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Boycott the new Rogers Sportsnet One. Here is a Canadian television organization who are charging their Canadian viewers to watch the only Canadian baseball team playing the game. Instead, they will show on their regular channels all U.S. baseball games. What a scam. This company is out for nothing but money, money, money. They are not true to viewers nor are they demonstrating loyality to Canadian sports teams.

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  • Ch
      Oct 09, 2010
    Rogers Sportsnet - bad sound for hockey games

    The sound quality is poor when Rogers Sportsnet features a hockey game on tv. Fans can be heard over the sportsnet commentators. The same thing happened last year. Switch over to RDS french or to TSN, they have quality sound connections when showing hockey.

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  • Ty
      Mar 27, 2011

    I am watching Canucks at Blujackets and you can barely hear the play x play announcer...He is muffeled compared to the rest.
    Now Dan Murphy is on and the same for his microphone. No excuse for this poor technical production...

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  • Di
      Nov 07, 2014

    I too will boycott Rogers Sports channels. I will at every opportunity voice my disapproval to everyone. This is just once voice of many.
    Rogers, you should rethink this gouging of Canadian.

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  • Iv
      May 05, 2016

    I am finding very annoying listening to the commentators with all the noise that is tuned over their voices. I have mentioned this to friends and they find it just as annoying. Is it possible that you can just remove the music, chatter and other noises that is played over their voices. It makes me want to stop watching your channels all together.

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  • Ja
      Sep 09, 2017

    On Mac desktop and laptop
    On all feeds
    Choppy video. Often freezes then resumes, but usually must reload page or long out, then log back in. Usually starts well into feed (approx 2 hours)
    Cannot go directly from one feed to the next. To change must log out, log back in.
    Drag and drop option DOES NOT WORK
    After 9:30PM feeds cease! No access whatsoever!!
    Example: In recent 19 inning Blue Jays game the feed stopped abruptly at 9:30 PM Pacific time
    Have visited online forums and this is not an isolated problem.
    Rep confirmed during chat that Sportsnet has been having unspecified “problems” with the Blue Jays feeds.
    Chat function is useless. Reps not interested in finding solution or in problems of the customer. Only suggestion seems to be ‘try changing browser.’
    Rep terminates after referring me to [email protected] “to escalate, ” with no explanation.
    No access. WASTE OF TIME!
    Fix the problem! Or, lose a customer!

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