Roomful Express / Terrible customer support and poorly made furniture

1 2250 Roswell Dr, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Last spring, my husband and I purchased a living room set from Roomful Express. The couch broke in the fall. They sent a Craftsman to fix the problem. The couch broke again a few months later. It was the same problem. Another craftsman came out to repair the couch and left with it not being fixed. He didn't even contact Roomful's cooperate offices to let them know that he was unable to fix it. I am also unable to see his reports. I had to call the Cooperate Office myself to let them know that is still broken. After 2 weeks of leaving message, and not having my call returned, I was finally given a credit to go pick out new couches. We went to the store and wasn't able to find anything that we want to buy and I don't want to purchase any more furniture from Roomful Express. After another week of leaving messages for supervisors (Smaragda, Jennifer, and Melinda) the only thing they were able to do it extend my store credit for 1 month and talk to the crafts man. They are not even guaranteeing that a craftsman will come out to look at our couch again. I do not to purchase any more furniture from Roomful. I either want my couch fixed or be refunded in full to that I can go to another store to purchase my furniture (which they tell me is not possible). I will never buy any more furniture from Roomful because of the lack of quality and the poor customer service.

I should also add that when I had the furniture delivered, I was 8 months pregnant and the delivery guys wanted to leave the furniture in my kitchen and I could “slide” it (which was 2 huge leather reclining sofa’s) into the family room. They didn’t want to take their muddy shoes off. I told them to just leave their shoes on and I was stuck scrubbing the carpet.

If looking for furniture, please go somewhere else. Roomful Express may have inexpensive furniture, but it is definitely not well made furniture, their delivery guys are lazy, and their customer service is horrible.


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