Robert Crothers / Scam artist dead beat

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This coward scammed a single mother with three little boys of over 5 thousand dollars. He used her credit card to pay for over 5k of back child support. He never payed the debt back. Warning to others about this bottom feeders character

Robert Crothers

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  • Re
      19th of Mar, 2014

    Don't put all the blame on him, it is also the fault of the woman whose credit card he used. She shouldn't have been such a sucker.

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  • Pi
      26th of Apr, 2014

    In my experience these chicken ### scam artists are playing a very dangerous game. They always eventually run into the wrong person. A person that humbles them. A person that kicks their teeth out of their heads.

    I'm sure Crothers has been a complete failure his entire life. A little dick nothing. A weak coward who has amounted to nothing. Lol just look at the guy.

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  • Jo
      4th of Oct, 2014

    Robert A Crothers Rob Crothers Robert Allan Crothers Rob Allen Crothers

    This bottom feeders scams single mothers on online dating sites such a POF MAtch Eharmony for money. Run a criminal background check to see he is a thief. Run a google search and check his military records. He was dischared from the Airforce for wife abandonment. Check his credit records to see he has been sued for debt.
    He is now around the Richmond Virginia area probably continuing to scam single mothers. He does not have the balls to earn his own money so he steals it from single mothers. Ultimate coward.

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  • De
      7th of Oct, 2014

    I'd like to see where there are other stories about him since he doesn't seem to be hiding his true identity? I also cannot find discharge records by googling, so where's the link where you got that information?? To bring it all home, also have run a criminal check and there's nothing there but a petit larceny charge (means less than $50) from highschool years...wouldn't this woman have pressed charges if she was so strapped?? Something's not adding up. But please share more details if you are able, certainly don't want a scammer out there for single mothers, but his reputation shouldn't be tarnished falsely either...just being devil's advocate...

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