[Resolved] Rose OilIts a con business

These People are David Kiige Ndungu and Allan Kimemia Waithera. They have another accomplice by the name of Moses Ndumia who posses as the rose oil buyer. They are all a team of professional conmen in Nairobi. They pose as rose oil buyers and have sellers & buyers who are in their con gig. They look for friends of friends and have a nice way of making you believe they have a potential business that has a great income. Once you think you have found a jackpot, they drain you to your last coin with never ending stories like the buyer got sick, the buyer is in a hospital and her can't pay for the goods. They really ###ed me up and don't know if there is a way i can get justice for all they took from me since there was no paper work involved as David was my friend and I did not get strict with him. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE ROSE OIL BUSINESS IN KENYA.. MSIDANDANYE!!!

Dec 16, 2014

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