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I went to the clinic to look better and on the 2nd treatment of refirme the tech put the laser on max and burned me badly on my neck.I went home with three 2 inch raised burns on my neck. One got so bad in the next 30 days that it turned into a blood blister and all of the areas turned into dark pigmmented scars. The doctor tried to fix it with photofacial trearments and various serums but they all failed. I have now paid 1000 a pop to have ematrix skin resurfacing done to see if it can be corrected. The doctor at the new clinic said that the laser arched on my neck causing the burns. I am reporting them to the health dept but unothing can help me look better. They also added insult to injury by having the same tech do one of the photofacials on ne.

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  • Mo
      Nov 12, 2009

    ReFirme skin tightening is dangerous. You are told that it is a safe and painless procedure. That could not be further from the truth. I was invited to try Refirme at an "open house" demonstration hosted by a plastic surgeon. It was extremely painful. I was badly burned and now have 2 scars on my face. The largest scar is 1 1/2 in. long x 3/8in. wide and the other is 1" long x 1/4" wide. I would not recommend this to anyone.

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  • Ca
      Feb 07, 2011

    I too, just went for my second treatment of refirme with a different technician (nurse) than the first time. She went repeatedly over the same area after I told her it was getting too hot. She even said it was getting really red, but then decided to do another pass over it (it is near to my nose on my cheek) and I actually pulled my face away as it felt like I had a hot iron put on my face. She acted like nothing was going on and then as we finished up she mentioned casually "you have a blister starting so I am going to get something for you to put on it in the morning and at night. It was some frozen liquid that you are supposed to use on it I am guessing to heal it more quickly. When I got home, my entire cheek was hurting as though it was burned and I had one blister that was already white and two others that were red in the same area. I was shocked and scared, this is my face! I was trying to look better and what have I done? It has been a few days now and the larger blister has opened and it is seeping clear fluid. I continue to put the frozen ointment onto that entire area, but I am worried that this burned my skin and i may scar now. I was going to do the 5 treatments, but after this, I think I will stop. So now $500 each, I am out $1000, and have blisters on my face. Great! Sometimes you should just leave well enough alone...

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