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Resh Realty is the worst Real Estate company in Virginia. Robert Resh sues his agents, clients or anyone he can if he doesn't get his way. He demeans and bullies his agents and runs his agency like a boot camp. He steals commissions and keeps tabs on all agents that leaves his company.

If you sign buyer / seller client brokerage agreement, better believe you will be sued to perform. He will keep tabs on all your moves.

He has a fowl mouth and thinks he runs Hampton Roads. He has a personal attorney that will take you to court over petty stuff like business card refunds and has no problem taking you to court and wasting your time just to satisfy his ego. Good luck! Heed the warning

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  • Ac
      26th of Feb, 2011

    In a market besieged by an economic downturn that has thousands of agents leaving the business because of a "lack of business support from the brokerage", robert resh & resh realty corp. has managed to lead the way in seo buyer referral generation in hampton roads and richmond. most agents are struggling to find 1 buyer a month to work. resh realty corporate spends
    5 figures per month in advertising to make their agents successful. fortunately, "the real" professionals with the firm closing 20-40 transactions per year from the firm's advertising spends make up for the stolen revenue and laziness of agents that would rather ride the coattails of management built business that takes months to cultivate to contract, only to attempt to steal it and close it under the radar with another company.

    In most cases, a terminated agent has several thousand referrals and leads that corporate has provided to their web platform. to you crybababies that have traveled the road of business theft with resh realty, its simple. if you were that stupid to sign a contract that had a damages provision for not surrendering to management purchased referrals and leads that you didnt pay for or earn to begin with, I suggest you take a step back and take a good look at yourself to realize that your real problem is with your inherent lack of business sense, and literary ineptness. like the reviewer above, janevab1 on 1/14/11, it's obvious by her blind assertions that she is a disgruntled ex associate that needs to take reading comprehension courses. if you had stopped crying about the business you were not allowed to steal, and actually had channeled that energy into working the business you were licensed to work for the firm, perhaps you would have survived the cut and joined the top agents of the firm who have had very long and prosperous tenures with resh realty corporation. ac57vb, 2/26/11

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  • Re
      30th of Apr, 2012
    Resh Realty - Awful customer service
    Resh Realty
    United States

    This is the worst company ever! The owner sexually harasses his employees and then tries to threaten them if they want to leave. He screams and yells at everyone. hes a pervert!

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  • Vb
      11th of May, 2012

    Resh realty group and atlantic coast property management are very professional, and very customer service oriented firms. this ex employee of atlantic coast property management and resh realty group, kimberly davenport, was simply detached from reality, according to several employees and members of the management team at resh realt group. she was an emotional train wreck that carried her impending divorce in to the place of business to discuss every minute of every day with anyone who would listen. she was unprofessional, and beligerent to management. she misrepresented herself to be a skilled property manager with a wealth of experience. she departed the firm without proper notice, threw several company files in the trash that caused the firm financial harm, and then filed a frivolous complaint with eeoc that was dismissed as frivolous by the commission. she alleged sexual harassment in the complaint, but was ultimately replaced with another woman. both jerry douglas and the president of resh realty corporation are in process of filing cojoined defamation/libel suits against the individual.

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  • Ho
      20th of Mar, 2013

    I agree with the first post. we had a terrible experience with this company. I would recommend going without a realtor or realty company before going with them.

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  • Ho
      11th of Jun, 2013

    Terrible, terrible, terrible. more concerned about the bottom line then their customers. please advise, find another realty company. run!!!

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  • Mg
      15th of Oct, 2014

    Do not use this company or their atlantic coast property management sister. scam artists, liars, and will find a way to take all your security deposit and make you owe them! they charged us over $150 to replace the air filters in the house (there were 2 of them). do not rent 2621 bapaume avenue. it is termite infested and denese kerns will forget to mention that. I wish we hadn't given our money to these people, they do not deserve anything!

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  • Ac
      6th of Mar, 2015

    Clearly the complaints above are without substance. there is no information of a testimonial nature clarifying any specific problems. both complaints obviously written by a competitor trying to tarnish the reputation of an a+ rated company with hundreds of positive reviews on zillow. see many of them at their website. visit and click on reviews tab. you will be impressed!. we had a fantastic experience with resh realty corporation and its subsidiary atlantic coast property management. we have purchased 4 homes with this firm and 2 of them are in their property management department and they work hard to respond to our needs quickly and thoroughly.
    Susan a.

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  • Tj
      19th of Mar, 2015

    Not true... I was an unfortunate customer of resh realty and I did file a complaint with the bbb!

    The people on here writing postitive comments obviously work for the company in question.

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  • Ca
      21st of Mar, 2015
    Best Best Advice

    I completely agree, robert resh is an unprofessional jerk and his agents are complete #s. we had the worst experience with this company... it was a nightmare, turn around and run from using them

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  • Tl
      27th of Mar, 2015

    All the negative comments are so true! terrible company. be smart and look elsewhere for representation!

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  • Ta
      2nd of Oct, 2015

    We had a great experience with the Resh realty company. They were professional and everything went very smooth. We qualified for the heroes homecadvantsge program so they gave us a substantial amount of money back. Our realtor also got us a great deal, closing costs and 3% of the sale towards repairs from the seller also. We feel fortunate to worked with the Redh Resly Group!

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  • Ja
      14th of Dec, 2015

    I agree that resh realty especially robert (rob) resh is a horrible company/person. janeab1, homebuyersbeware, honest citizen804, mg8, tj804, cadence jissick and tic10 are all correct in their statement. I have personally seen him belittle his agents in front of me in his vehicle while looking at house. he lied to me about being able to look at and review the hoa bylaws for 72 hours, but his office had them for 24-36 hours before contact me,. than when I confront him on it, he cussed me out in his office on speak phone with other employee and clients around. when I told him that he was fired and not to contact me again he threaten to sue me and he stated "that he was 5 and o with taking people to court". I told him that I would work with his agent (maria), but he was to have nothing to do with me or my contact. after closing I did file a claim with bbb.

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  • Ne
      24th of Feb, 2016

    I am a current homeowner who has a contract with ACPM. I can provide plenty of specifics to substantiate my agreement with the complaints about ACPM and Resh Realty. Because I am still under contract with them I will refrain from providing these specifics as I am almost positive they identify me and will try and retaliate. I will however, say that the company is highly disorganized. As a homeowner please plan to do the bulk of the communicating. Many requests for information and documents went ignored. The staff gets very angry when you call them out on their shortcomings.

    My suggestion is to do your research. Go with another company that is better able to handle multiple properties. I thoroughly regret ever signing with them and will do everything in my power to end my contract.

    The fact that they respond so defensively and unprofessionally should tell you what you're dealing with. Go with someone else. I'm not sure who but any other company would be better.

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  • Da
      24th of Feb, 2016

    I completely disagree. We have worked with Rob Resh and his team for years and they are the opposite of what's being described here. Clearly, this is just a disgruntled agent or someone trying to attack Robert. This is not deserved at all, I highly recommend Rob Resh and his team. Shame on whoever posted this nonsense.

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  • Al
      30th of Mar, 2016

    Well, like everyone else here, my family had a terrible experience with Resh Realty. I'll start off by saying, we kind of liked that Robert Resh was a pitbull. We had a very specific situation with a short sale that we wanted to negotiate and his "gruffness" came off like confidence in his ability. It was at that time that we were handed over to another agent. I have never spoken to Mr. Resh again. Never. Not one email. Nothing. The agent he assigned us rubbed me the wrong way right off the bat, I chalked it up to a miscommunication and my husband played intermediary. The agent showed us the house, put in our bid and told us all was well. Then nothing. We ended up emailing her to check status and received a curt "nothing yet." After months of the silent treatment, the agent calls us and she's ready to go! Papers are signed, we're almost done...and then nothing. So we get in touch with her to check status and she gets pissy and sends us links to explain how short sales work. I know how short sales work. I did my homework. I assumed this company would have as well. Turns out they didn't and the house we we're this close to getting? Wasn't even available. Almost six months in to find out the house wasn't even on the market. How did we find out? Did our agent break the bad news? No. She had us call the negotiator for the bank. He told us. A guy we've never even heard of told us we didn't get our dream home. The agent still hasn't told us. We signed the paperwork to be released from using her as an agent on Friday and put an offer in on another home on Saturday with a different Realty company (Rene Bagne with Creed Realty...she's amazing). I promise to tell everyone who will listen not to use this company.

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  • Va
      7th of Apr, 2016

    I can tell you first hand that I have seen lots of Real Estate Companies go after their clients in this way. It seems like a side business of contract law as opposed to honest straight forward Real Estate. Use Wainwright. They have a great reputation for treating their clients with the highest level of respect as a third generation family business resting on integrity.

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  • Ve
      20th of Dec, 2016

    If you are a vendor, do not do business Atlantic Coast Property Management/Resh Reality. They will send you out to look at doing a job, you price it and they give you the go ahead. Once you complete the job and invoice it, you have to chase down your payment(3, 4, 5, 6) months later. You call them or email asking about payment all you get is "I have talked to Rob and am working on it". I am never dealt with ACPM/Resh on the tenant/landlord side of the business but I can tell you by how they treat their vendors you don't want do business with them

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  • Vi
      11th of Mar, 2017

    We have purchased 16 homes with Resh Realty Group, both to live in and for rental investment, and they have been extremely kind, ethical, and very knowledgeable. In speaking with Mr. Resh who has been in business in Hampton Roads for over 20 years, we came to realize that he and his Firm have sold over 7, 000 homes in Hampton Roads. This posting site is known to be a spoof site with ownership in an Eastern Block Country, probably Russia. It allows anyone to post anything, and its obvious these posts are here because Complaintsboard preys on a no review screening process, running posts deep for their own financial gain. Ironically, many blog posts about Complaintsboard state that they also own the only entity that guarantees permanent removals for an astronomical fee. Do your own research. Look at Resh Realty's reviews on Zillow, Facebook, and Google. They are an A+ Company to do business with.

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  • Vi
      11th of Mar, 2017

    We have just closed on our new home, and the transaction and experience was wonderful. Rob is the man! He really helped us as firs time buyers wade through the process of short sale negotiation. He was patient, and always available to us. We ended up buying our house at short sale, almost $20, 000 below market value. I will be recommending him to others at my command.

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  • Jl
      13th of Feb, 2018

    [censor] you Rob.

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  • Ah
      2nd of Mar, 2018

    Fun as fast as you can. I let my contract run out with my agent on purpose just so I can get away from that place. I witnessed him talk down to an agent he didn't like her telling him no you can't talk to me like that and went on a tirade knowing I am sitting there. Turned around to me and said dumb [censor] needs to learn how to do her job. I was puzzled and DISGUSTED. Thank god my contract was up and i was free of dealing with that loser. The fact that the first response was one of attacks it just goes to show you what in fact you're dealing with! Agent sucked too to be honest she had no clue what she was doing either! Take my advice avoid

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