldcom four years ago and received a letter stating that they were no longer doing wireless, and were bought out by MCI and I could chose to get one with them. Not wanting MCI and knowing that my contract had expired with them, I got an account with AT&T. Just a week later I received a bill from MCI for the 51.55 they claim I owe them. When I got the bill I called and told them I had already got a phone and never signed anything for MCI,(or agreed to getting a phone with MCI.) They apologized and told me not to worry, as I had no account with them. Now 4 years later I receive a bill for that amount. When I called RPM and asked for a phone # and a statement he said he did not have any of that info. I called MCI and Harriet said that she could not find any info from my name and wants the phone#. After four years and never a bill or phone with them, I have no phone # unless it was the old# at WorldCom. I don't even remember that# or even if I can find it. If there is anyone else who had this problem please let me know. I'm so sick of this.


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  • Mi
      9th of Dec, 2006
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    Hi =)

    I used to work in collections (I know, I know...evil). Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that all you need to do is send a letter to this collections company that states that you dispute the charges. They are at that point legally obligated to send you proof that you owe that amount, and the proof has to come in the form of the original contract or bill with MCI. If they cannot do that, they are no longer legally able to attempt to collect, however they can sell the debt to someone else who in turn can attempt collection and you need to go through the same process.

    After 7 years from the date of the mistakenly sent bill, the "debt" (which doesn't really exist because it doesn't sound like you owe any money, but to these collection companies it does because they WANT your money) sort of disappears. The statute of limitations on debt is seven years. Whatever you do, in any contact with these people, always tell them that you do not owe the money.

    The only problem is that if this charge, even though it is bogus, is ever reported to a credit reporting agency it will be a blemish on your credit report...I know something like this happened to my mom and she just paid it, rather than have it scar her credit report. If it gets on your credit report, it won't "disappear" for ten years from the date it was reported, and even then you have to nag the credit reporting agencies. So I would look at it as an issue of $51.55 vs. your credit score. If you do decide to pay the $51.55, make sure that you FIRST get it in writing that this will not affect your credit report. If you don't plan on paying the money, NEVER mention it to any person you speak with, as it will count as an affirmation of debt and the statute of limitations will start over. If MCI sold your debt, they're not really allowed to bargain with you, so you're stuck with dealing with the collections agency. The law that you'll probably want to read up in is called something like "the fair debt collection act", but it pretty much spells out ethical debt collection, and collectors are obligated to follow these rules. Make sure that any debt collector knows you know these rules.

    When I was doing collections, sometimes I'd send out a bill for each old account, and if people paid, great! If not, I figured some sort of mistake had happened and just let those ones go. Also, if people swore or yelled at me, I'd make sure those cases got sent to court, because I was just doing my job. Collections people are people too and sometimes being polite to the person on the other end of the phone pays off =) Collections is a job with a high turnover rate, because the job is a very unpleasant and underpaid one, so if you strike a deal orally and don't get it in writing, it will come back to haunt you. Get everything in writing.

    Good luck, I hope that this collections agency gets this cleared up!

  • Iv
      5th of Apr, 2007
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    I presently have an issue with the collection company by the name Receivables Performance Management “RPM” out of Washington. They contacted a client of mine regarding a bogus collection of $241.67 from Sears. In lite of the fact that my client was going through a financial transaction, he immediately paid and received a confirmation number; however, the lender would not close the transaction until they had verification, in writing, from RPM. My client and I both requested this document and were told that they would immediately fax. This fax never was received and when he called again they told him that they could not issue this confirmation of payment. I then attempted to call and get the written confirmation myself and was told that I needed to be given authorization by my client. He gave the written authorization and faxed to the given fax number and I too faxed from my office, however, 1 week went on and we never received any written confirmation and furthermore, their manager Maria, was the most unprofessional individual I have ever dealt with and refused to speak with my client nor myself. She made my client feel like if he as a child molester. My client has never had a late payment in his credit report and this issue has decreased his credit score and has tarnished his financial profile. I have spoke 10-15 times each day with just about every collection agent in this RPM company and Maria has taken a personal interest in not authorizing the letter to be issued. I have requested a higher manager and the agents state that she is the highest person in the company other than the CEO and the Owner, Howard L .George. My question is the following:

    How can the government allow this company to have so much power over an individual? Not every person that has collections is reported accurately! I have seen so many errors reported onto people’s credit and I have also seen how no one cares to help these people. It’s all about money collected for the collection company whether or not it truly is an accurate collection.

  • Ro
      8th of Aug, 2007
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    I too, have fallen victim to the MCI Worldcom debacle and have been harassed by RPM for years regarding a proposed debt to MCI. My ID info has been lost by some of the biggest companies and agencies throughout the world ( Veterans Administration - laptop and B of A records to name a few) and I am very suspect when someone calls saying I owe money. Especially, years after I had an account and it was closed. I have verified with MCI that I have no debt with them and that my account was clear years ago. I believe this RPM is a front for a mill of some sort that preys on unsuspecting consumers. The debts are not real but they have purchased lists of former clients and coerce people into paying a few hundred dollars in fake debt! You add this up over thousands of people and it amounts to quite a sum. I have alerted the New York State Attorney General's office to their harassment and have filed a claim against RPM. I have repeatedly denied the claim of a debt and have repeatedly requested a copy of all documents they have for the proposed debt. Nothing has come from these con artists. Beware fellow consumers, this RPM is a scam and preys on the unsuspecting consumer and the idea that they will tarnish your credit. For over four years, they have threatened me with adding something to my credit report... it hasn't happened. They aren't a legitimate business with which the credit reporting agencies lend credence. To contact RPM with a grievance against harassing calls for fake debt call 866-212-7408 and ask for Bill Pulos. He is a manager of some sort there and is quite abrasive, but at least he is a starting point.

  • Be
      18th of Nov, 2007
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    I have had an issue as well with MCI Worldcomm, I don't get these people. I also dealt with RPM Collections . I just wanted to put my opinion down because all I see is complaints about RPM (I myself had a good experience with a helpful representative from the company). I just wanted to point out one thing to everyone reading this. Always remember MCI Worldcomm is the one who sent you to collections, even after they stated it was taken care of. Why are there no complaints on them? RPM is just the agency that is hired to collect the money, MCI sent you there in the first place. RPM is just doing what they are asked to do.

  • Sh
      25th of Feb, 2008
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    Just a few minutes ago I dealt with RPM about an account that I needed to pay off. I was repsonsible for the payment, however, they treated me like I was a criminal. They wanted to be treated like people, yet they have no idea what is going on in other peoples lives that has caused them to have an account in collections. It was less than 500 dollars...they acted like I owed them a million dollars. They were so unbelievably rude to me. I was offered a settlement amount but wanted to pay the full amount so it would show o my credit that I paid in full and did not accept a settlement. I was at work when I called so I was going to call again after I left work and pay over the phone. The first call was to find out the total balance. When i told the woman I would call back with payment, she immediately started to harass me saying "Why did you even call in the first place if you aren't going to pay right now." When I told her I was at work and didn't have time to set it up right that minute, she said "Well you had time to make the first call." I was shocked at the innapropriate behavior and asked to speak to the supervisor. He was no better and told me if I didn't end up calling back to pay that day he would call my employers and my "PARENTS"... yes can you believe it??? I told him that I was being treated obviously like a child and a CRIMINAL. He then went on to ask me why i wanted to pay the full balance and not the settlement. I told him my reason and he laughed like I was not telling the truth... then said that most people who want the full balance are filing bankrupsty.. and then laughed. So basically he made assumptions, passed judegment, treated me like a child... and laughed at me. I don't know how these people can talk to people this way... I have never been so insulted in my entire life.

  • Ci
      18th of Apr, 2008
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    I am a former employee of RPM, and I have to agree with the comments listed here.I quit the job because I felt disgusted with the company.We were encouraged to use any means necessary.Meaning use abusive language, belittle, and threaten.

    We were told in training that we couldn't say what we can't do, not true, I've heard collectors threaten to take people to court, garnish wages and so on.They have no legal recourse for these statements.

    RPM was one of the most unprofessional places I've every been employed.There was yelling, and "snapping" papers when you received a payment.There are drug abusers, felons, and a wide assortment of social pariahs employed with RPM.

    My advice, If you have a debt in the office mail it in, (make copies of the check or money order).They tell you they can't accept mail in payments, not true they can, they just want your personal info on file.Personally I was offended that they had certain people handling others personal account info, (a little scary).

    Find out the laws of collection agencies, The FDCPA )Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) have very clear and consise rules on collection activity(they get frightened when you mention you are aware of these rules)...main rules are 1.You can't call Before 8 am and after 9 pm.2.You cannot ha
    ress a debtor.You cannot threaten legal action.(in the case of RPM, they don't really have a legal department).Also they cannot make contact with a debtor more then 3 x's a week, so if they call speak with them 3 times and keep records of how many times they call.They cannot call you at work if you say the actual words "do not call me at work", and they cannot make contact with a friend, neighbor, or relative more then once if they say"don't call my house anymore".They cannot call your cell if you tell them to not use this as a contact number, as it may be a work number.Recognize that all calls may or may not be recorded, so if you say any of these things to them make sure that they "DNC" your number (do not call).

    I have listened too the conversations and have been appalled by what people say too debtors.I didn't do so well because I have integrity and morals.I was told too stop being nice and not too take no for an answer.

    All in all when dealing with RPM, keep records of people you speak with, times and dates.They are highly aggressive and unprofessional.So beware, and be wise.

  • Jd
      7th of Jul, 2008
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    I am a current rpm employee and yes its true the company does collect illegally for atleast the majority if not more of the debts we collect on, we fabricate/manufactuer the bill so easily because we are able to change someones or add someones socia/name/birthdate/address/ ect, just by confirming/changing/asking about some details just to (confirm) if the bills really yours.


    rpm: were calling about a debt you owe.
    debtor: oh really? are you sure this is my debt and that you don't have me confused with someone else?
    rpm: yes I'm sure, but just to make sure can you please verify the last 4 digits of your social?
    debtor: well ok if it will prove to you and your co that you have the wrong guy. they are 1234
    (the pc program we use allows us to edit/change debtor details, so lets say the social was 4321...but now its been updated to 1234)

    rpm: yes thats exactly what it shows here, bottom line is you can dispute this debt if you want (which wont get disputed instead we will hang up on them and log it in the system as a refusal to pay and that they admitted to the debt)...or we can take a payment if you do not pay this will be credit damaging, and we will add interest to the bill then...and we will take it involuntarily by garnishing your income(which we cant do but we say it ANYWAYS)... if they try and report it under bankruptsy we just hang up the call and make the bill credit damaging. if they say the debtor died we laugh and hang up and log it in as a refusal to pay then we add/switch the names to be credit damaging. if they say they dont have a job we call them bums.

    it really is a wild ride.

  • Mi
      12th of Jul, 2008
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    RPM does what it takes to snap them papers. And the conversations are hillarious.

    Iv collected 10, 000 this month. Just 2 more thousand and I hit commission.

  • Kb
      11th of Aug, 2008
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    These people are parasites that deserve to lose something dire to them. People who owe the debt may have a legit reason for the late payments. I think that the employees of this company and the owners need to lose their jobs. Then they can have someone harass them and call them names-probably what they really are.

  • Sc
      31st of Aug, 2008
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  • Ma
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    RPM started bothering me in 2006 saying that I owed MCI 121.00. My account with MCI had been closed since 2004; I told the punk kid(thats what he sounded like) that if I owed MCI any money after closing my account why would it take two years to be contacted. I immediately called MCI and they said no I did not owe them any money that my account had paid in full. MCI wrote a letter which I faxed to RPM and I never heard anything from RPM again. So I assumed it was taken care of. In 2008 I request credit report and there it is on credit report from RPM stating that I owed MCI $121.00. Again, I am dealing with RPM with a letter from MCI stating to them that I do not owe 121.00 or ever did owe 121.00. I have been trying since August 10, 2008 when I faxed my letter to RPM to get this cleared. Last night again I called but the dispute person was by herself and said she would call me back and never did - I will try again tonight and I am sure the saga will continue. I cannot tell you the frustration with this company - I have never seen a business run like this. The CEO Howard George should be ashamed of the people he has working for him and the way this company does business.

  • A
      19th of Sep, 2008
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  • D
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    Just received a letter RPM few days ago saying there is around $400 I owe from this date: 07-09-01 (!!!)...That was over 7 years ago!
    Have no idea what is this about. Just trying to do some research about RPM and I am totally threatened now.

  • Da
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    I am a former employee of RPM. I do agree with complaints written here. They are the rudest people you can ever speak to on the phone. As hard as it may be to believe, they train their agents to be rude on the phone. The managers on the floor walk past rude agents and yell GOOD JOB!! When consumers ask to speak to supervisors, sometimes they're surprised at how nice the agent was because the supervisor was so rude. I was always getting told by the supervisor that I was too nice and I wasn't being aggressive with the consumers over the phone. I've seen so many of the laws from the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act being broken in that company. The FDCPA is a group of laws and regulations that all bill collectors must follow in accordance with all state laws. Some people don't even say the mini miranda. Thats a $10, 000 dollar lawsuit right there that will be won if the conversation was recorded. That is the most UNORGANIZED & UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY I've have ever worked for.

  • Ch
      20th of Oct, 2008
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    I have been dealing with these people since March 08. They call me all hours of the night and day all day long. They call me at work and on my mobile phone. I have written to them and asked that they not contact me anymore only to be told that they will continue to call until I pay the debt. They are very rude, when they call me at work if i say that I am in a meeting or with a client they continue to talk and say that they are going to sue me. I hang up the phone and they call right back. They call Monday thru Sunday, I have even gotten calls after 9pm. They have now gotten to the point of when the call my cell phone they don't say anything, I found out who they were by calling them back from a pay phone. These people are crazy, with the economy in the shape that it's in do they think people have money to pay a bill that is 4 years old.

  • Ti
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    Look i work for RPM as a collecter and everybody that is in the whole company has to take a two week class on F.D.C.P.A and we all know it and follow it so you people are just mad at us for trying to do our job so just pay your bills and your credit will be fine!

  • Mi
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    Hello Tim,

    Let me tell you something about your company. First, up until yesterday, I had a credit rating of 828.

    Why do I say; until yesterday?

    Luckily I'm smart enough to ensure my financial bases are covered. I get a call from my Financial Advisor today asking me about a CA named Receivables Performance Management. I explained I never heard of the company.

    Then he proceeds to tell me that RPM submitted an entry to Experian and Transunion stating that I owed them over $1, 100 and that the account was in collections.

    Interesting, however, that I have a record of every single financial transaction and contractual agreements. None of which are with any of RPM's partners.

    Additionally, by law; before a collector submits a new entry to the CRA, it must ensure that the "debtor" is given due process. In other words Mr. Tim, you must have in writing that your "deadbeat" has received said notification.

    Needless to say, I have received nothing, and attributing this to a possible identity theft. All agencies are now involved and tomorrow it's off the Attorney for breakfast. Topic of discussion: Bringing down RPM and their unconstitutional business practices.

    My advice: before you toot your horn about the company you work for; and even more so, publically state your business practice and in words admitting to doing wrong yourself by stating that your "trying to do our job" consider the repercussions of your companies actions.

    The way I see it, it's only a matter of time before you (and the rest of your company) is turffed out on the street. While your there, on the street (if not in jail for violating debtor rights under the FCRA), it is then that you'll realize what an ### you really were and will pray every day that you could take back all of the horrible things that you had done.

    Why would you go to jail? You’re just an employee, you say. Wrong! If you received the FDCPA brief and took the test, then you know the difference between right and wrong. Say within the next year, when the lawsuit is filed against RPM, you are subpoenaed for questioning.

    One of two things is likely to happen:

    1) You'll lie under oath. In which we will call you out on it. The judge won’t be happy and you’ll likely be given at a minimum, 30 days.

    2) You tell the truth. In this case, you'll spend another 3 - 4 trials attempting to defend yourself and your actions. If you’re lucky enough to afford a good attorney, you might get out of it; but then again, no one had a gun to your head telling you what to do... did they?

    Do yourself a favor, go to college and quit sitting in that confined cube picking your nose and watching YouTube videos. Trust me, you can still get into college with a GED and go as far as you want.

    My two cents.

    See ya in court kid.

    Mike T.

  • Ho
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    I agree with everything being said here about RPM being rude and unethical. I called to revoke authorization for payment and they took the money out anyway causing me to be overdrawn by more than two hundred dollars.

  • An
      17th of May, 2009
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    I am also having a problem with RPM. I had an account with Sprint (which is another ridiculous issue and comedy of error's on Sprint's part in itself) that was turned over to RPM. In an effort to better my husband's credit rating, we agreed to settle with RPM for $75 less than ths full balance (which was still a financial sacrifice for us.) I was promised a letter AFTER my first payment (of $125) and BEFORE the last payment of $125 stating that I had one payment of $125 left and then the account would be considered PIF (Paid in Full). I spoke with "Lori" who also conferred with her 'supervisor' (who I heard speaking in the background) about my request for a letter before the final payment. I actually asked for a faxed letter BEFORE making ANY payments, but 'Lori' stated that she is in a "box" and has no access to a fax. I settled for a mailed letter before my last paymet which we scheduled for a little over three weeks later.

    After 2 weeks and no letter, I called to follow-up and was told by the rep who answered the phone that the letter had been sent. I stated that if I did not receive the letter before the next scheduled payment that I would not be making it. She told me she flagged my account as 'high priority' and added my comments to the account notes. The next day, I still had not received a letter, so I called again. I spoke with 'Eric' and was told the system had been down and therefore lettres were sent out late, but that a LETTER HAD BEEN SENT. He reassured me that he would go immediately and put in another request for a letter as well as speak to his supervisor to request the letter.

    Forward to the next day when I call AGAIN (after receiving three missed calls from them with no message. I got 'Jason' who explained that I shouldn't even be receiving calls from RPM as I am in the process of settling. While I had him on the phone, I explained the situation and asked him about the letter. He explained that no such letter exists and that a letter is only sent out AFTER the final payment is received. At this point I am furious because this is exactly what I feared would happen (as this company has such bad press and an 'F' rating with the BBB.) 'Jason' transferred me to 'Tara' in the Escalations department. I explained to her the same situation (totally sick of repeating myself at this time) and she concurred with Jason that no letter exists. She said that only after the final payment is received (within 30 days of receipt) can I request a letter stating that the account is paid in full. Are you kidding??? I am supposed to take this company's word for it that they will follow-through with no legal proof of the settlement?

    I told Tara to cancel my scheduled payment and that I would continue to eek out payments as I was able. She stated that she was cancelling the payment in the system, but I have no guarantee of that and would almost bet a million dollars that it will still process.

    While the representatives that I have spoken to have all been pleasant and professional (except one) this misinformation is a huge stressor and an annoyance.

    I have no problem with these people doing their jobs, but the incompetence and lack of correct information is inexcusable-especially when you are dealing with people's finances.

  • Sy
      29th of Sep, 2009
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    To those of you who are currently working for RPM:

    You all comprise a steaming pile of pig dung. I hope you end up in the unemployment line and living in a cardboard box somewhere and die a horrible death. You deserve it.

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