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Roark Vacation Travel Club / BUSINESS MANNERS

1 Branson, MO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 417-332-0625

KC Inc
16104 81st PLNE
Kenmore, WA 98028

Wednesday morning, 9/15 met with Dave Hinton, Project Director, to discuss transfer of our deed. This was to be done as a favor to my friends that had purchased a vacation package. He was given our original deed to be sent by courier to corporate to determine how the transfer should be handled. He stated couriers travel back and forth a couple times a day. He expected a response as early as Thursday afternoon, but no later than Friday. However, Friday is his day off so if we didn’t hear from him by Thursday afternoon, expect a call first thing Saturday morning. He understood we would be checking out as early as possible on Saturday.

Saturday morning came and no call. We called the office and his cell. On the second call to the office we were told he had called in sick, but someone would look into what was being done and would call us. Twenty minutes later we still hadn’t received a call so we called again. We were told the Gary Cosatt would call shortly. Shortly came and went. We decided to go to the office and wait it out there. A woman greeted us and said she would find Gary. Almost immediately Gary appeared. He was very cordial but didn’t know anything about the pending transaction or where the deed might be but would help us the best he could.

We sat with Gary and explained that David was working to transfer our deed for ROARK unit 233, week 47. we stated Dave would/didn’t take payment because he wasn’t sure how it was going to be handled. During the conversation with Gary the deed appeared. It appeared that nothing had been done on Wednesday. Gary had us complete a form declaring our ownership, current paid status of our maintenance fees, and the fact that the 2010 week has been banked. However, he would not provide a copy of this document for my file, but did return our deed, stating he ad a copy. He said the deed copy and the form would be the first thing on David’s desk when he returned.

We were told someone, probably David, would be contacting us at our home number, [protected].

Today, 09/22/2010, I called David Hinton and left a message since his phone went to voice mail. He returned the call not too much later. He stated he knew our original deed was returned to us. I asked as to the status of the deed transfer. He stated that our friends, unbeknown to us, had opted out of their vacation package at the same time we had been discussin the transfer procedure and therefore the transfer wouldn’t be processed. OK, I understand, sort of. I then asked why I wasn’t contacted Wednesday afternoon or Thursday and told the transfer wasn’t going to happen (a common business courtesy) since he knew we wanted an early checkout on Saturday. This is where the telephone conversation became REALLY un-business like. He stating he didn’t need to talk with someone like me, me stating he was lacking common business courtesy. He saying he was hanging up, me saying I wasn’t done talking. He saying there is nothing more to talk about, me saying I would simply call again. He stating if I continued to call he would file a complaint with the FCCA. He hanging up! Really professional business manners, right?

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