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[redacted].com Owner Turns Out To Be A Criminal and a Liar
While many consumers have turned to /link removed/ to get unbiased facts about different companies or businesses, they have gotten just the opposite.

The /link removed/ site has for years claimed to be an unbiased site that is designed to protect consumers from fraudulent scams or bad business practices, but the consumer will be Shocked to learn that that site has been the mother of all scams all along.

The Owner of [redacted].com, Ed Magedson, has for some time managed a one man show (although a few others have assisted to make his horrible scam a reality) where he pretends to claims that the site is put up to "protect the consumers" from illegal businesses and so called scams. The way the site is designed is to strategically leave the impression that this is a solid and unbiased consumer protection site.

However, recently the truth is out and independent and government law enforcement agencies alike have finally been able to pull out the thick black curtain of [redacted] and were able to find facts that may shock the most cold blooded of them all.

The bird's eye view is that Ed has manipulated and fabricated countless stories about many respected companies and individuals in order to profit big bucks for himself.
He has been operating what many researchers and prosecutors state to be "one of the biggest criminal enterprises ever created on the Internet."

Liberty League International is not the only reputable company that /link removed/ has tried to damage. Countless companies and individuals have lined alongside the FTC and attorney general offices across the nation to bring justice back where it belongs.

For more information on this underground mafia-like operation you may find these links useful: (includes several links with facts) (shows a doc. that states he is a fugitive)
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  • Ka
      22nd of Oct, 2008

    This piece of garbage /link removed/ ruined my business. I fired an employee for stealing and she posted that I was a drug addict. I have never taken drugs in my life, and am 75 years old. She has embarrassed me throughout my town and when I put up a rebuttle it sent my name higher ino Googles search engine.

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  • Bi
      15th of Jan, 2010

    Here is the /link removed/ phone number : 888-275-2211

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  • Rr
      22nd of Feb, 2012

    Con artist Ed Magedson is the criminal extortionist behind [redacted].com - this is a prime example of a person that should be in jail for internet crime, extortion, wire-fraud and for being a world class Rip Off Artist. If you read about what this guy has done and what he still gets away with it will shock you. How Google has not shut down his service and the FBI arreseted him is beyond reason. Even worse is that Google, knowing what Ed Magedson is up promotes his site and facilitate his crimes. Google has had so many complaints about [redacted].com and Ed Magedson yet they do nothing. To make matters worse... Google promotes his crimes and the tools he uses to commit the fraud and extortion. Google places his [redacted].com at the highest levels of their search engine and this allows him to continue his international fraud and movement of his servers from one country to another. Turkey, Arizona... You name it and Ed Magedson plays the system like a fiddle. I hope Google put an end to this but I think a few billion in a class action will be the only thing Google and their shareholders understand. As for Ed Magedson it will be a jail cell if he's lucky.

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