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When I was hired at RBA I was told a portion of my commission would be put into an account also known as a black book. I was also told (along with a few other sales employees) that at any point in time the funds in this black book could be requested and withdrawn. After I was terminated by voice mail I found out the only way this black book money can be withdrawn is either by claiming mileage or by termination. Needless to say I haven't worked there since the 1st week in June and guess what... no check yet. (I wonder who collects the interest on the black book account?) continuing on...
After working for RBA and going through countless gallons of gas (that would not be reimbursed) while going out on non-screened leads, trying to sell someone 10 windows for $19, 000 or more depending on the window. When I wasn't meeting the monthly quota for one month my "tools" or my leads were taken away from me. It seems as if they wanted to get rid of me before the 90 day probationary period ended so it would be impossible to claim unemployment.
Going out on my last lead (which was a lead that was going to be canceled) myself and a co-worker spent four hours in the home to close the sale. I was told I didn't sale the door properly and needed to mark up the price 5 to 6 times. I was informed of this after I had already returned to the home 2 too 3 times on my own time to fix small words or use a different color ink on the paperwork and re-writing all the paperwork at least two times. I never knew anything about marking the door up from retail price of $830.00 to commission price of $3000.00 it wasnt in the price book nor was it in my training. It was not noted anywhere in the pricing book that was given to me, So now I'm told my co-worker and I lost our $800.00 commission. Later I found out after a meeting that we may get $250.00 a piece. Needless to say 6 weeks later and after a sale when I checked to see if my payroll was there, the paperwork cannot be found. How convenient.
As for the consumer, if employees are treated this way well ... you can fill in the blanks.

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      Jul 29, 2011

    I have heard that they dont treat their employees all that great.

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