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This is a follow up email on the compliant sent on Mon 4/30/2012 5:36 PM regarding the below issue. As of today I have not been contacted to resolve my issue. If anyone on this email has a point of contact directly please respond with the information. Thanks

The service I received beginning on or about 2 April 2012 with the RCI representatives and Customer Service Supervisor (Mrs. Venia) was a total disappointment and distress. See details of my experience below:

**Beginning on 2 April 2012 I tried to book Universal Studio tickets online by using my 60, 000 points and I was experiencing technical difficulties the error read "the dates I was selecting was during the time my membership would expire." I contacted the RCI helpdesk and was told that the issue was taken care of and I could go online and book my tickets within 72 hours and I would receive them in the mail (5 business days) on time for my family vacation scheduled on 21 April 12. I then went back on the site after the 72 hours and still had the same error on or about 7 April 2012. I then called the RCI helpdesk again and spoke with an RCI Representative who stated that my RCI membership fees was not paid for the year and that my transaction could not be updated due to this situation and also I would have to contact Crown Club membership services to correct the issue. I then contacted My SummerBay salesman (Mr. Durling) via phone (voice mail was left) and he informed me that the package I purchased in October 2011 included my membership fees for RCI exchange membership and that I should be able to book my tickets. I also called the Crown Club Membership services and spoke with a representative and they indicated that my package included those fees as well and I should be good to go as far as fees. The Universal Studio tickets could not be booked due to the turn-around of delivery of the tickets they would not get to me in time for our trip, this was due to the time frame it took for me to get assistance on resolving my membership package benefits through Crown Club and RCI.

*So instead of using my 60, 000 points toward the tickets (paid out of pocket expensive of $ 275.00 for tickets), I booked a rental car (SUV) with a RCI representative who had a foreign accent, she confirmed my rental information on a recording regarding my husband being a driver but my name needed to be put on the reservations as the primary driver due to all credit cards being in my name. Upon arrival to pick up the rental car on 21 April 2012 the reservations had my husband as the primary person for pick up and we had to pay out of pocket expensive of ($200.00) due to the reservation information inputted incorrectly. I contacted the RCI Customer Service Supervisor (Mrs. Venia) to assist with the issue while I was at the rental car company. She (Mrs. Venia) played the recording back of the reservations that were made by me and the RCI Representative and confirmed that the RCI representative misunderstood my request and put the information in incorrectly regarding my husband not being the primary driver for pick up but me. The Supervisor (Mrs. Venia) indicated that it was nothing she could do that day but cancel my reservations and give me back my 60, 000 points and $95.00 dollars and reschedule the rental for the next day. I indicated to her that was unacceptable because I'm Active Duty Navy and on leave which my leave days could not be changed and I had family from Texas visiting and that we were scheduled to travel on 21 April 2012 and was depending on that SUV for all of us to ride to Orlando, FL together in one vehicle. I also indicated to her that cancelling the rental car reservation would also affect our Resort reservations (confirmation #[protected]) for check in on 21 April 2012 as well (reservations made with RCI as well).
** Me and my husband worked it out with the car rental company and paid out of pocket expenses that caused us a great finance difficulty for our planned family vacation due to the various mistakes of the RCI employees. I spent a lot of money in October 2011 purchasing my vacation property and benefits and I expected a Hassle free process when it was time to use the benefits I'm entitled to. Unfortunately, as you can see I experienced less than hassle free service.
**I then tried to contact Mrs. Venia via phone through the RCI helpdesk after our vacation to resolve this issue and to receive compensation and was unable to reach her after several attempts on 25 April 12. The RCI representative indicated she sent her an email regarding my compliant on 25 April 12 and as of today I still have not heard from the individual.
**The way the RCI program was explained to me by the SummerBay Resort Salesman back in October 2011 was totally opposite of what I encountered. I would greatly appreciate a response to this matter as soon as possible.

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      3rd of May, 2012

    Hi Dawn, we received your email and have escalated your concerns to the appropriate team. You should be contacted within the next 24 hours. If you are not, please let us know. We apologize for the delay.

    The RCI Points Partner program allows RCI Points subscribing members to exchange a percentage of their Points for discounts on travel products and services, such as hotel stays, airfare, rental cars, and more. If any RCI subscribing members have questions about this program, please email us at [protected]

    -Kathleen M.
    RCI Customer Care

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