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Riverstone Residential / Bad service

1 9757 Pine Lake Drive, Houston, TX, United States Review updated:
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I live at an apartment complex. It has a four story garage attached to it.

Last night a brother/guest of one of the tenants set fire to a resident's car. He didn't know the resident, but just chose his car. The fire grew and torched/totaled 2 other cars and and ruined a few others. The fire alarms in the building never went off. An alarm went off in the parking area, which no one heard as it was obscured by metal doors. The fire trucks didn't sound their alarms either. It was around 2:00am.

Apparently, residents have complained to management numerous times regarding this group's drug parties on the roof. Last night a few cars were vandalized on the roof as well. It is interesting to note that the police officers knew these tenants by name.

There have been a number of door kick-ins, car window breaks, and robberies. The gates are often broken and solicitors frequently knock, leave flyers, etc.

What is really dismaying is that the management has done absolutely nothing to inform the residents. To a person who's car was totaled, a staff member said something along the lines that they were not responsible any more than his parents if something like this were to happen at his parent's house.

Does anybody know:

-A decent lawyer for these 4-6 people who have had their cars seriously damaged or totaled?

-Wether or not an apartment has liability for damages occurring on their property?

-Wether or not this is just cause to break a lease due to threat to security and safety?

This is a Trammel Crow/Riverstone Residential property called Alexan Bunker Hill.

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      6th of Jul, 2010

    Being Targeted

    I live in the Shenandoah apartment complex in Sacramento, CA; it is managed by Riverstone residential.
    We also have mold in our bathroom on the ceiling, my sister who used to live in the same complex years ago also had mold in her bathroom, but also in her daughters room on the floorrug, and in the hallway on the walls. Recently we received a sixty day notice, with many false allegations. The manager stated that we had an altercation outside of our door last year in May and this Year in June.. ummm this is news to me and I live there. This allegation is FALSE. There were two times this year that the security guard was sent to our apartment. The first time there was a complaint of noise in the BACK we live in the VERY FRONT.. my son answered the door and the security guard stated he was checking we were there so he could vouch for us. The second time the security guard knocked on our door at 11:06pm and stated there was a complaint of noise coming from our apartment, my oldest son was on the front porch talking to the neighbor next door in a normal voice, my baby son was asleep on the couch.. we were not making any noise. Three days later we received a warning notice of making noise. I called the manager very upset and left a message I stated so no matter what if there are complaints we will be blamed, the next day I called her in the office she stated she was just about to call me and was in a meeting with her manager but would call me back, she never called me back. This last Friday July 2 I received a sixty day notice, I was supposed to renew my lease, and had spoken to the manager and she stated we would do the recert and see, but now I have received this notice. We have also been accused of some really ludicrous things, someone cut a big circle in the wood in the mailboxes I guess in an attempt to get to the mail, not knowing there is medal underneath, it looked like a chainsaw was used.. well in talking to the manager about one incident she mentioned this incident I stated my children did not do this! she said oh no I am not saying they did it is just things are happening.. but why mention it to me. The other incident was child broke the fire extinguisher glass I was outside coming home from work I heard the glass shatter and saw a little boy running, as I was going up the stairs to my apartment the neighbor opened the door and looked at me, The next day the manager stated that she was told that my son broke the glass, I told her no I was outside and my children were not even on the premises, she still persisted, I told her no I told her what I saw, she stated well the neighbors reported to her my son Brandon had done it, I told her I DON'T have a son named BRANDON... so she finally backed down. I have been living on pins and needles for the past year now and I am ready to move but I am not going to let them put false allegations in my file. I hope that anyone else who is experience problems with this management company will complain also.

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