Roxy.comMajor Return & Exchange Issues

I am in shock at the horrible return/exchange policy Roxy offers. I was given a pair of snowboard pants for Christmas that were too small and not accurate according to their size chart. When I called and explained they were a gift and I needed to exchange for a large the woman on the phone told me she would process the return, then generate an entirely new order for the size I needed. In doing so I needed to provide a form of payment because they created it as a separate order. There is no such thing as a clean exchange. I questioned her and repeated that it was a gift and since I was only exchanging the size and there was no price difference then why would I have to provide a form of payment? The woman then told me that I would need to make an awkward call to the person who gave me the gift, tell them I needed a larger size, and then ask them to give for a form of payment for the new size and they would be refunded when it processed the return, or pay for it (again this is a GIFT) myself. This is a terrible way for a company to handle exchanges and returns. After all of this, the woman then finally decided to check if it was even in stock, and told me that it wasn't. She then suggested I go to an affiliate store and look for them there, still not grasping the whole point that this was a gift or resolving any issue regarding an exchange.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Mira Loma, CA I then told her I would need to call back once I had to call the person who gifted me the pants and explain the uncomfortable situation.

When I called back to initiate the return with no exchange, the new person I was speaking to told me that the woman had gone ahead and issued the return label for my pants anyways, and on top of that sent it to the person who gave me the gift after I made it clear I HAD IT IN MY POSSESSION. At this point, she had to cancel that label, reissue a new label to ME which I was told could take 1-2 days. 1-2 days is a ridiculous amount of time to EMAIL A SHIPPING LABEL. Now I have to wait and hope my label gets here today or tomorrow because if it isn't posted by UPS before the 31st, this woman told me "it was up to the warehouse what to do from there" (about whether the person who got me the pants would receive the full refund). That is a completely unacceptable answer/explanation. The process in whole is unacceptable and it is clear the concern is not with the customer. Being a fan of the product I looked forward to receiving my item. I understand sometimes things just aren't in stock. The problem was the process in which you drag your customers through to get exchanges and fair returns. I would hope someone would reach out regarding this issue.

On a side note, when I tried to contact the company via their website, the amount I could write was limited and I was unable to fully explain the circumstances. So the company even limits the customer to what they're allowed to write when you try and contact them for help?

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