Reader's Digest / sweepstakes fraud

I had received a lottery check that was claiming I won $152, 000.00 in a cash credited to a file reference number k756-38-09rd. They sent a notice to me because they don't deal with the public and sent me a check from a licensed bonded insurance company for the amount of $2, 921.91 which was part of my winnings to pay insurance and processing charges on my winnings that will be deducted from the so-called winnings I would receive. I was to contact terrance brown at [protected] or [protected] before I deposit my check. This letter came from thomas williams ceo of reader's digest. Now I couldn't get in contact with them so I deposited the check I was happy I got the money considering the state of my financial situation. My bank cleared the check and I started to use the money. I go to make a witdrawl and I got the insuficient funds notice. I call my bank and they tell me the check is no good and all billsand purchases I made will have to be paid back and right now, my account has been frozen even my own money is locked because of this check. I have been trying all morning to call all the numbers to get them to give me an explanation and make things right with me and my bank but I only got this phone is not receiving calls at this time. I am sure myself and the many others these people have done this to would love for some sort of legal action be taken I would prefer my money they supposedly said I won plus the inconveience that have to go through

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