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Riteaid Store #10329 / pharmacy

1 355 north mainBarre, VT, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 802 476 4311

i went into the local riteaid on 7/17/09 to pick up a prescription for a client that i called in for her because she was running low on her meds. I almost forgot i dropped off one prescription three days prior to the date to pick the others up. I went to wait in line and the people at the pharmacy counter workers were too busy engaged in chit chat to take and open an other in line. now there are three people at the counter and i had problems with riteaid before and wouldnt do any business with myself personally. I am waiting for the woman behind the counter to find out what i needed, when she was opening up the other register she says whos next, the guy beside me goes to step up and i was like look i do not have all day to wait i am in a hurry to get back to my client. She takes the name of my client (no confidendenuallity) and goes to get the meds for my client. comes back and says that was all there was i was trying to tell them there was one more there and i needed it for my client. The other one in the back of the store managed to talk sence into the one at the counter and they found them i mentioned the one i dropped off the past three days ago ...they said they wpould look into it for me to make sure i had dropped it off. when they could not find the exspencive prescription for the highly controlled drugs i was like great now you are calling me a liar saying i never dropped the prescription off.! The asked again if i was sure it was dropped off here and who i gave it too. I said i didnt know i was sopposed to make sure the people here were competant to recieve them in the first place. They fumbled around like a monkey with a football and found the one i dropped off and as i was leaving i told them at the pharmacy that ether your part of the problem or part of a solution and you guys are nethier! I walk out into the area to leave with the meds they gave me and this kid whom used to go to school with my son comes up to me and in a threatening behaviour states i will nolonger be allowed in the store this needs to stop here now. so dont come back . mind you this is the store that my client goes too i wouldnt from a problem with a product on thier shelf that they never put into thier computer and therefor couldnt sell it to me period. i complained to the corperation about that before and every time i had a problem it is the same ol thing they do no wrong ever. My client comes in today and has switched her meds to the only other pharmacy in the area. And adds that i am nolonger allowed in any of the riteaid's in the whole area including vermont and new england too. I never did anything to deserve being thrown out of this store or any other now i am interested in others who have complained about this same store . they lost 6 customers from this one instance so far from my episode with them and when you compain to corperate about a store they feel you are now against them and will just send a no truspass to your mail box, if they have one for you or they will telll your friends to tell you not to come in again and such what a punk store this is if you asked me but one thing is for sure here. riteaid is on thier way out because they do not treat anyone who walks through there doors with respect so they lose more customers then they can get into thier doors. should be renamed thanks for reading and have fun stay safe and odnt go to the wrongaid stores... no worth my troubles at all... when a little punk that works there is allowed to threaten you and all that crap like the one on here i read that only suspended a manager for hitting a customer for a measly 3 days ...what a joke they are think we trust them with high powered drugs ...wonder whos doing the steroids there ...and how they even got a way to make a go of thier ...wrong-aided stores in the first place... take it easy and safe ...Ed

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