Regency Beauty Institute / Racial Discrimination, horrible staff, bad experience, and WASTE OF MONEY

Gh Mar 21, 2013

This school is the most misleading school I have ever had the horrible experience of deal with. They say oh its hard to get into this school and I thought i accomplished something so great when I actually got accepted. Turns out ANYONE AND EVERYONE will get into this school as long as you have the money to do so. Don't waste your time folks! I felt so out of place here in El Paso, the instructors as well as the students made it a point to speak spanish when they knew I did not, I was literally the only white person in this school and they made sure that I knew it. I felt so discriminated against and wronged it was terrible. You get what you put into the program just as you would a local community college. I tell you what, I wish that I would have just gone to a cheaper school because you will get the same job placement as those people will. They make you think you will succeed and do big things if you go to that school. Its a load of crap! You get treated poorly, no matter how hard you try! I actually graduated with honors from this school and ended up making 800 dollars a month working at a spa and thats about it. I actually ended up hating my career and am currently enrolled in a psychology program now. I wish that I would have never pursued this so call dream of mine and would have held out and waited. I seriously paid 22, 000 dollars to go to a school where i could have recieved the same amount of education from a 2300 dollar school, not to mention their so called job placement program!!! HA! What that is, is a little computer that pretty much says JCPenny has openings and if you dont want to apply to that, then well you are SOL! Seriously as a favor to yourself, research ALL and EVERY one of your options and see what else is out there. I would NEVER EVER in my life recommend this school to anyone who is trying to go through a cosmetology program. Think it through because at the end of the day you will see the same people who went to cheaper colleges applying for positions you are and guess what sometimes they will get the job over you. This literally means NOTHING written on a resume. Thanks for taking the time to read my review and I will be filling sites with this same opinion. Its a terrible school with maybe one or two good teachers and the rest of the staff are about worthless and will make sure ESPECIALLY if you are white to know that they just want you to graduate so the next person can come along. They could care less about your future or you as a student!

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