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Redbox DVD / Rip off scam

Ramon stCathedral City, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 760-770-3231

I rented 5 movies on 11/27/08, Thanks Giving Day at Red box kiosk that is located inside Wal-Mart that is open 24 hours on Ramon ave in Cathedral City California and returned all of them on 11/28/08 before 9 pm watching all 5 movies being accepted during the return 1 by 1 as you have to make separate transactions to return 5 movies, you cannot return all 5 at a time to a kiosk.
On 12/4/08 I received an email stating that my credit card is being charged $22.00 for all 5 movies being returned late on 12/3/08. I was at work during those hours as I called to question this to customer service at Red box.
I explained that all 5 movies were returned by me the following day of rental, and that this is some kind of a mistake with their system due to possibly a busy holiday. They proceeded to tell me that their computer is showing a return on 12/3/08, and that I should have contacted them before with any questions, well I had no way of knowing that after I watched all 5 movies being accepted by the kiosk one at a time, that I have to call an make sure that their computer didn’t possibly make a mistake with my transaction...
Who would do that, and what type of a semi professional supervisor would even ask such a ridiculous question. I proceeded to explain that there is some kind of a computer problem with their system and that I am not willing to pay these charges for something I should not be responsible for, the supervisor stated that I have no choice but to pay it, or to go ahead and dispute it with my credit card. I was speechless, this is some kind of a scam as I am sure that I wasn't the only victim that this is or has happened to. This is how they operate, a few dollars from 1 out of 5 people. People watch out with Rebox and babysit your movie returns as they for sure are scamming 1 out of 5 individuals, my case was really noticeable due to the fact that I had rented 5 movies, if it was 1 movie I probably would not even bother, but a total of $ 22.00 for something that I should not be responsible for is unprofessional for a business and pretty much petty on behalf of them, I am SURE more complaints will be coming in, PEOPLE PLEASE WATCH YOUR REDBOX RENTAL RETUNS.


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  6th of Dec, 2008
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Try talking to someone else. Ask if it is possible that the discs were unknown when returned
and that it sat in the machine until a merchandiser (improperly) checked them through.
I am sure mistakes happen, and unless you have a habitual history of chronic late returns,
should be given lieniency for this.
  15th of Jan, 2009
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United States

  18th of Jun, 2009
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I rented DVD at REDBOX and returned the next day. I was charged a dollar and 6 cents but I also noticed that two dollars and 12 cents was charged to my debit card. I complained about it to the customer service. I was explained that it was a charged for a DVD in the previous month. DISGUSTI NG! I always return DVD I rented from them the next day after watching. Can anybody help me report this to the proper authorities? I'm sure it's not only me who have been charged like this.
  5th of Jan, 2010
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Whether intetionally or not I was charged 11 times in a day for the same movie. I didn't realize this until my bank statement came in any everything was bouncing and late fees everywhere! ( I was low on money at the time, sure. but I knew I had enough for the dollar movie) When I called redbox they said they'll look into it, and it will be fixed 7-10 business days. 3 months later they have no idea what I'm talking about! Now my bank charges $5 a day that I'm in the negative and one "simple, Cheap" rental has cost me over $1200 and my credit score. If a person did this they would be in jail for fraud/theft. But if was done by a computer so no one is held accountable?
  3rd of Mar, 2010
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If you were charged 11 times in one day ($11.00 total) and this caused you to bounce checks, miss payments, incur late fees etc etc etc - to the point where you actually had $1, 200 in fees and had your credit score affected - STOP WATCHING MOVIES AND GO TO WORK. Already have a job? GET ANOTHER ONE. Can't find another one? SPEND MOVIE NIGHT LOOKING FOR ONE.

With less than $11.00 to your name - how are you even on the internet? Better yet, even if you have internet access at work or the library or from where ever - STOP SPENDING TIME WRITING COMPLAINTS AND DO YOUR WORK. OR FIND WORK. OR FIND MORE WORK. - at the very least, go stand on the corner and help old ladies across the street. Maybe one will give you a tip.

The economy is in the toilet, the job market is slim, this I understand.
What many "unemployed" people don't understand is that just because 5 years ago they found someone to pay them $60, 000 a year to show up late, lounge around at work, and do a job where the only real requirement is a basic understanding of the English language - you are not ENTITLED to that job.

I understand, I sound like the corporate monsters out there. I am not. I work, I pay bills, I bust my hump day in and day out.
I understand the value of money.

But seriously? Your life is ruined over $11.00???
If this is true I actually do feel sorry for you, but in the end - it's pity, not sympathy.

You tried to spend 1/11th of your life's savings on entertainment - it's your mentality that is the problem, not the computer glitch.
  7th of Mar, 2010
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And what if he'/she is just someone who only keeps a small amount of money in the bank on purpose and you're just a jerk?

Over the summer when stories came out in USA today about some of the baking scams going on, since I don't bank like this, but know of the scams...I keep next to nothign in there deliberately. I've also had to cancel my overdraft proatection because I would leave $9.00 in the bank, and the bank..."doing me a favor, " so they said...thank you Bank of America...gold old red white and blue...they took out a $10 charge to protect me, then charged me a transfer fee to move money from my savindgs into the checking and then say I went and rented 5 movies because it was the only way you can in this case...there are zero other options, but in the mean time, each of those five, one dollar movies...they would give me a $35 non sufficient funds fee, and so on...and by the end of the day I would be a couple hundred dollars in the hole just based on this.

So then say I needed a gallon of milk and decided to write a check for $3 because i don't want to run five miles up the street, have no cash, a full tank of gas...whatever...and I figure the check won't go out til tomorrow so I have some extra cushioning because I'll take $20 and drop in the bank to keep my little tiny fund okay...well, that would get swalloed up and if I'm being dilgent and thinking I'm keeping track, balancing my checkbook, instead of the $21 I would think I would have, I could be 185 in the hole from the original transaction, plus $70 from the second, and theri favor has already cost me $255 dollars etc. etc. and I could deposit a thousand dollar paycheck and then write a donzen checks off this thinking I'm good because the receipt some banks give back, doesn't show the balance, just the depost, and each of these had simialr fees since they take the largesty out first, which clobbers you, because they say it's the "most important" and this allows them to collect fees for all of them along the line! Oh lets be realistic...half a dozen bounced checks with associated fees, someboday takes one and doesn't resubmit it, or they all resubmit, we have $420, plus another $420 and we are already at $1095, plus another $700 for the 3 buck milk check, and all the sudden we are at $1200, well a little less but it'll be double this easy by the time the next level of fees are added and and I won't have a single bill paid and nothign to show for it but the 5 DVDs, and a gallon of milk...

And you just really do look like a jerk...or a banker...or a redbox employee trying to justify this crap...and after I called them to ask why I had no receipots in my e-mail box they said they would send a technician out to the location to see if my movies were in the box, but not identified (so it has obviously happened to someone else before and they have computer issues and so between them and the bank, because I would rather hold onto my extra cahs than let them hold it for me...and I could earn six figures a year and just prefer shoebox banking and you're going to tell em to go get a new job?

Puhleeze...who do you think you are?
  8th of May, 2010
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redbox is a huge scam. I have a prepaid walmart debit card that I used a while back, I stopped using it for 9Months, and just recently checked it just for fun, and realized that for 7 months straight, redbox had been authorizing dollar payments and 2.15 charges to the card. I have also noticed the same problem with my bank account as well. Even when I don't rent movies, every once in a while I see a charge for a dollar or two from redbox movie rentals. leaaves me to think and wonder. Something needs to be done ASAP. you can reach me at http://www.craigslist-design.com
  10th of May, 2010
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I was under the impression this forum was for complaints about products or services, NOT for idiots with nothing better to do than make fun of the complaintants
  10th of May, 2010
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Last comment was towards "seriously?" I have nothing against any of the legitimate complaints, just this guy who apparently knows everything
  9th of Aug, 2010
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Had to call redbox today to dispute a $75 charge for 3 separate movies they claim were not returned. My girlfriend says she 100% returned them and had a friend with her at the time. I think anyone who can function in society can figure out redbox so it's clearly a problem with their system. Come to find out there's "nothing they can do, it's in the system." So we're liars and they can charge outrageous amounts for mistakes they made as the movies were certainly returned. Calling Visa now to dispute the charge, will post an update. Hopefully whatever happens will save someone else time dealing with this shady company. Boycott redbox!
  30th of Aug, 2010
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They are scam artists and they will go bankrupt. I will declare them to the proper authorities and I will file a complaint against them. Too bad they had a good thing going... Thieves...
  6th of Sep, 2010
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Im guessing you probably didnt return the movies right...you have to follow the directions that are clearly stated on the box and the movie itself or else it wont get returned and you will be charged..rightfully so..i might add. millions of other people use redbox and dont have any problems, so according to those numbers, the problem is not with redbox...its with you!
  14th of Sep, 2010
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Hi Deff it happened to me...so I guess I am dumb and I used it a few times and returned all the same way then this one time it says I didnt return bottom line you have no clue what you are saying to Sting2010
  14th of Sep, 2010
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red box sucks
  18th of Sep, 2010
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lol Ive used redbox hundreds of times and never once had a problem so i stand by what i said-the problem is not with redbox its with the idiots using it, but if its easier for you to blame a someone else rather then admit that you are in fact an idiot then so be it. whatever helps you sleep at night.
  4th of Oct, 2010
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you have no idea how many times ive been in line at the redbox and watched people shove their movies in the machine and not bother to wait for the return successful messege. Or how many times idiots just leave their movies ontop of the machine because they cant wait the 2 minutes for the machine to reset back to the return screen. I'll bet these are the dummys that get those charges a month later figuring that the movies will just magically return themselves. Take the time to return the movies properly or pay the consequences for being a [censor]-4-brains
  18th of Oct, 2010
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Thank you Michael, thats exactly what i was trying to say but i think you said it better. People just dont like taking responsibility for themselves.
  26th of Oct, 2010
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I rented three movies few months ago with a debit visa card that i have, but since it is not my main account, i dont deposit money too often so the balance was a minimum amount. Couple days ago i deposited a large amount of money and they charged me $77 dolars claiming that the movies were never returned. I called customer service and they claim that the movies were not rented to anyone else after me... Boycott redbox
  31st of Oct, 2010
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Redbox is a scam, those comments dissing the little people and championing the faceless corporation that does the scamming are hard to read. You are the same people that voted in president Executron and raised up our robot masters...wait, that hasn't happened yet, but with self-righteous idiots like you out there I believe it just might. Might, I said, don't look at me like that!
  17th of Dec, 2010
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RedBox is a SCAM! It think it's time for a Class Action Law Suite!

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