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Cd Mar 08, 2016 Surrey, BC

I can't believe what happened to me today at Rona on 6965 King George Boulevard. Last year I bought Laminate Flooring, about 100 boxes. I'm building a house in Quesnel, I actually have an account at the Quesnel store. But this Laminate Flooring was on and caught my eye, so I thought I would buy it to install when the time came. Anyway an unfortunate turn of events occurred and construction came to a halt. My dear wife Mary had succumbed to cancer. It was the worst moment in my life. I recently began the completion of our home with the help of my son. Now I'm down to the finishing touches. I used about 35 boxes of this flooring and was left with 65. I must of spent upwards of 100, 000 dollars in supplies. I bought 95% of my stuff at Rona in support of our own Canadian economy. At the time when I bought the flooring there was a young gentleman who was the manager and a female manager by the name of Tracy as well.Today I went to return the 65 boxes and buy whatever supplies I would require for tile and the tile itself. The store has a new manager, his name is Leo Schultz. Prior to my bringing the left over flooring in, I had spoken to store employees and was assured there would be no problem of returning my left over materials in lieu of a receipt. I was told that the general practice would be to put the amount on a card that would have to be spent at Rona. I had no problem with this, as I know there is still many things to be bought. A young lady in the store was handling my return with no problem whatsoever, in fact she was looking for a gift card in order to complete my return. when she was suddenly interrupted by this new manager, Leo Schultz. He went on the computer, not a minute later he turns to me and says, "this is not a product our store carries". I know I bought this flooring at that particular Rona, 6965 King George Boulevard. He then proceeds to tell me that the store has a 90 day return policy. I have been dealing with Rona for many many years, have never had a problem returning anything. In fact I've returned products that I've had for 2 or 3 years. Now here I am, lost my wife, single dad, scraping to finish this home, Every nickle I've made is invested in this property. I was made to feel like a liar, a common thief. Can anybody help me, please if you have any suggestions on what I can do. All I want is a store credit which i could put towards the home. I'm a sick man now, I've recently been diagnosed with C.O.P.D. And shortly after my wives passing, I was on life support myself. And yes I was given a roundabout date of departure from this life. I'm okay with that, I just want to finish this home so that I can leave something for my kids. If anyone has any suggestions that could help me with this, please e-mail me at [protected]
Thank You, C.D.R.

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