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Remember !!! 4 things 1) Never pay even 1c. 2) Never admit to owing even 1c. 3) Never agree to paying even 1c. 4) Never sign anything.
Your contract was with the original credit provider.
Not with these SHARKS who have purchased your debt form the original credit provider, who has written you off as a bad debt, for a nominal amount . Between 10 to 20 % of the amount owing. The SHARKS then add exorbitant collection and legal charges and try and intimidate you into agreeing to pay a small monthly fee and signing an acknowledge of debt. As soon as sign and pay you legally owe then that debt.
The day the original credit provider wrote off the debt and sold it to the SHARKS you are in the clear of repaying this debt.
Only the original credit provider can report you to the ITC not the SHARK who bought the debt as you do not owe them anything.
NB Do not agree or sign anything - Do not pay anything.
You do NOT owe them any money.
Please share this with as many people as possible. We need to destroy this

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  • Da
      8th of Jul, 2009
    Daly - theft
    3, rossett ave
    England, Lancashire
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 01612862540

    money out of my account that i have not authorized

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  • Da
      8th of Jul, 2009

    i am more concerned with my money

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  • Ge
      29th of Oct, 2013

    These people are frauds and highly annoying. I myself am a lawyer. Do not fall for their lies. Watch out for false messages such as this: "RL Daly Attorneys: A payment has not been received on your overdue RCS Cards account this month. Make a payment today AND call us on 0861444425 to enter into a payment arrangement."

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