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I got my 'mini' Blue heeler puppy in August from Rightway Ranch located in Eastern Oregon in August. I am now convinced they are a puppy mill. There is a Facebook page called "Rightway Ranch, Right Way Ranch Heeler Owners" where other owners share the same opinion.

Their website has many puppies on it, but didn't think too much of it at the time. They also weren't keen to me coming out and seeing the ranch. They offered to meet me at a half way point, which I figured was them just being nice. Looking back both these things show they are a puppy mill.

When I met my puppy he came out of a dirty van and smelled strongly of manure. He was shivering in the man's arms who was wiping off buggers from his eyes. When he was placed in my arms he clung to me and buried his head. The image of his terror will forever me in my mind. They didn't have me sign a breeding contract, and informed me when I got him that he had not received any of his shots yet.

We believe he was given some drug to calm him down for the drive by the breeders. He was tired the whole first day, and didn't pee or poop or eat for the entire first 13 hours we had him when he was only 10 weeks old. He acted like he had never seen grass or the outside at all and would stand paralyzed with fear when we set him down on it. We planned on crate training him but he acted like the crate was the most scary thing in the world.

He was afraid of everything, new people, cars driving by, other animals, even out neighbors moving around. He would just sit quietly most of the time and shake with fear unless we held him in our arms. When ever we would take him outside he wouldn't use the bathroom and instead just try to jump into our arms and cry out of fear. This went on for about a month after we got him.

He progressively gained more confidence after we worked with him a lot. He is a lot better, but still reacts very negatively whenever we see other people or dogs. He is scared and reacts aggressively. He doesn't have any social skills with other dogs at all and doesn't know how to interact with them even after extensive exposure. He is highly bonded with us and loves to snuggle and play though.

I believe Rightway Ranch is not interacting with the puppies they are breeding. They are making far too many litters at a time and not giving them and human or outside interactions. They may even be keeping the puppies in cages and not with their moms and other puppies since he has no social skills with other dogs.

I wouldn't recommend buying a dog from Rightway Ranch. They do not treat their dogs correctly and you will be supporting a puppy mill.

Rightway Ranch

Feb 05, 2017
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  • Kb
      Jul 09, 2018

    Please check the Facebook page 'Rightway Ranch, Rightway Ranch Heeler Owners'. There are multiple tragic stories. Or drive around Prineville and ask locals. I didn't. I love my girl but I regret supporting this disgusting practice and the lies they tell. At 2 years of age my girl already has hip problems. This is directly related to the breeding and many other dogs are afflicted similarly and worse. The stories are on the Facebook page. You can read for yourself and contact the buyers.

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  • Br
      Feb 22, 2019

    I purchased a blue healer from the ranch. They were unwilling to allow me to come out and view the conditions. I ended up meeting one of the owners in the parking lot of Harbor Freight in SE Portland when I picked up the pup. He was driving a dirty beat up pickup and the pup was lethargic. I had the dog for about 1 year when he without mistreatment and going to work with me every day started becoming increasingly aggressive. He bit me, my wife, and an employee after having him start to seemingly lose him marbles I transitioned him to a friend who has property in Bend, Or. My close friend is very good with dogs and has another healer. In the course of 1.5 months, the dog bit his wife, his daughter, and my friend. My friend took him to the Bend Humane society where they did an aggressive dog evaluation and he was deemed aggressive. I chose not to have him euthanized and instead transitioned to a ranch. My friend picked him up to transition him and he severely bit my friend upon pickup. I would not purchase another animal from this puppy mill.

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  • Ja
      May 10, 2019

    They are 100% a puppy mill. I was young and stupid when I got my dog there, and it wasn't until it was too late that I realized how horrible they are. I love my pup, but I deeply regret having anything to do with them. Adopt instead! And if you must go to a breeder, please don't make the same mistake I did, and research to avoid giving places like this any business.

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  • Wo
      Jul 25, 2019

    This is the ranch location

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  • Wo
      Jul 25, 2019

    Do not attempt to stop here, you might be greeted with a shotgun.

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  • Sh
      Sep 03, 2019

    i got my mini heeler from the right way ranch also. His name was Bumper. they agreed to meet us in town i live in Prineville we got Bumper in August of 09 we just loss him aug 9th 2019 he had a heart condition and was on medication, he never showed any signs and was taken to the vet on a regular basis for shots and what not. he had just turned 10 . I'm a firm believer this place is a puppy mill and needs to be stopped Bumper died in my arms and that's the worse feeling ever. when we moved to prineville in 1990 my parents owned the crystal corral on ochoco hwy, we heard strange rumors about the female and what she did to horses back then to collect money. my ex was the one that bought Bought is was leery at first but thought ok its been yrs. everyone should get a second chance and they were just rumors. Bumper was an awesome dog very smart they only way we even found his heart problem i was going to have his teeth cleaned and had all the preop stuff done first. The vet didn't know when or . this was Bumper like 3wks before he passed i just given him a bathhow long Bumper was been sick he never showed signs. All i can say is this beast and any one involved with her needs to be stopped and chargers need to be filed.I contacted the man im friends with on fb to let him know about Bumper first thing he asked me was you want another puppy i asked if he was still involved with RWR he said kind of. this place needs to be brought down

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