Real Canadian Superstorefalse advertising and horrible customer service

Wi Jan 17, 2015 Windsor

I have been shopping at this store for 12 years and today I noticed on a product that I regularly buy called India Tea had a sales sticker price on it for $6.99, but under the sales sticker was the regular price listing it for $4.98. I brought the item up to the cashier and when she rung it up the price was listed as $6.99. I told her that the actual price was $4.98, she called price check and they said it was 6.99. a few seconds later they called back and then the cashier very impatiently turns to me and says "we'll just give it to you for $4.98" As if she was doing me some favor. At this time my dad asks her who he can talk to about the price, she becomes very impatient and voids our whole order and tells us to take it to customer service. I asked if she wanted us to take all our groceries there because she voided our whole order, then she says to me "yeah you didn't pay for it." When we went to customer service it is there that they tell us that the label was misprinted and that they apologize. Then they tell us why we brought all our groceries here because they can't actually ring up produce here. I told them that the lady at the counter told us to, despite the fact that I even asked her and she so rudely pushed me along. Honestly I have never had such an issue at this store before, there have been many a time where I waited patiently in line behind a customer who had some issue to deal with and the cashier always stayed patient with them. This lady treated me like my concern wasn't valid and like my business was no good.

Real Canadian Superstore
Real Canadian Superstore

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