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Rent a Center / customer service/treatment/morals?...

1 3695 W Florida AveHemet, CA, United States
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It goes beyond saying that Rent-A-Center is horrible HORRIBLE place that takes advantage of desperate people who are tired of sitting and sleeping on the floor. I went in 11/29/2015 and paid almost $200 for a bed and couch. They weren't able to deliver until 12/6 and that actually ended up happening 12/11. By the time 12/17 came, they were asking me for payment again...despite the fact that they JUST delivered everything a week prior. I didn't pay $200 for it to sit in your warehouse until you decided to deliver. Second issue, once they delivered everything, they put my bed together so sloppy it fell apart while I was sleep! I had to wake up, find a tool kit and try to fix what they did. Third issue, when they delivered my items on 12/17 I let the lady know that I had just been in ROLLOVER car accident, I'm in the hospital and would be home that day(which is why I wanted my bed), and I would make a payment as soon as possible even though you took my $200 and took almost 3 weeks to deliver. She said okay, unapologetic. By the time the 21st came around, the lady from RAC was calling again. I ended up having to go up North to have surgery after having my rollover accident. They left 32 messages on my phone, not sure how many times they called by my phone records show over 30 times in a two week period, which means they were calling more than twice a day. They also called my employer - thus now my employer knows my business :/ . They also made several visits to my home, upsetting neighbors because they were banging on the door so loud. One of my neighbors thought it was the police member. I had a family member watching my home while I went up north to have my surgery. On 01/08/2016, my family member called my mother(where I was staying at up north for surgery) panicked and I asked what's wrong. She said Rent-A-Center came and she let them know I wasn't there and the man left a card saying he had came there. Then she said a couple hours later, the man came back with another man banging and hitting the door so hard and loud she was scared. *My neighbors also complained, again..* She opened the door and the men just started to barge in. She kept repeating that I wasn't present and that she would reach out to me. The men were VERY rude. They pushed my family member out of the way, talked to her in a very disgusting manner, and they also took the furniture while I wasn't present and while I had my personal sheets, covers, and blankets STILL on my bed. RAC is disgusting, greedy, and flat out ghetto. The manager was even rude to me when I first applied for the furniture. After I submitted my app and picked out my furniture, I called her a week later to see if she had verified my employment/residence. She lazily and forgetfully said no. I got so tired of waiting, I just took her my paystub, employment verification letter, copy of my lease, and a bill. I did her job.. Usually, companies are sympathetic to their clients, providing grace periods, extensions, payments plans, anything that helps to keep the client-company relationship ( I KNOW BECAUSE I WORK FOR A HUGE CORPORATION). It's safe to say, Rent-A-Center could care less. I was going to buy the furniture in full as soon I got back in town because I was gonna need it for my Physical Rehab but I went home to hard ### floors. They did something similar to my mother in the early 2000's. My grandma died and my mother went to San Francisco. She even called Rent-A-Center and told them she would be out of town and would make a payment as soon as she got back. They neighbors observed them coming to our house everyday despite that call. My mom just told them to pick it up because it's not worth the harassment. I definitely felt harassed and I know several other people who will say the same. It's no wonder Aaron's Furniture is 100, 000 times better than RAC and I will be trying them next. My sister rented her furniture there in 2010 and eventually bought and it's still gorgeous and looking pristine. I'd rather deal with her price for better professionalism, selection, and treatment. RAC, learn how to please your customers. You're a business...

Jan 11, 2016

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