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Rent a Center / fraudulent actions

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I've been with my girlfriend 10 years now and some times we've rented things from Rent a Center. She has always been a good customer; obtained items with no problems. Some late payments but shame on her for paying extra money. Dec 2006 we picked up two computers and a bunk bed to give the kids for Christmas. Times have been tough but here it is 18 months later and 9 thousand dollars poorer and the kids are still on the internet. Now Rent A Center wants them back. We are supposed to pay 116.00 dollars every Saturday, and they have a late fee of 5.00 dollars per item. The policy is in writing in the contract. Now I really hate paying an extra 15.00 dollars a week but the late fee is in black and white on the contract.

So when I bring a payment in on Monday or Tuesday (or Wednesday or Thursday...) I bring in 132.00 dollars. Shame on us for being late but thats what the late fee is for. Add up 15.00 dollars a week and stick that in someones gas tank! Now is it a breach of contract when they refuse to take a payment? Thats right. I've come in during the week (many times) and have been told that they wont take the 132.00 unless i also pay the 116.00 for the next week that isn't even here yet. (248.00 total). If I could pay a week in advance I would. But I don't think they can force me. (Extortion).

They should take the 132.00 (that I owe) and then see me next week for next weeks pay. If I can't make it on Saturday with the 116.00 then they will get another 15.00 dollars in late fees when I come in during the week with 132.00.

I was taken aback the first couple times that i walked in with 132.00 and was told they would only take 248.00. 'how on earth is it 248.00?' Because they demanded next weeks money now. When i explained that I only had the money that i actually owed (132.00) I was shocked when they refused the payment and demanded 248.00. This has happened 5 or 6 times and sometimes they give in and take their money and other times we hold the 132.00 until the following Saturday and bring in 248.00.

This last week on May 31st (Saturday) I did not have the 116.00 until I was paid, late. (after they close for the night) so on Monday I went to work and had a friend drop off the 132.00. When I came home that night my friend said they refused the payment (that I actually owed) and would only accept 248.00. So I sent another friend in on Tuesday to drop off 132.00 and that payment was refused too. (I didn't know it could be so hard to pay a bill)

On Wednesday I called from work and was told by Hope that the manager, (Kirk or Kurt) wanted next weeks pay now because he just didn't think we would be in on Saturday. but Hope said that if we brought the 132.00 in now she would accept it. I explained that I was at work and didn't have access to the 132.00 and that now they would get the whole 248.00 on Saturday when 248.00 would be due.

On the next day, Thursday, my neighbors said they spent a half hour banging on our door. Now today is Friday. I called again to assure that the 248.00 that they want will be in on Saturday WHEN 248.00 IS DUE. And then i was told that they want the computers back. But not the (USED) bunk bed.

Nowhere on the contract does it say that after a specific number of late days the property must go back. I never breached the contract. as far as I'm concerned they breached it when they refused to take my payment (numerous times). And I think it's extortion to demand future payments.

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  • Jo
      5th of May, 2009
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    Lemme explain a couple things as far as how RAC works.

    1) You have a rental AGREEMENT. An agrrement between yourself and RAC. The same way that you can refuse to renew (make a payment) the rental agreement and schedule a return of the mechandise, Rac can also refuse to renew the rental agreement with you and schedule the return of the merchandise. There is no long term obligation.

    The word AGREEMENT means that both parties agree to do business. In other words, if you don't renew the rental agreement before it expires, it is RAC's choice if they want to accept your payment along with the $5.00 REINSTATEMENT fee and continue to business with you.

    2) When you make a renewal payment, you are required to make a minimum payment of at least seven days in advance of the date that you are making the payment on, not your last due date.

    So in your case, if you are due on Saturdays, you most likely have indicated that Saturday are the best day for your payments to be due on, if you don't show up until the following Wednesday or Thursday, you are required to pay from that previous Saturday that you were due on up to a week from the day that you pay on, for example Wednesday or Thursday. So you are looking at a minimum of 11 or 12 day payment + Reinstatement fees. If you did make that 11 or 12 day payment then you will be due on Wednesday or Thursday. Now you are due a payment when you won't be getting paid until that Friday most likely. So that next payment is most likely gonna be late.

    So the practice of asking for the next payment is done to satisfy the minimum 7 day in advance payment and to keep you on your correct due date. It has nothing to do with wanting you to pay a payment that is not due yet because you are supposed to pay a week in advance anyways.

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