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Royal Palm Vacations / Watch out

1 316 California Ave, Reno, NV 89509, USAReno, NV, United States Review updated:
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I totally agree with the other complaint. Asked for a refund and did not get one. Go to google maps and do a street view of their corporate headquarters. 316 California Ave, Reno, NV 89509, USA. Some how the whole company works in a mailbox at The Postal Depot!! I am digging on this one some more.

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  • Nj
      1st of Jul, 2008
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    Maybe we should dig a little deeper and find out where these people live if the business address is only mailbox. I'm sure his neighbors and family would be thrilled to see pickets in front of their house.

    Why not start with Gregory A. Peaden, CEO
    Certs, Inc.

  • Ba
      10th of Jul, 2008
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    My husband and I (retired) bought the largest package from RPV, hoping to travel, not only in the US, but also Europe. Our 1st experience is turning into quite a challange. We asked for 1 week in San Diego and 1 week in San Francisco. We gave more than 90 days notice, and a 6 week time frame. They emailed that we would receive a response within 30 days. It took exactly 29 days before we received info. We have a place in San Diego, but closest to SF was 400 miles away. When we complained, we were told they were only required to get us as "close as possible". As far as CERTS, we didn't even try to do the free cruise-too many rules. (Also our 3 day/2 night mini-vacations in our package turns out to be CERTS)
    My question is "exactly who is Royal Palm Vacations?" As near as I can tell, it's one travel agency in Florida-that's who communicates with me. And they use only one service,, to locate accomodations. I'd complain to the BBB, but I don't know WHO I'm complaining about!!

  • Ro
      19th of Jul, 2008
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    WOW! Everyone has the same complaints about these scam artists as my wife and I do. I asked for a refund due to lack of service, and never getting any place near where we wanted to go! How can you plan a vacation when you have no ideaor if you'll even get APPROVED to stay in a place near where you and your family want to go?? Its absolutely crazy! I filed a complaint with BBB and I suggest that all of you do too!

    I also contacted the attorney general and filed a complaint, and I am fighting the charge with my bank to get a refund, and that is pending now.

    Royal Palm vacation is a scam

  • St
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    Just went to a Royal Palm Vacation presentation; it was a total scam from start to finish - when we started asking for details on their service and about the "free trip" they made an excuse to cut off the discussion. One of the first clues was that when you are invited to their presentation they don't tell you who is making it - and they hide who is providing the gift; "it's the marketing company and we don't know anything about it." It started bad and got worse from there. I suggest you just run as fast as you can.

  • St
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    Does anybody know if there is a way legally to stop making payments. We are still making payments on the package that we bought. I know that some have said there is no way to get our money back, but I wasn't sure if there was a way to just stop. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Da
      21st of Aug, 2008
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  • Va
      25th of Aug, 2008
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    Man, did we get lucky. We went to the Seminar yesterday and asked if we could think it over during lunch. We were told yes, and to come back by 4:00 - we went back at 3:45 to pick up our free trip information and decline the offer but Royal Palms folks were packed up and gone. I was so ticked at the time but it made them look very suspicious. I hope nobody buys from them, they are typical salesman. I hope they have trouble sleeping at night.

  • Ma
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    They were running this same scam in Chattanooga two weekends ago at the Hilton Garden Inn. My wife and I bought into the scam and when I got home I decided to Google it and found all the people that were disappointed. Per my contract I called within 3 days to cancel and boy were they pissed. Luckily I paid in full with American Express so they are helping me out if Royal Palm doesn't give me the refund. RPV said they wouldn't refund my money till I sent them the "travel gift" which is basically a wooden box with a cheap travel guide in it. I sent it Fedex and when the package arrived in Reno, NV there was nobody at the business to accept the package. After I found that out I disputed the charge with AMEX and I'm going to let them handle it.

  • Li
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    Wow I purchased a membership with this company and have been one hundred percent happy. The funny thing is if they cancelled you and agree to refund you then why are you complaining unless you are one of those people who have nothing better to do in life. And secondly the complaints are about the incentive for the presentation; does no one read anymore the incentive is not even from them it was from another company and the post card that everyone received just like me said that on it along with fees would apply; so why is everyone complaining about that; people who walk around this world thinking they should get something for free when it does not say free put a shame to the rest of us tax paying citizens who know it is a government law that to pay taxes. I have been so happy with this company and have booked a vacation in Aspen with my family this Christmas. If people would attempt to use them instead of just believing what they read they to would be happy.

  • Su
      11th of Nov, 2008
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    went to the presentation, did not purchase, they kept making us a better offer that we almost went for it, thankfully we didn't, just received my certificate to send in (with $199 per person) to book a cruise, no phone numbers, web address, don't think I should send it in? did anyone deal with imperial incentives for this cruise?

  • Sh
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    this is the person who is handling all your complaints and the travel requests and the one who tries to stop you from canceling . By the way she has acess to all your credit card informantion too...

  • Sc
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    There was nowhere in the contract from Royal Palm Vactions (RPV) that I had the right to cancel within 3-4 days.
    I have yet to receive the gas rebate that I was promised for attending their meeting.
    RPV is supposed to offer better prices than other travel agencies but
    I priced out a cruise to Hawaii on Royal Palm Vacations and the exact same cruise with Princess Cruise lines. They both came back with the exact same price . We were told at our meeting on August 5, 2008, that we could expect savings up to 60 % and I received an e-mail on 11/25/08 from a RPV’s representative stated that they would beat any travel agencies amount by, at least, 10%.
    Royal Palm Vacations is supposed to be located in Reno, Nevada but I discovered that it is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau there..

    I filed a fraud complaint with the US Post Office. Has anyone had any luck getting their money back?

  • Ee
      26th of Sep, 2009
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    Royal Palm Vacations, United Vacation Network, Suncoast Vacations, Suncoast LLC, World Vacations, Imperial Incentives, Capitol Financial, Travel Services USA, among others...

    Office Manager:

    Christy Daniel

    last known address:
    12360 84TH WAY N.
    Largo, Fl 33773

    her Prison release information and picture:

    To everyone who is a member to any one of the below listed fraudulent companies:

    ... I wish to say that I am sorry... I had no Idea this company that I worked for was like this. Please take this information and do what you have to do with it.

    Royal Palm Vacations, Travel Services USA, United Vacation Network, Suncoast Vacations, Suncoast LLC, World Vacations, Imperial Incentives... and many more names... all the same company... many different lawsuits with Atty generals and the state of FL... All ran out of Tampa Bay... (Largo, FL) actually.

    For all of you Royal Palm members... there is NO office in Nevada... we were told to tell you that so you could not find where they were...

    Google any of the above listed names, or look on ABC Action News of Tampa Bay... and search any of those above names... you will see big news reports of scams...

    They never have any vacations available to you... if you place a request for vacation, they will respond "sorry, no avail" which means no availability... when they never even check. For airfare, we used the same websites that you at home do... travelocity, orbits, and expedia... then we would add a percentage to that price because we had to make some money too... So, all this company does is take your $3000.00 - $6000.00, and your ASC (Annual Service Charge). Then they sit there, and do nothing except to reply to you..."sorry no avail" and continue collecting your ASC every year...

    FYI: Christy Daniels is the Office Manager (she was in prison for a few years because she was running a fraudulent business before working for these companies... funny huh?!), Amanda is the office supervisor... and the owner of all those false and fraudulent businesses is... Nick Congleton.

    To anyone who is a member of any one of those listed fraudulent companies, ... I highly suggest contacting the Florida Atty General, and the Nevada Atty General... good luck all...

  • Id
      27th of Oct, 2010
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    RPV is also doing presentations in Texas. I went to a presentation in San Antonio invited by a company named "All Inclusive Excursions" another alias of RPV. I did not have the 3 day cancellation clause on my contract. I charged $3601.00 on American Express. I have never used the travel services because I read the complaints on the web. I have been disputing the charge with AmEX but RPV claims that I signed a "no cancellation" contract. I do have a contact person with RPV ( Arnulfo Vasquez) who never return calls and just refuses to give me a refund. Following is the address in Texas:

    RPV Travel
    4287 Belt Line Road
    Attinson, TX 75001

    Phone # 972-385-0416
    FAX # 866-571-3693

    Please contact Arnulfo Vasquez to see if you can get anywhere with him.

    Ida Trevino

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