Ron Barrett BuildersBuilding a deck. Do not hire!!!

I am a deck contractor in West Michigan. I subbed a deck out to Ron's Crew. He assured me he had three workers on his crew plus himself and they would be doing the work.
The first day he showed up with one worker he hired the day before who had no construction experience whatsoever. The second day he showed on the job just by himself and the third day he showed up at 12:30 with no crew again.
The deck in question is a large 600 square foot deck with a custom railing.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Grand Rapids, MI
His tools broke down, had to use my compressor, his power cords didn't work. He would ask me simple questions about deck framing that he should know. He wouldn't finish one aspect of framing before going to the next . I had to babysit him and keep him on track and kept going over direction of the deck and ask him how he was going to frame the deck constantly. It was a nightmare.
Learn from my mistake. DO NOT HIRE HIM! And he doesn't return calls or texts when he his held accountable.

May 04, 2017

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