Resveratrolwant refund my money


I ordered a trieal bottle for .99, I received it and was billed in 7 days for $ 87.13 . they canceled my order the 22 of june and took anouther $ 83.18 out of my bamk . They finaly returened the first money of $87.13 on the 27th of june. I received the seconed bottle on June 27. and returned it on June 29. I have talked with them and they did not tell me to put a seperat return number on the 2 bottle I got from them. Now they say they have to investigate and told me to call back in 3 days. I have talked to sherie Judiy, Edward, Tracy and cyndy perkins. I was only informed today the 9 of June that I needed a asecond order refund number..Their taking out money that I was not expectin caused my bank acount to charge me 3 overdraft fees. I wasn't aware off this being a ongoing thing. was lked to believe that it was a triea offer. What can we do to stop this kind of things. I am still waiting to see if they will refund my money for the $83.18 that took out of my bank 2days after they counciled my acct.

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