Royal Palm VacationsThey make it so hard to use their service to plan a vacation

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Sorry to say I too fell pray to this scam, I have tries to plan 3 trips since I bought this scam 8/19/08. I have contact RPV and cancel my membership to no avail. You get the run around and quote the contract is nonrefundable and non cancel able. Thank God I purchased the lowest plan $4495.00 but only had them charge $2449.00 to my credit card. After talking to them on 11/18/08

The so called free cruise is also a joke. Just try to redeem it.

I called my bank since my membership was charged using Visa Debit card and file a dispute of the charge and immediately cancel that card so they could not charge any more to that card. My bank told me you have up to 120 days to file a dispute of a charge.The dispute can take up to 90 days to settle from what they tell me.

Today I filed BBB report and urge you all to do the same!!!

Today I spoke with Nevada Consumer affairs they are well aware of RPV and I filed a claim with them here.

The person I spoke to said an investigation was in progress, but could not give any details. She asked if I had any information that could be of help to include anything that I have found in my claim, any information is helpful.


Make sure to get the form for Reno NV and not the other one.

Today I spoke with SC Consumer Affairs and there was a complaint already filed against them. I also filed a complaint.

The person I talked to called the credit reporting agency Equifax and Experian it seems the 2 Major Creding Reporting Agency's do not even accept information from companies like RPV. She told me to not send another penny to them since it would not appear on a credit report. On my contract from RPV it does not have that you the consumer have the right to cancel this contract in 3-4 days if you choose, anywhere in writing in the papers that I signed. It IS A FEDERAL LAW THIS MUST APPEAR on all contracts to give you a way out of the contract. It is also SC LAW that this clause must appear. This is called the door to door policy.

If any one has any other info please contact me.

Please do not take this law I have only reported what I have found in my own experience so far in trying to get out of this SCAM.

Good luck to you all.

Everyone needs to file the above papers with BBB, local Consumer AFFAIRS, ESPECIALLY WITH NEVADA CONSUMER AFFAIRS.



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  • Vu
      Dec 16, 2008

    Contact: Florida Office of the Attorney General, Economic Division, Ed Lary-[protected]

    Contact: U.S. Postal Service; [protected]

    I am informed that I have a federal claim against Royal Palm Vacations, also DBN Financial d/b/a Captial Financial.

    Fraud must contain:

    1. A false statement of a material fact
    2. Knowledge by the defendant that the statement is untrue
    3. Intent on the part of the defendant to deceive the alleged victum.
    4. Justifiable reliance by the alleged victum on the statement
    5. Injury to the alleged victum as a result.

    In other words, Royal Palms Vacations also DBN Financial d/b/a Capital Financial knowingly made statements that were not true. In our decision-making process, we relied upon their statements to be true. And we have all been scammed out of thousands of dollars, leaving us in a worse position than before the fraud. If they had told me that (a) dealing with RPV would be problematic (b) we would have a low probability of obtaining rentals in the area that we wanted at the level we desired and (c) they would come up with inappropriate offerings in areas remote from our requested search, we would have excused ourselves and gone home.

    Fraud contains an element of "False Pretenses":
    Royal Palms Vacations is a fictious name. They claim to be operating in Reno, Nevada when, in fact, all business is being conducted in the Clearwater/Largo area. They give the address of an unoccupied office in Reno, NV. Correspondence comes with a return address of Reno, Nevada, but closer examination reveals a 33771 (Largo, FL) postmark.

    Mail fraud requires deception through the US Mail; Wire fraud requires the use of interstate telephone call or electronic means such as the internet. If you received an invoice from Capital Financial, made a telephone call to [protected] or received an email from RPV et al, you qualify for a federal complaint. If you get any emails or mail from RPV et al, save the envelopes and print the emails.

    If you are 55+ you are considered in a "vulnerable" category. If you are 65+, the fines, imprisonment and damages increase. Did I hear treble damages? A plaintiff may recover the money that was lost. All states allow Punitive Damages in addition to actual damages. I seem to recall that the Fed is not deterred by bankruptcy either. They might pierce that veil and persue the participants until satisfaction.

    Some employees (current and past) have the same name as people listed in the Florida Department of Corrections Inmate Release :

    Lisa Johnson, Department of Corrections No. 570785; out of custody 12/16/2003; offense history of illegal possesion of credit card, utter forged instrument and grand theft. May be under Community Supervison from a crime in 1999.

    Robert Norman, Department of Corrections No. 027595; released from custody 10/16/2005; history of grand theft and possession of firearm by felon.

    Angela Shaw (aka) Angela Snipes; DC Number 207766; Released 03/30/2008; history of grand theft, cocaine sale or possession.

    Christy Daniels: look it up at

    Are they one in the same? Would RPV/DBN/Capital Financil be a good environment to invite poor judgement and mischief? I have not verifed that the employees and inmates are the same. What a coincidence. Check it out for yourself. Please google all the info in order to verify.

    I have filed a formal affidavit with Ed Lary and intend to follow up my phone call to the US Postal Service with an online complaint. The state will persue at a civil level, but the Feds put people in prison and get your money back.

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  • Jl
      Dec 23, 2008

    I too fell for RPV's lies and want to help get them back in prison and get our money back! Thanks for your information. I was feeling a little down, because the BBB in Reno just closed by case when RPV refused to give a refund, which I knew they would.
    I gave them $4200. at presentation on Sept. 26 in PA and another $250 for dues. I have been sending info to BBB of Nevada and Ed Lary in FL Attorney General Office. Will now pursue with US Postal Service. I have saved all emails and correspondence.
    Would like to stay in touch on what occurs.
    Jackie of WV

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  • Ee
      Sep 26, 2009

    Royal Palm Vacations, United Vacation Network, Suncoast Vacations, Suncoast LLC, World Vacations, Imperial Incentives, Capitol Financial, Travel Services USA, among others...

    Office Manager:

    Christy Daniel

    last known address:
    12360 84TH WAY N.
    Largo, Fl 33773

    her Prison release information and picture:

    To everyone who is a member to any one of the below listed fraudulent companies:

    ... I wish to say that I am sorry... I had no Idea this company that I worked for was like this. Please take this information and do what you have to do with it.

    Royal Palm Vacations, Travel Services USA, United Vacation Network, Suncoast Vacations, Suncoast LLC, World Vacations, Imperial Incentives... and many more names... all the same company... many different lawsuits with Atty generals and the state of FL... All ran out of Tampa Bay... (Largo, FL) actually.

    For all of you Royal Palm members... there is NO office in Nevada... we were told to tell you that so you could not find where they were...

    Google any of the above listed names, or look on ABC Action News of Tampa Bay... and search any of those above names... you will see big news reports of scams...

    They never have any vacations available to you... if you place a request for vacation, they will respond "sorry, no avail" which means no availability... when they never even check. For airfare, we used the same websites that you at home do... travelocity, orbits, and expedia... then we would add a percentage to that price because we had to make some money too... So, all this company does is take your $3000.00 - $6000.00, and your ASC (Annual Service Charge). Then they sit there, and do nothing except to reply to you..."sorry no avail" and continue collecting your ASC every year...[email protected]&navCatId=3[email protected]&navCatId=3

    FYI: Christy Daniels is the Office Manager (she was in prison for a few years because she was running a fraudulent business before working for these companies... funny huh?!), Amanda is the office supervisor... and the owner of all those false and fraudulent businesses is... Nick Congleton.

    To anyone who is a member of any one of those listed fraudulent companies, ... I highly suggest contacting the Florida Atty General, and the Nevada Atty General... good luck all...

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