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Real Player / Can't play purchased music!

1 Manvel, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 281-489-3167

My biggest complaint with realplayer is that I can't play purchased music. Most of the time I have used 'free credit' because I have Superpass. When I try to play any of my purchased music I get one of three messages: "We can't find the music", "This is a Rhapsody download and you can only play it after you log into your Rhapsody account" They don't tell me I bought it there, just that I downloaded it from there. This is interesting because I don't even have Rhapsody. I couldn't have downloaded it from Rhapsody. They have told me that I have downloaded it from RealPlayer. I didn't know you could even download music from RealPlayer without buying it!. And through out all of this they keep telling me that I have "insufficient rights" because I haven't paid for this music.

We have been going rounds for 8 months. They keep telling me I have to prove this. I have sent them copies of what is on "My Account" on Realplayer, that shows what I have bought when, and for how much. I have also sent copies of the messages I get when I try to play the music.

They have told me I need me I need to uninstall the program and install it. I have done this at least 12 times. And I have even more problems now. Especially with the new edition. Every time I open this It tells me I have to uninstall Realplayer and install the new edition again. I have also been told me that since I have the free edition I can't play my music on it.

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